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Add and I are working on a new program.  We’re making a video series and e-book complete course about teaching non native speakers how to speak English with an American accent.

We believe that learning to pronounce words with a standard American accent, you know, the kind you hear on popular TV shows and in movies, is not only cool to be able to speak, but it’s also very advantageous to learn for business and social reasons.

In my personal opinion, I don’t mind if someone speaks English with a thick accent.  If I can understand them, it’s fine.  But from their perspective, I can totally understand why they would want to learn to speak like a native speaker.  Our training course is going to make people come very close to achieving this goal in a short time.

It takes a lot of work and we’ve been working hard on it.  When we have some lessons ready, we’ll show you guys the videos and let you learn from them and tell us what you think.  We’re probably going to make the program free for VIP members and we’re thinking of $47 for “other people”.  We’re going to put the course on a different site, so it will be a special bonus secret for our 232 fans.

I just researched some accent training courses and found some pretty terrible ones for $157 USD.  That’s pretty expensive in my mind.  We want to make something better and cheaper.  As I said, it will likely be free for the VIP members and we’ll give some free lessons to absolutely everyone.  This is where we are going to host our Online American Accent Training Course

The site looks like a joke now, but we just bought it today and are making lessons “behind the scenes”

I’d love to know what you think about the advantages of learning an American accent.

Do you think it would be cool?

Do you think it would help you in your career?

Do you think people would respect you more if you sounded like a native speaker?

Do you think it’s possible for adults to learn an American accent?

What other benefits do you think you’ll have if you are able to speak like an American when you are speaking English?

Are there any specific pronunciation questions you have that you’d like me to include in our lesson series?

Any advice would be great.  We’ll be sure to provide at least some free stuff for you guys and we won’t make the VIP people pay for the course.  It will be our little 232 secret.

Thanks guys!  Looking forward to hearing your answers and opinions.

14 Responses to “Learn American Pronunciation”

  1. Maribel Says:

    I think it’s a great idea. For me as an Iranian who live in the USA it would be very useful. I hate when people look at me like I made a mistake, even when I say something grammatically correct. Then I know that there must be some thing wrong with my pronunciation. Most of the time we don’t know what are we pronouncing different, I mean we are not aware of them. In this case your program will be very more useful. but some times we know how to pronounce a word but in short time its not possible to correct our mistakes, because we may not have this sound in our language, This is more serious for people like Chinese. hopefully in my language Farsi we have all the consonants and vowels of English except “th”. It’s really hard for us to pronounce it correctly, we usually say “d” instead. Sometimes we got used to say a word wrong from high-school, or we have the same word with the same meaning but different pronunciation in our language, its more likely true about Indians, so making them correct are the most difficult part. For example I know that in word “professor” stress is on the second syllabus, but I can not pronounce it correct when I’m talking fast, I pronounce it usually as the stress is on the first part, like most of Farsi words. Since we used to say that for many years in Iran, It’s hard to change it.
    Learning correct pronunciation can help us get more confident and feel much better communicating in society and make friend much easier. Thank you so much guys in advance. please make it free for VIP members :)

  2. Lucy Says:

    An American accent is exactly what I’m trying to achieve within one year. I don’t want to speak English just by using the right words and expressions. I want myself to sound like a native speaker when talking in English. Being genuine is a lot more exciting than being a hybrid in this case:o You guys are incredibly amazing!

  3. Paul King Says:

    That’s an amazing idea. I really like it and quite often use “Voice of America” as I mentioned the other day. Please check this link out below and tell me what you think. http://learningenglish.voanews.com/
    I think it’s absolutely fabulous web site. You can watch and listen to native speakers. The best thing about this is that you have captures and they talk slower than normally which is great for non-native guys like me.
    My goal in English is to reach better grammar wisdom than most of the native speakers and sound really like a native, however; many of my friends like my European accent and even my girlfriend. They ask me: “Why do you want to lose your accent? It’s so pretty!” I don’t know if they just try to be polite as its typical for Americans or it’s really true. :-)
    Every day I notice people around me, they’re native speakers and they make mistakes usually in written form but verbal form as well. For example, He don’t like it, he is nice people, etc. It sounds totally ridiculous to me and I don’t know whether I should cry or laugh. Speaking of verbal form, I totally hate Southern accents as it’s known as a redneck style.
    I have no clue what they’re talking about. :-D
    Back to your topic, I would love to watch or listen to any of your lessons. You guys are awesome! I love to listen to your podcast and learn something new every time. Do you know what is interesting? I think your English is pretty clear and its really easy to follow you guys. I don’t have any problem with your pronunciation at all. It’s perfect and easy to understand. I’m really looking forward to seeing your new stuff. Break a leg with that !!! :-)

  4. R Says:

    I will become a VIP member!!!

  5. Abdulrahman Says:

    It’s a lot more exciting to sound like a native speaker.. I myself when a non English speaker talk to me at work and sound awful feel petty on them, I’m not that that soundm my problem lay on having more vocabulary.. Wishing your new program including tons of it.

    A good journey guys with the new easy joyful learning strategy.

  6. Vodka Kitty Says:

    I am a Native English Speaker. I was born and raised in America.
    I do have to say I think it’s great what you guys are doing to help people speak with an American accent. Also on the other hand, I love accents.
    I think people can speak fluent English and still have their accent if they want to. In my opinion it’s really attractive when a man or woman speaks in English but you can still hear that accent in their voice.
    A lot of European people want to sound American and thats fine too.
    But I think it’s a great thing when people can learn fluent English and still keep their attractive accent if they want to. :-)
    I think the lessons really help everyday people and they are hilarious. You guys do a great job! :-)

  7. sung Says:


    i’m all for your next trying to help
    people wanting speak english fluently

    i really love your NOT-TEACHING-LIKE-TEACHING style
    that’s very natural way than traditional english teaching method
    so i’m little bit afraid you try to TEACHING-conscious method
    with [American Accent]

    even though you select that ..
    i hope you keep naturay talking style,
    that’s the your spirit i love!!

    thanks for keep trying something new always!!

  8. future Says:

    That’s fantastic. I very appreciate your forthcoming video lessons concerning the American pronunciation. I thank you so much in advance.

  9. Cristiano Says:

    Someone got to download mp3 files ?

  10. Cristiano Says:

    someone could download the mp3 files?

  11. Cristiano Says:

    Will we have more lessons ?

  12. Sylvie lemire Says:

    I just bought américain accent program and i did not recive anything now
    Could you help me please Sylvie Lemire

  13. Admin192 Says:

    It’s a good lesson. I am expressing my view so I don’t know about others.

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