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China232 English Learning Videos

Hey guys,

Add and I have been a bit “camera shy” over the past few years. That’s a pretty obvious phrase but it means that we are nervous in front of a camera or a video camera (kind of a joke). In case you didn’t know, we used to make some English learning videos. In many ways, they are kind of embarrassing and stupid, but we’re going to get back into making some more this year. We need a new video camera and a better plan. These videos were from when we first started the website and were just playing around with how the internet worked. Take a look and laugh!

At the bottom of this blog I’m going to put a video link to one of our first China232 youtube videos that we made a few years ago outside of our old apartment in Shanghai.

Videos are showing up a lot more in search results lately and we need to “get back on the horse”, ie, make more and better quality ones. I think we stopped making them because people couldn’t find them easily. Now Google is showing videos in search results so we really need to make some more. They are actually pretty fun to make. We made about 6 or so up until now and will be making more when we go back to Canada in the summer. Maybe before then. Do we know these videos are ridiculous? Absolutely. They are pretty funny though in some weird way. Here is the link to our youtube channel: China232 Videos
You can go there and subscribe for free. We’ll let you know when we are making more. If you subscribe to the channel, you can write your comments there and let us know what you think. That would be great.

Besides videos becoming more and more important in any online business, we found something pretty crazy the other day. I got super angry and felt like throwing my coffee cup at the TV, but I finally calmed down. We did a Google search for “China232″ and found that some idiot stole our “search term”. I hope it will be gone by now but when we searched for ourselves on Google, the top video was from someone else trying to sell some totally different English program. I hope no one thought the guy in that video was us. Super embarrassing! I guess that’s how the business world works so we need to put a stop to it! Let us know what you think on youtube and what kinds of videos would be cool for you guys to see. Even if you don’t really “like” the videos that much, I’ll admit, Hollywood hasn’t been calling us lately, it would be super helpful if you could click “like” on youtube. It will help our rankings so that at least new people can find our website if they are searching for it. If everything works well and we get a lot more subscribers, you guys will get to see some more of us on film. I hope it’s a win/win. Here is a pretty ridiculous video of Add and I joking around in Shanghai about 3 years ago. Wow, time really flies!

29 Responses to “China232 English Learning Videos”

  1. sara Says:

    Really so nice to see you. Wish to see you here more. I think it is a great way to teach English and it would be an excellent accomplishment to your podcasts.

  2. Alice Says:

    It’s nice to see the video with you not only because you are nice guys :) , but also because it’s a good idea to teach English in different ways–we can listen to your podcasts, read their scripts and your blogs, and watch your short “movies”. Keep up the great work!

  3. Antonio Says:

    It’s really nice video! And I dont see camera shy ) It’ll be cool if you continue to produce this one… I’m loking forward to next video.

  4. Irina Says:

    I tried to guess who is who while listening to your podcasts. And now I know;) thanks to the video.
    Great thanks to you guys! What you do is really helpful! Thanks for teaching us in different interesting ways!)

  5. julio Says:

    You guys are awesome,its a pleasure to hear you speaking in english.

  6. sora Says:

    oh my god! it was so fun! ^^
    thank you for your introducing to chinese outdoor small gym.

    while watching it, i got a question.
    the twist thing, you mentioned, don’t you have in your hometown?

    i live in korea and we have those gyms every where ( in the small parks)
    and of course including that twister? and floating equipment ^^;

    well, if you guys don’t know about those equipments
    then where are those from on earth?
    because i’ve thought that those kinds of equipments are not from our own culture
    so it must be from western countries.
    now it’s curious. ^^

    nice to seeing you and happy june!!

  7. sora Says:

    oh sorry!
    pls eliminate ‘to’ in the last sentence. ^^;

  8. Valerie Says:

    Hello, guys,
    I liked these your old videos very much, indeed, I’ve watched them several times. They’re funny and at the same time pretty useful. So it’s the great idea of you to start doing some more videos. Look forward for them. Maybe you will show us Canada or China, or Thailand, your favorite places in them and will tell us the interesting facts about what you’re showing. But I’m sure I’ll like any video you’ll make.


  9. Valerie Says:

    By the way, what are the big black paintings after every post? They are a little annoying…

  10. Sedat Says:

    Hi Guys,

    İt is really so fun. I noticed that andy you worked much more than add :) you were doing two job together. You are speaking and exercising at the same time :) thats not fair :) and add just recording video while you are working. If we talk about that how is the videocast; i think videocast is better than podcast because we can see your moves and hear your tones and olso read your lips at the same time. That’s more effective more successful. Thanks a lot.

    From Turkey

  11. illy Says:

    That was greate!

  12. shirin Says:

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    i also couldnt access to any of websites

  13. cheney Says:

    haha!eventually I watched you guys videos !That’s great!!!!

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  16. tomasg Says:

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  20. Felton Pinnette Says:

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  21. Pat Says:

    Hi guys,

    I love the way you are teaching english … It is really funny listen to you and I always learn something new.
    Usually I listen your podcasts, but the idea of uploading videos is very interesting.
    When do you think you will upload a new one?

    Thanks for your time!!

  22. lotes Says:

    It is very amazing machine , I had ever seen in my life it is interesting . And thanks for video .It is a very smart way teaching by video .

  23. Paul King Says:

    I wouldn’t exercise on this piece of crap. I need a real gym. Anyway, I liked your video. You should make more of it.

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