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Learning English Online – Andy Responding to REAL blog comments

Here’s the video I made last night. It’s the one I promised to put up for the Facebook fans. I’m still playing around with the camera and the whole idea of making videos. I’m still experimenting and having fun. Let me know what you think in the comments. In this video, I actually respond to some of your comments from the previous blog. Good idea? Love to hear your thoughts boys and girls! Enjoy!

30 Responses to “Learning English Online – Andy Responding to REAL blog comments”

  1. Ivan Kolev Says:

    Hi Andy, it seems that I’m the first one to write a comment here. I’m just kidding with you, you look wonderful on camera,but keep playing sport. I wish one day like you to be able to speak freely without thinking. I think in 2-3 years I will get. Keep doing video !

  2. Justyna.pt Says:

    That’s cool Andy! Seriously! But I’m just wondering where is your “little” brother?! Would love to see him as well! :)
    I’m going to be member of VIP section because I’m convinced that china232.com is the best way of learning English ever. I still do think that you should make your on-line class and to be honest? A lot of people would like to pass FCE or CAE Cambridge Certyficate ( include me ) so maybe you could help us to pass these exams? There is not really many of good programs or books to learn and even if there is a few.. that’s not the same. I still can’t improve writing which is quite difficult because no one will check it out! Seriously I think a lots of people will be interested in. Of course you need to think how much doest it cost. And also the problem with FCE is that I don’t really know how to start? I’m pretty sure you will help us with everything. And also maybe some podcasts for VIP section like part of FCE speaking? And about video. Would be just more than perfect if in our “certificates” class we could write to you stuff from “writing part” and you could make for us a videos and explain typical mistakes we do, what should we focus more for and stuff like that. And I think we can for example choose a date maybe on the end of this year or next one and then you’ll see how many people did these certificates and then I’m more than pretty sure you will have an another group of people who are interested in!!! Post on facebook and ask people about this who’d be interested. I would love to!
    BTW: Videos are cool! Thanks a lot!

  3. grace Says:

    Hello Andy another great blog from you again! your site really kicks ass:)including videos to your lessons is an excellent idea.. It’s like creating a connection to your members, we’re not only hearing your voices , but you’re trying to reach out through your videos even though you aren’t able to respond to all of our comments, and it’s a nice thing ..,we know you are busy buddies thanks for providing us the lessons we need:)

  4. Paul King Says:

    Hi Andy,
    you absolutely surprised me. I finally got responds from you and I really appreciate that. Thank you very much for your comment about my English. It feels amazing to hear it from you; however, I don’t think my English is great. Perhaps, because I’m always hard on myself and never satisfied. As I mentioned the other day, my goal is to be better than native speakers. I already can see the difference among my colleagues at work. Some of them totally suck, but to be honest it goes for me too. I mean, after 15 years from school my grammar is terrible. I can understand that because who cares about grammar after high school? I would say, almost nobody but English for me is different story because I don’t want to sound like an uneducated person or redneck. It’s absolutely important for me and I will reach my goals eventually.
    Speaking of videos, I think it’s a great idea because it seems to me more natural than just listening to or reading your stuff but you have to do all of them. By the way, I’ve been searching for your videos since I saw your old ones. I asked myself numerous times: “Why don’t they make new videos anymore?” You should definitely do it more often!
    Anyway, my VIP membership is about to expired and I decided to buy another year. I totally enjoyed last year. I know that after many years doing this for us, it’s really hard to come up with something new. I would like to listen to more about TV shows. I think you can find a thousand good slang there. I really am into TV shows like Dexter, Shameless, Californication, How I met your mother, Entourage, etc.
    A few months ago you mentioned about doing quizzes, will you make some or it was just an idea?
    OK, that’s all for today. I hope I wasn’t boring you with my comment because I practiced my writing skills at least. :-)
    Have a great weekend !!!

  5. Haesoo Says:

    Hello Andy,
    It’s the first time I comment in this blog though I’ve listened you guy’s podcast for quite a few months.
    What made me comment is actually I was rather surprised to see you.
    You look more cool than I thought before. Obviously!
    I’ve always wanted to say you guys that I am totally depedent on all your podcasts. I study china232 material almost for my english.
    I think that’s pretty enough. Cool. I would even not do that if I weren’t trust your material.
    I am getting to know what the REAL english is. I paid ESL Lessons 1-100
    series about 2 years ago still left 70 lessons. I love listening your lessons but keeping them. Precious lessons!
    So thanks for video again.
    Talk soon and take care both brothers.

  6. iman Says:

    Hi Andy,i’m Iman from Iran i don’t know you know about filtering Iran or know .i really feel sorry about our selves mean Iranian people .do you know why? I am going to tell you why are we stupid people .In Iran you cannot see youtube or any video share site.I would like to see your video and I also know these are will help me for improve my English,
    but unfortunately I have to say I ca’t make it . Thank you guys for everything I think you are very very useful than Iranian government for me and many people who would like see you but they can’t.God bless you.

  7. Marco Says:

    Hi Andy! I am Marco, from Brazil, how is everything? I´ve been following awhile your good job on the internet…. Watching your videos, Listening some of your PODCASTS, reading some of POSTS…. and it is making me more and more interested in studying english by this way… For sure it`s pretty new for me but seems a good way learnig from iternet….. Thank you guys and keep going !

  8. Sophia Says:

    Hi Andy,
    I love your comment in the video that you read all the replays. Perhaps this is the solution to my problem and you will respond at least this way to my emails.I signed up and paid for the VIP Membership with my android phone, but everytime I try to sign in I get a message: user doesn’t exist. I am trying to contact you since one week now.
    I have already been a VIP Member before and I can’t believe, your costumer service is so bad.
    Hope for a solution to my problem,

  9. Hamid Reza Says:

    Hi guys,
    Thank you so much for your care to all members of China 232.
    I think that now it is the right time to move on and improve your website. In previous lesson some guys suggested to add an online class but I think we can at least have a chat room here to exchange idea and etc. You know at the moment all members just are writing to you but sometimes members can communicate their idea with each other.
    I don’t know that was just a idea. That’s up to you..
    You are great and I am so so happy to listen in to your VIP program every day, on the bus, on my way home, on my way university….
    Keep going and may god be with you guys

  10. china232 Says:


    Sorry for the problem!

    I just sent you an email with your login instructions. Thanks for letting us know.


  11. Hamed Says:

    Dear Brothers,
    I was wondering if you could make a link for the Videos so that they can be downloaded. Unfortunately YouTube has been filtered in our country and we cannot watch any Video on that website. I know it seems totally absurd, but our governments think social networks such as Facebook and YouTube are dangerous for them (!!!) and could pose a serious threat to people’s beliefs!!! as you can see we are restricted by ignorance of our country leaders.
    I just hope you can help us by taking some practical measurements into consideration in order that everyone could take the advantages of your learn-tastic website.
    Best regards,

  12. Sophia Says:

    Hi Add,
    Thanks for solving the problem! I really couldn’t imagine you are an unreliable person ;)
    Just in case you want to improve something, take a look at the App. It’s really not the best one. Parphaps you could think about making it a little more user friendly ( there is for example no possibility to reset a password or reach you in case of problems).
    Sorry for this off-topic part in this blog, but I don’t think I am the only one person having problems with the VIP Membership and that’s not good for your business.

    Thanks again for helping me and keep on going the same way in the podcasts. I really enjoy practicing English this way!

  13. nikoo Says:

    Hi guys,I agree with Hamed, we live in the same country and we can’t watch your videos . it’s a shame. I’m looking forward to watching your videos. Please
    Make a link for the videos that they can be downloaded.
    Thank u so much, you guys are the best;;)

  14. Sanchai Says:

    Maybe you should make halemshake dance in next video lol, im kidding by the way.
    Just come to say thank you again I appreciated you guy to do all this stuff. I reccomended ur site to some of my friends and all of them like it aswell… Well, have you ever made a topic about going to hospital or some kind like this? I think its interesting. :)

  15. pinky Says:

    Wow! You are absolutely handsome and energetic! I appreciate you guys always sent email to me, and now I feel we are like good friends. I listen to your mp3 every on the bus and train, and I feel my listening skill improve a lot. I will keep walking and continue to support you guys! Thank you so much!

  16. Marinella Says:

    Hy Andy, I am from Uruguay, I became part of the VIP Section and a month ago, and I like it very much. I usually listen to it while I am running in the beach and then check the writting part in the afternoon. It is a pleasur to see your face, and to read the opinion of persons from all over the world. If you decide to try other kind of classes in order to improve our english you can count on me. See you!

  17. khatere Says:

    hi guys
    I’m from Iran too, and I’ll really appreciate if you put a download link for your videos so we can use them too
    best regards , Khatere

  18. Hamid Reza Says:

    Hi Addy
    I have a question. I don’t know what this expression means?
    “I have got a juice bumps”.
    Please let me know

  19. Jose Monzon Says:

    Good job guys keep it up,I saw your video,finally I saw the face behind the voice.and you really look like nice guy Andy,not the so called Racist guy.jajajajaj that”s b.s. take care.bye

  20. Maribel Says:

    Hi Andrew, thank you for considering our suggestion and making this video. nevertheless I didn’t expect you to thank me, it was so exciting when I heard my name by you. thank you guys for making these awesome lessons, which are super useful.

  21. Maribel Says:

    Thanking people is a good thing, you answered one of my comments before, like 2 years ago and that felt really good and helped me keep learning and commenting. Now I am more motivated to keep following your stuff, maybe because I feel connected with you like when I am with a real teacher. Thank you

  22. Thierry Says:

    Hi guys, thanks for the videos you’ve bring to us.
    It’s sounds natural, cool, direct. I also realize that it’s your natural speed of speaking. I always thought that you guys care about speaking slowly. More slowly htan what I can ear on some english speaking web radios.
    But No! it seem to be your own real rhythm.
    I thinks that’s a part of you behavior: Being cool, have fun and enjoy…
    So, enjoy man. thanks for the joy and the fun you share.

  23. Hamid Reza Says:


    Hi Addy
    I have a question. I don’t know what this expression means?
    “I have got a juice bumps”.
    Please let me know

  24. Maribel Says:

    Hi Hamidreza, I guess you mean goose bumps, right? if yes it means “a prickly feeling related to having bumps on one’s skin due to fear, excitement, or cold”. Since you’re Iranian I can tell u in Farsi همون مو به بدن آدم سیخ شدن ه

  25. Maribel Says:

    Hi Iman, why do you say you are sorry because of us, stupid Iranians? why are u blaming people for this problem? it’s not people’s fault. it’s government’s fault and all people in Iran are suffering from their poor policies. I’m sorry for this limitation and hope you can see videos soon.

  26. Hamid Reza Says:

    Thanks Maribel
    I just heard it in BIG BANG THEORY.

  27. Ina Says:

    Hi Andy and brother, you guys are neat! Thank you for sharing every knowledge that you have. Keep doing that because you will never know how important it is for those who learn from you! Sharing is caring. Best,

  28. learning english speaking Says:

    Very helpful blog.very impressive and its really helps to develop Learning English.

  29. Niki Armstrong Says:

    Excellent blog to learn English online.your online technique methods are awesome. Keep up the excellent work.

  30. Edoubts Says:

    A Fantastic blog with Perfect information.Thanks for sharing.

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