How to Improve your Spoken English Quickly

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how they could improve their spoken English I’d be rich. I’m going to try to avoid wasting time with the most obvious answers: Spend more time studying, spend more time speaking, bla bla bla. Everyone knows those basic things. Let’s look at the slightly less obvious answers.

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1. Practice saying new things:

It’s easy to get into a habit where you always express your ideas the same way. Native speakers use different ways of saying things to spice up their language. Pay careful attention when you hear native speakers speak English. They will often use phrases that you don’t use. You will understand what they say, but you probably wouldn’t think to use those words yourself. Make a note of what they say, repeat it to yourself a few times, and try to use that same expression the next time you have a chance.

2. Spend more time listening.

Listening to native English will help your spoken English in two ways. First it will give you a chance to hear the expressions native speakers use. It will allow you get a feel for the grammar. The more time you spend listening, the more fluently you will speak. (Of course, listening alone isn’t enough. You really do need to practice speaking.) The second way it will help you with your spoken English is that it will improve your accent over time. It may be impossible to get a 100% pure native accent, but that certainly doesn’t mean your accent can’t be improved. Pay close attention to the way native speakers sound and how you sound. Notice the differences and try to constantly improve them. Many ESL learners get lazy with this, and once they are understood, they stop trying to work on their accent. It’s not necessary that you sound like a native speaker, but remember that you can get closer to that goal if you want to.

3. Read and think out load.

You will probably feel weird while doing this but It could actually help. Just because no one is there to listen, it doesn’t mean you can’t practice. Pretend someone asked you a question, and answer it out load.

4. Record your voice.

Buy a tape recorder and record your own voice. Listen to native speakers say something and then record yourself saying the same thing. Play it back and notice any differences. Record yourself several times, each time trying to sound closer and closer to the native speaker.

Most ESL learners get lazy and don’t take these steps. Try them for yourself and let me know how quickly your spoken English improves.


231 Responses to “How to Improve your Spoken English Quickly”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hi, Andy, thank you for the great tips. Actually I’ve been doing all these things for like a year already. No, sorry, not all of them, I never recorded my voice to compare myself to natives. Maybe I should try it :) Yes, I used to have big problems with my pronounciation and intonation, but a year ago I started watching movies in English and i made a big progress through the whole year. I watched english movies and TV shows every day and now I can say that I speak better, I still have accent, but I know it’s not that awful already :) I began to understand natives better, especially british accent, I never could understand British, Americans used to speak a way clearer to me, but now this problem’s gone. And I really enjoy watching movies in English, because very often translation kills all the jokes and sometimes even sense. And often when I’m alone I like to talk to myself in english. It’s always a pleasure to chat with someone clever :D and I try to read in english, it’s harder, but I read many books and liked it. We have a very good site that helps to learn foreign languages, they say if you come across some unknown word or words for you, but you still understand what’s written in the whole sentense than don’t check vocabulary, go on reading, the more you read the more you understand. If you check every unknown word, you’ll lose your interest to the book you read and you won’t have any results. I agree with them :) So, I just wanna say, that you gave us very good pieces of advice, I can prove it. Thank you again.

  2. Carsten Says:

    Andy, thank you. Point one is very true. I have experienced this described habit by myself: Repeating particular expressions because I have often a lack of more suitable alternatives in my vocabulary. On the other hand the main reason might also be too less practice in spoken English. For example there are many ways to avoid repetitions of “I think”. In most cases these two words are not necessary at all. Instead of saying “I think there is a problem with your fuse box” you could say “Do you have checked your fuse box, yet?”

    Kate, I also agree that you need not use the dictionary excessively while you are reading a book else too many interruptions would really disturb your reading flow.


  3. Rogerio Santos Says:

    Hi guys!!

    I’ve been listened your podcasts for about one year, among some others, and I’m more than happy to say it has helped me to boost my listening and pronunciation. I must admit, though, I’m still very far from my goal in terms of fluency. But I believe, little by little, I’ll get there.
    For me the most interesting tip that you are giving to us is to record own voice. I did it a couple of times and the result was funny, I felt awkward when I heard my own speaking, cos it was really awful!! terrible pronunciation, gaps, and full of mistakes, even basics like simple past and possessive pronouns. I would recomend to everyone to try this at least once… it worth more when we are feeling that we are speaking well, full of a fake confidence and some times snob. I know more than never that I must practicing everytime in anywhere and that’s what I do everyday listening your show. I hope to be more frequent here, leaving my coments and reading what other fellows have to say.
    See you!!

  4. rasoul Says:

    i want improve my english.

  5. Yusra Naeem Says:

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  6. Jing Says:

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  7. saeed Says:

    Hi Guys
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    I try to improve my english speaking and found your site very helpful.
    Thank you

  8. Luis Garcia Says:

    Thank you guys! With your help i am improving my comunication skills and having fun!

  9. John Marchant Says:

    I really appreciate what you’re doing, it helped me a lot, specially to understand you when you talk..
    Thank you very much guys, I hope you keep this way, helping people like us whose want to dominate this language so interesting for us.
    I hope everything works very well for you and … don’t stop doing what you’re doing..


  10. Ninia Says:

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  11. alejandro Says:

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  13. Robert Says:

    You guys are great, I have downloaded all of your free podcasts and I’m starting to see them working to improve my english. I just wanna say thank you so much. I’ll keep in touch, theres much to say I just need time. But thank you thank you thank you, cant say it enough guys. Please continue doing more lessons. God bless you

  14. Hale Says:

    Hi guys, you two are really funny.I love your lessons because they always make me laugh.I am able to speak easier from the time I started to listen to your lessons last year.
    Thank u for that again.
    Take care and have fun,

  15. Aki Says:

    Hey guys, I’ve been enjoying all your lessons. I’ve tried some other podcasts for English learners so far, but this China232 is the only one that I’ve brushed up my english skills with for a year. I really appreciate that. Actually I am majoring in English at university in Japan. So I’ve had many opportunities to use what I learned in your lessons. Thank you.

    Every lesson you have offered us is really great, awesome. Oftentimes the topics are realistic and funny, I am sure that that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been able to keep making use of this podcast.

    I will remain a big fan of you guys and this podcast. Cheers from Japan.


  16. Nastia Says:

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    From Russia with huge love,

  17. Nyssa Says:


    Thank you for the podcast, they are awesome and helped me a lot in this tough time. The fun conversation and good lessons do help me keep my mind occupied, although sometimes I’d have to stop the podcast and check on the dictionary to remember the vocabulary.

    I do enjoy it a lot.


  18. Mamad Says:

    Hi andy,how are you doing? I’m from Iran and have been learning English for about 4 years.For the first 3 years I went to an English Class and graduated from that Institute after I finished Advanced Level.Afterward,however, I realized that communicating in English is way too different from going to English classes with traditional method of just reading textbooks and spending little amount of time in listening and speaking.So durning the past year I looked for whatever method that can be really helpful and effective yet fun and relaxing, and I finally found the magical phenomenon, I mean podcasts, on the internet.After trying out at least all of them I’m here to enjoy your voice.You’re the one I’ve been looking for in the english learning area for quite a long time.Truth be told, you’ve become my ideal in apeaking english.I listen to your podcasts whenever possible because not only do I improve my command of language but also have fun with you brother guys.Are you two incredible or what? I think you’re doing a great job and appreciate it and I hope you success in yor life.
    Best wishes,

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