Learn English with Videos

Add and I are going wild in 2013.  WILD!

…And it’s going to be the “good kind of wild” for you guys.

One thing we’re doing is finally getting serious about making videos.  These are gonna be sick!

We’re going to use the “232 brand” on a new website and English learning Youtube Channel called www.learnenglish232.com

There isn’t much on the site now, but you’ll be able to go there to learn English soon.

To start any Youtube channel, we need to have a high number of “subscribers”.  The first thing we’re doing is making all of our old free English learning podcasts into videos where people can read the dialog while they listen.

(We will also be making a totally NEW video style as well, professionally done, with US in FRONT of the camera, it won’t just be reading words)  Please check out this video below and also make comments below for suggested improvements on this style.  Of course, as I mentioned above, we’re just getting warmed up for a whole new awesome style that is coming out soon.  This video is about our latest free podcast. 


To get the awesome videos that are soon to come, please subscribe to our channel now

Looking forward to reading your comments!


4 Responses to “Learn English with Videos”

  1. Marzy Says:

    I can not open your video .I am living in Urumqi.there are not YouTube .
    I love your every programme. So can you consider us who cannot access the YouTube ?
    Can you produce the video that we can open it through other type of video player?
    I am eagerly looking forward to watch your video programme.

  2. Lucy Says:

    Merry Christmas! Hope you guys have a wonderful start to the new year!
    Actually I bet you do, with this exciting plan for making videos :) Can’t wait to see them.
    It’s certainly a great idea of using video as a teaching tool to help people learn English. I suppose the videos are going to be a valuable supplement but not replacement to the podcasts.
    Also, you wouldn’t want to use videos to achieve what you can achieve by using podcasts. I mean the success of this video project would depend on how well your objectives are defined and what you are going to show on the video. The outcome has to be able to justify the resources you’ve invested in, doesn’t it?

    Congratulations to the guy mentioned in this dialogue on becoming single again! Being single has a lot more advantages, just think about the freedom and potential one can realize by staying single. The single life offers greater happiness than a dysfunctional or boring relationship does. Of course, you have to learn to be a mature and independent person first.

  3. china232 Says:

    Hey Lucy,

    Merry Christmas to you too! I just wanted to let you know that the videos will absolutely be additional, and certainly not be a replacement to the podcasts. We’ll have both!

    Glad you liked the last podcast about our single friend. The next few in the VIP room are about that topic as well and are AWESOME. Can’t wait to hear what you think.


    (Hi Marzy, we’ll try to put our videos on Tudou or some Chinese video site for you. What is the best video site for the Chinese these days?)

  4. Lucy Says:

    That’s perfect. Thanks Andy.

    Referring to the problem raised by Marzy, I’m not sure if you want to take a look at tudou.com, it’s in Chinese though. Maybe you’ve already known about it, but just in case you don’t. I personally haven’t visited this site more than twice, so I’m not able to provide much useful information. Sorry about that. But I know it’s like a Chinese version of YouTub and users can post their videos on there. There’s an English learning section under Education where you may want to look into. http://edu.tudou.com/

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