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New Videos and the 232 Brand

Add and I are “branching out” in 2013.  ”Branching out” means to try new things.  It’s a good thing to do.  I hope you learned a new phrase there :)


One area we’re branching out on is in videos.  We’ve bought some awesome video equipment and are planning on making a SICK (super awesome) video English learning website.

I may have mentioned it before, but we’ve decided to expand the “232″ brand.  232 is going to be a number that represents general awesomeness and kick ass English learning of all kinds.  Watch out LV and BMW, 232 is coming after you!

Add is working on his video editing skills and we’re starting out by going through our old free podcasts and making them into videos with written text and a slick intro.  We’re trying to make it as good as possible so any comments would be fantastic!

LearnEnglish232 is going to be a site with a ton of info and a different partner site of China232.  We’re going to work on both and we’re still “in the midst” of figuring out exactly how we want to run learnenglish232.  We’ve got some ideas.  Your ideas are always more than welcome!  By the way, if you are “in the midst” of doing something, it means you are in the middle of it, or still in the process of it.  You have started but have not finished yet.  (I hope that was a good explanation)

Thanks to you guys, our last blog post got over 50 awesome comments.  Please “keep it up” (ie. continue) by leaving any comment that pops into your mind.  No need to be shy with your writing abilities.  Just try.  No one is judging you, I promise :)

Please check out the video below and let us know what you think.  Also, please SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL to get all videos and see the other one on there.  Hope you like our old stuff now on video.  The more comments and more Youtube subscribers we get, the more stuff we’ll make.  That’s the secret trade!  Love you guys!  :)  Enjoy…

By the way, if you are not yet a VIP member, NOW is the best time ever to purchase a VIP membership.  You won’t regret it!  If you are at all considering it, don’t waste your time being “on the fence” (undecided)  There is SO MUCH awesome stuff in there.  You will love it immediately.  And don’t just trust me, read the comments on other blogs from our other VIP members.  Add and I are happy if you guys are happy.   That’s pretty much how we think when we make our lessons for you guys.  :)

22 Responses to “New Videos and the 232 Brand”

  1. Wanessa Says:

    Hey guys!!!

    I’m so excited to hear this great news!! =D You always make my day guys!!If am I happy?! After seeing your great video I’m ABSOLUTELY happy!! =D You always make me absolutely happy with your amazing work that have been helping us a lot to improve our English. Thanks you so much for sharing your ideas, experiences, and passion for teaching with me. I always work with your podcasts in my classes. My students are a huge fan of you guys!! We’ve been learning a lot through your videos. It’s easier to learn with your contagious energy. You and Add in the same room must make explosions!! Hugs from Brazil!!

  2. andrzej Says:

    That is a really great video. It’s just awesome. I don’t know why but it feels so much better than only listening to your talk. Thanks a lot.

  3. Ana Says:

    Although I do like your great work, guys (I’m a VIP member,) I’d like to say that not all Brazilians are crazy like this Wanessa person!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Irene Says:

    Great work, guys. Your website has been a huge help to me. Thank you so much.
    I am wondering if there is any chance you could make a lesson or video teaching use of words such as “ain’t”, “aren’t”, etc., and their correct pronunciations when in different kind of sentences. Also, how to speak “cant” so as to let people clearly understand if it is “can” or “cant,” especially in interrogative sentence. Those expressions drive me crazy.

    Thank you again for what you’ve done.

  5. KK Says:

    Hi 232,
    with all due respect but what was the reason made old lesson? Wasn’t it wasting time? I like your lessons but you should focus on new stuff. Stop living in the past and start to do something reasonable. Please, don’t take this wrong way but it’s 2013 and we need something better than promises. I really liked the idea about quizzes. Make some conversation and ask us a few questions about certain topic if we catched everything.
    Please, forgive me if I offended you.

  6. R Says:

    This is R, and thank you very much for such a great you tube video!!!
    I really enjoyed it and it was hilarious!!
    haha! It was a good twist ending of this story! It was a pretty good story!
    And also I agreed on that you said “never tell a girl that she doesn’t look good even if it’s true”.haha you two guys are awesome !! (^^)/
    I am looking forward to next video blog!
    THank you!

  7. Wanessa Says:

    Hey guys!!

    Sorry for using this space to reply to Ana’s text. But, I’d like to make me clear about what she said or understand.

    Ana, I’d like to say I’m a great fan of these guys and I have to addmit you’re absolutetly right when you said I’m a crazy person. Let me explain better. I’m crazy about their great work with all my RESPECT and sincere ADMIRATION. I’ve been participating and collaborating in many ESL commutities and sites with my own work, like these dedicated guys, and I really understand and admire their great effort, since it has been always inspired me to do my best. Sorry, but I don’t think that I offended someone here. My best regards and my respect!! Wanessa

  8. Maribel Says:

    That’s great!!! I am stocked! :) I love this lesson, it’s absolutely hilarious.

  9. Di Says:

    Hi Andy, hi Add!

    Guys, you’re absolutely amazing! Thank you for your incredible job! Keep doing such a perfect lessons for all of us! :)

    From Russia with love,
    Your new fan! :)

  10. will Says:

    Hi there! this is my first time of saying something over here i´m from el salvador central america; well i just wanted to say that this website is definitely great! i hope we mght keep in touch. thanks a lot for everything you do.

  11. Ana Says:

    Wanessa, if you agree with me, good for you, then!

  12. Wanessa Says:

    Ana, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Please, respect and peace, okay? I really don’t understand why you’re offending me here. But, I’m sure you’re understand my point of view. Thanks and my respect for being member here. Let’s use this blog to discuss about the videos, okay? Good night

  13. china232 Says:

    Hi Ana and Wanessa,

    I appreciate both of your support a lot. I just wanted to jump in this conversation and give my opinion.

    I think the best way to handle any online misunderstandings is just to not deal with them at all. It’s difficult to know when someone is joking or trying to be mean when reading stuff online. My personal opinion is that neither of you want to create any “bad vibes” with each other and neither of you have any bad intent.

    It’s emotionally difficult sometimes, but sometimes the best response is no response.

    As a general rule for everyone, I think it’s best to not use other people’s names when writing comments so that no one feels the need to defend themselves or clarify what they meant.

    I don’t want to take sides and I truly appreciate both of your support for the 232!

    I wish the weather hear was as nice as it is in Brazil. I’m jealous!


  14. Wanessa Says:

    It’s kind of you Andy! Thanks so much! Sorry for that. Yeah.. The weather in Brazil is nice, but you don’t need to be jealous, because it’s too hot these days. I wish it was colder. Hugs from Brazil! =)

  15. china232 Says:

    Thanks Wanessa. No need to apologize.

    BTW, I’m still jealous of the heat! I’d rather be hot than cold…

  16. Nèstor Says:

    Hey Guys Pretty much cool what you both Have”mapped out”. I`ve been following you for almost a year and I always wondered why these nice and clever guys have not developed some videos to help us. However You nailed it, when you decided to “branch out” in this newly 2013. It will be sick to goof around your new video website. You’re both really enthusiastic about making up new stuff so that we can boost our English and I guess everytime you do it you show heavy vibes!.Most of China 232.Com fans attached to your page can’t deny it! So Congratulations!. One suggestion for 232 brand “you could display an idiom or Canadian slang section where You Double “A” Perform explaining the meaning. Some other video sites provide this help! But your originality will make the difference. What about that? No more words. Have a nice time or Have a ball!

  17. Ana Says:

    Great piece of advice, Andy. The best response is no response.

    About the weather, most of the time it’s hot even in the middle of the winter here, and sometimes we get a little bit jealous about your cold weather.

    Anyway, thanks for all your lessons. Great video, by the way!

  18. Argenis Says:

    hi guys
    Excellent news, I have seem the videos you did before and they are excellent, i think they’re very funny and that help to learn english in a very easy ways, likewise your podcast are also excellent I don’t get tired listening to them, thanks so much for your efforts

  19. Sultan Says:

    Hi brothers,

    Why you did not answer my questions?!!!

  20. Sultan Says:

    I mean which sent by email

  21. Eli Says:

    hi, I am from Kazakhstan (in USA nobody knows where it is on map, I hope you know ;) ). I just want to know that there is (somewhere in middle asia) a person that studyes english through your lessons and I also want to thank you for your great lessons. They are very helpful. I have learnt a lot of new stuff. They really helped me. Real spoken english that’s what I needed

  22. Oleg Says:

    Hey guys!
    Thanks for the great job you doing! But I have some questions. There are some differents between texts and audio tracks. Not so much in the first lesson (e.g. “show” instead “sitcom” and missing some words) but the ending of the second lesson is absolutely differenf. Could you write here the correct ending of this story? I really want to learn this stuff.
    Thank you!

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