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Add’s Thailand Video Blog – Lesson 1

Add and I are in Thailand for 6 weeks.  This year we’ve decided to show you what our trip is really like, and teach some English at the same time.

Below is the first video blog.  Add will be the star of this show for each episode.  This video was taken using Add’s Samsung Galaxy Note phone and I think the quality is not bad considering I’m just holding it.  Technology is amazing!

Each blog is supposed to be a quick fun way to check out our vacation and learn one new bit of slang English.

The first blog is teaching what a “cannonball” is.  The slang meaning in this case is a certain way of jumping into a swimming pool.  Watch the short video below and you’ll see!  The next time you are in the right situation (at a swimming pool) you can run and jump in the water this way yelling “CANNONBALL”.  Native speakers will know what you mean.

It can be a hilarious thing to do when other people are in the pool.  The idea is to try to make the biggest splash (the most water come out) as possible.

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Love to read your thoughts in the comments section!



13 Responses to “Add’s Thailand Video Blog – Lesson 1”

  1. Oleg Says:

    Hi guys!
    In Russia we call that jump as a “bomb”))
    Go on your video blog it’s very interesting and as usual very hilarious!))

  2. Flora Says:

    Wow, never been to Thailand, but it looks so beautiful.

    The video is great, thanks you guys! I’m wondering if the cannonball jumping usually applies to only guys or girls as well? And how about swan diving?

  3. Argenis Says:

    Hi guys

    Awesome idea that of the videos, it was really funny and now I know something knew in english, “cannonball” ok that’s understood…I liked it very much and look foward seeing new videos….I hope you keep enjoying your vacations….Thanks a million

  4. julio Says:

    kind of lame, I would like to see the faces of other swimmers been splashed like hell …. just kidding. thanks cannoball !!

  5. Gosina Says:

    Hey guys,

    In Germany we call it ass-bomb!
    BTW: there is no reason to be embarassed about your bod! You’re quite vain, aren’t you?
    Don’t drink so much alcohol!! :D
    Wish you a great vacation!

  6. Maribel Says:

    I was so excited, like to see more video of you brothers. thanks

  7. Hamid Reza Says:

    What a great jump dude!!
    So today I learnt a new word. Thank you guys. I am just looking forward to seeing how your bro jumps BTW(lol), I am just kidding…
    Have a great vacation and take every moments as much as you can…
    Hamid from Iran

  8. pinky Says:

    What a amazing trip! I admired you guys! I have been listening your mp3 for 2 months, and I absolutely love your podcast. I will keep walking to improve my listening and speaking! Thank you so much for your email, and every time when I receive you guys email, I felt so excited! Have a good vacation guys.

  9. Juan Says:

    As Oleg said we here in spain also call this kind a jump “bomb” You must run at top speed while yielding ” bomb goes !!!

    Hey guys thank you so much for your new video blob truly amazing and funny … as always things you make.

    Enjoy your holidays a lot. I wish I Were there now snows across Europe

  10. Anna Says:

    Hey, great idea. ;)
    Easy things are often the best.
    Go on…

  11. ramazo Says:

    For information: in Slovak that jump is also called “bomb”.
    I like your videoblog.

  12. soheil Says:

    hi friends
    i’m a guy from iran.i don’t know what we call that here.i’ve like to invite you two guys to iran. i like you so much.

  13. sera Says:

    dont be nurvous, Add! :) you are great, i am looking forward to your videos

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