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Add’s English Learning Video Blog – Thailand Part 2

This video lesson talks about the term “….. like

If we don’t know exactly how to describe something, we can say it’s “something like“.  That means, “similar to”.

If I’m trying to describe a food my friend has never tried before, I could say something like this:

It’s got a banana like taste and a coffee like smell.

I’m not really sure what kind of food that would be, but I think you get the idea.  It basically means it tastes a bit similar to a banana and smells kind of like coffee.

Now please watch the video below and see how Add is using this term


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9 Responses to “Add’s English Learning Video Blog – Thailand Part 2”

  1. julio Says:

    gosh, the motor bikes made that noise that almost screwed up the blog. Anyway, thanks , I like your efforts to teach us english in an amusing way.

  2. Argenis Says:

    Hi guys

    This is awesome, I’m glad to know new things in english through these videos…thanks a lot

  3. katarzyna Says:

    Your lessons are not only teaching, but they are also something like reading a neewspaper with funny and interesting stuff :)

  4. Irenne Says:

    Love your lessons!!!

  5. Hamid Reza Says:

    Simple and useful, although bike’s noise messed it up a little bit.

  6. Lucy Says:

    That’s a very useful term. Thanks guys. I was actually looking for an expression like this two days ago when I was sitting in a classroom where there was an unpleasant rotten-banana-peels like smell. As soon as I noticed the funny smell, I wanted to share my feeling with the people next to me and see if they’d got it as well. Of course at the time I didn’t know I can use the word like the way you’ve taught on the video, so I just said, “Have you realized it smells like rotten banana peels in here?” lol.

  7. Maribel Says:

    cool! thank you. keep going, we love your video and audio lesson.

  8. wilson Says:

    I love to hear you guys!


  9. khosro Says:

    i have not downloaded it yet i am downloading surly i think it’ll be

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