Lowering Stress – Great Article

I just read a really great article about how successful people lower or reduce their stress levels.

I naturally get stressed all the time so I often find myself reading these kinds of things.  Most of the articles I find online aren’t really that good, but this one was one of the better ones I’ve seen.  It’s from the Harvard Business school.

I wanted to share it with you for 2 reasons.  The first reason is that I’m sure you’ll find it interesting and helpful.  Even if you aren’t a stress case, I’m sure that you’ve had times in your life where stress was annoying and you wanted a healthy way to get rid of it.  This article will help you for that.  It’s enjoyable to read and think about.

The second reason I wanted to share it with you is that it is a perfect level of English for us to discuss together.  I’m sure you’ll learn some great English in here.  This will help improve your reading comprehension.  (“Reading comprehension” means how well you understand what you read).

I want you to read it first and try to get the main idea.  Don’t use a dictionary.  Then read it one more time and write down any words or phrases that you don’t understand 100%.  Even if you almost understand them but not quite perfectly, write them down and share them in the comments section.  After I get about 20 good comments, I’ll write a free lesson which explains all these words.

I hope this is quite useful and I think it will be.  Enjoy the article and remember to comment.  Don’t be shy!  Thanks gusy:)

Here is the article:  How to Lower Stress

14 Responses to “Lowering Stress – Great Article”

  1. sung Says:

    thanks for useful article,
    which give us a lot of beneficial ideas about our daily routines.
    it’s great and wonderful that there is a lot of different view of
    same situation and things.

    fortunately some words was unfamiliar to me but
    the context of article was comprehensible enough.

    thanks again ,
    expecting some many other great ideas coming on this blog!!

  2. Argenis Says:

    Hi Guys

    Very helpful article, and useful expressions also, I hope you can explain some of them …..thanks very much for sharing it….best wishes for you guys

  3. Mik@ Says:

    Here we go:
    - Looming
    - Top off
    - Bouts of stress
    - Cut slack
    - Kicker
    - Get cast
    - Pervasive
    - Pare down decisions
    - Trivia
    - Replenish
    - Mindset
    - Juggle
    - what feel you ought to do
    - accolade


  4. Maribel Says:

    That article was great, i wonder if we can apply those strategies in real life and dont forget them. They seemed so realistic and feasible, i actually tried some of them autonomously before and didn’t know exactly they are kind of known strategy, like looking as a whole to work and progress no to daily tasks. English was comprehensible enough and there were some juicy words to spice up. I liked that, specially when it says this is one of the strategies Obama tried and says worked for him, Im thinking how much hard work is needed mentally beside the main job to become a great man like him. Successful people have worked diligently. Thank you for introducing this article

  5. Bhaskar Says:

    Really interesting article. Thanks for letting us know of it. Although there are some new words and phrases, the article is okay to understand the brief. I’m looking forward to see your writing on this article. Thanks in advance.

  6. Ray Says:

    Hi. Thank you guys for sharing to us this well written and great article. I like the seventh strategy.

    What does “if-then” mean?

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Hamid Reza Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing article. You know the problem of these kind of articles is we all know and of course have some information about coping with stressful condition, but the point is how to put this knowledge into practice? We all know we should believe ourselves because without believing our self, nobody believe us!! We all know we should allocate far more time to our self and have a break to refill (= replenish) energy but in today’s life things are elapsing very fast and and it is tough though to have a break.
    I my self believe that articles like this are still miles and miles far way from real world.
    Any way there were so many new vocabularies in article and it was useful for learning and improving reading skill.

  8. Carolina Oliveira Says:

    I really like this article, thanks for sharing it!
    I’m only 16, but I can say that I’m already under a lot of pressure and stress, because of striving to get into a good college and so on. Everybody who has ever gone through it knows what I’m talking about.

    Anyway, I think writing your tasks is really important to keep in mind what you have to do, but reach the end of the week without checking them off can be a bit frustrating. And I think that procrastination stops us from actually doing everything. We tend to delay it and think “I’ll do it later…” and you end up not doing anything. So the solution is just to stand up from your chair and start it.

    I also agreed with the stuff that said decisions make us get more stressed.

    BTW, here are some words and expressions I didn’t quite get:
    “deadlines are looming”
    “frequent bouts”
    “replenishes your energy”

    Bye guys, and see you soon :)

  9. Jen Says:

    Very good article.
    Words or sentence need to explain:
    molecular gastronomy restaurant

  10. zoc Says:

    it’s really good article. thanks for your share.

  11. Lola Says:

    It is a very interesting article. Thank you for sharing it.

    Here are some words I haven´t understood well:

    if-then planning
    size up

  12. aghdas Says:

    thank you for your share,it was great.

  13. Thierry Says:

    Hi there

    Great article, being stressed out, I already wrote a lot of writing about stress and burnout, this one is interresting even if the “root solutions” are always the same. The difficulty is to believe those solutions could word and give it a try…

    here are the words that I can guess but not clearly understand:
    gets cast
    trying to pare down
    replenishes your
    to seize
    despite the setbacks
    don’t mesh with
    have some more eggnog

    Thank by advance guys for a future interresting podcast…

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