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Cheating, Divorce, Money, Culture…

I was just on and I read an article about the latest news with the divorce of Tiger Woods.  He got divorced a while ago for cheating LIKE CRAZY on his beautiful wife with many other women.

Note:  Add and I already did a podcast about Tiger Woods and what happened with his wife.  Here is the Tiger Woods podcast

Anyway, his wife found out about the cheating and obviously wanted to leave him.  Tiger Woods is obviously a very rich and famous golfer.  It’s no surprise that he has A LOT of money.

Cheating on your wife or husband is clearly a very bad thing to do (I think in any culture) but it’s an interesting topic because cheating is handled very differently all over the world.  I wanted to have a little discussion here about this, teach some English, and get your thoughts and cultural opinions.

I don’t know all the laws in all western countries, but in Canada and the US, getting divorced is expensive!  If you are the rich person, getting divorced can often cost you at least half of your money and assets.  The reason for the divorce doesn’t even matter.  If you are a rich guy and your wife cheats on you, she still gets half of your money.  It sounds crazy, but it’s true.  It’s the same if a man did that to a woman.  (Mini English lesson:  Cheating on your wife or husband is called having an “extra marital affair”)  Sometimes people just use the word “affair” to make it simpler.  Anyway, that’s what it means.

Do you think that is fair and reasonable?  How does it work in your country?  Should couples split money 50/50 for ANY reason in a divorce?

As many of you know from our podcasts, my girlfriend is from Seoul Korea.  We were talking about this and she told me something that shocked me.  She said that cheating on your husband or wife is illegal in South Korea.  If you get caught doing it, it’s possible you go to jail for up to 2 years.  I just read the same thing online.  (I should believe her more when we talk.  It’s my habit to always look up facts on the internet)  I actually think it’s an interesting law.  It’s new to me, but I think it makes sense. 2 years is a long time, but cheating is really horrible and it destroys families.  It’s a difficult question.  What do you guys think?  How is this handled in your country?  Any Koreans reading this want to comment?  We’d love to hear from you!  (And from everyone around the world too of course.)

Ok….. Back to Tiger Woods and his ex.  She got a HUGE divorce settlement.  (A “settlement” in this case means a lot of money, or a lot of stuff with value, things like houses, cars, etc)  It’s what the divorce courts “settled” or agreed upon.  That’s why it’s called a”settlement”.

Tiger cheated on her, so it’s certainly fair that she should get a lot of his stuff, but it’s quite amazing how much she got.  Do you think this is fair and reasonable?  Maybe it is, I just want to hear your honest opinions.  She’s one rich lady.  She got about $100 million USD in the settlement!

Love to hear your thoughts on all this guys!  (By the way, I read your comments from the last article and am working on a good lesson to teach those words and phrases.  Thanks for all the support!)

Here is the Yahoo article I was reading.  You can see photos of the house she’s getting.

Again, here is the Tiger Woods Divorce Podcast if you are interested and haven’t heard it yet.


14 Responses to “Cheating, Divorce, Money, Culture…”

  1. storynum4 Says:

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  2. julio Says:

    In the US a divorce could cost him/her a fortune , rich people have the option of making the future to-be spouse to sign-up a prenup agreement , although this is a very sensitive issue, anyway , who wants to be depleted of ones fortune and on top of that the staggering legal fees to fight the case in the court. In my country ( Argentina) a well known rich woman filed for divorce , as her husband (who never work in his life ) cheated on her . The botton line is that he received a monetary compensation of 10.000.000 million of dollars . This is not fair, but the law is the law. grin……

  3. Maribel Says:

    Hi,thanks for the blog
    I think it’s fair, because it’s a law that they knew before and the one who ended up the marriage and cheated on her was her husband. this law may sound crazy for you but its much better than what it is in my country. In Iran women can not divorce, they can ask but if the man disagrees they fail most of the time, and it takes a lot of time. we usually define a certain amount of money before marriage that man should pay to woman if they divorce, no matter what happened and if the man can not pay it, he has to go to jail. this money is because in the past men used to be the only bread winner and women need some money after divorce to get their-selves together and survive. but now this became like a competition for girls. this money can differ from a lot of money to a few coins, depends on the bride and both family decision, some times there is a huge argument between families upon this issue and it may even lead to canceling the wedding and ruining every things. the amount of money people are defining now is way out of what groom’s really have or can have some day, but no body cares and girls just want to have a “Mahrieh” (we call in in Persian) as big as their friend’s or sisters, and they always say its just a tradition and we’re not gonna divorce ever. most of the time Iranian women look at this money like a guarantee for their marriage, because they know men don’t divorce because they can not effort to pay this Mahrieh, but most of the time when marriage fails, men don’t agree to divorce and try to excruciate (torture) woman every day so that make her forgive officially her Mahrieh and never asked for money,sometimes women have to neglect Mahrieh which is their right to have, so they can get the man agreed to divorce. so see, its not even a guarantee. its crazy huh ;)

  4. Flora Says:

    If two people love each other but not sure if they want to spend the rest of their lives together, i think they better live together instead of getting married until they are sure what they want. I always believe it is very low to get married and still play around, it is simply ethically wrong. It is the first time I heard there is a country in the world with specific law against affairs, and I think it is amazing, like it.
    Not sure other countries, but in America, many clever rich people ask their spouses to sign some documents, seems called pre-up or something, to protect their assets if divorce were to happen in the future.

  5. Michelle Says:

    I think it’s fair enough. Any party who cheats should give half of his/her assets to the partner. I think this is only applicable to the wealthy people. In my country, I think divorce is so much easier. It’s like all you need to do is just hiring a lawyer and signing the paper.

  6. Hamid Reza Says:

    I am also from Iran. Maribel explained a detail of getting divorced style in Iran. Unfortunately these days getting married in Iran does charge top dollars. And, the root of all these problems is due to economic and financial issues. Anyway, we haven’t got any law which can be interpreted as men and women must split all the assets but as Maribel said men should guarantee the standard of his ex-partner life. For this reason, before marriage (in court or suit) the a specific amount of money (or golden coins or ingots) called in Persian “Mahrieh” is determined by both bride and groom’ families and this money can ( or should ) be paid to women if she asks; however, it is too weird to ask if anything goes well in marital living and while both partners get along with each other. Although news like woman pulled the wool over man’s head just for getting “Mahrieh” makes headlines these days in my country. Shame on these kinds of women that put the essence of marriage in jeopardy. Anyway, the philosophy of “Mahrieh” is that men should offer a gift to women to draw her attention and also value her. Things go worse if woman and man have kids in mid. In this case man have to pay alimony as well as “Mahrieh”. It is interesting to note that besides “Mahrieh”, men should pay ” shirbaha”. Let me break the last word. “shir” in Persian means “milk” and “baha” means “value or cost”. This means that men have to pay the cost of ” suckling” to women if she asks. Anyway, cheating on wife and husband is awful. It creates the feeling of getting stabbed in the back and sometimes deals a shattering blow to the body of the society.

  7. Sergei Says:

    I think it’s not fair. I am from Belarus and in my country all assets which have been gained over the time of marriage are divided 50/50 except case when one of the spouses make concessions to other. But the judge may take the side of the spouse, with whom child remains after divorce.

  8. Asad Says:

    In the muslim world, esp in my country , Pakistan, a fixed dowry amount is agreed upon by both parties which a husband will pay in case of a divorce. Usually it is around 50,000 Pakistani Rupee upto 200,000 PKR which is peanuts if you convert it to American or CAD dollars. Despite this small amount of money the divorce is a rare occurence in my country. Overall, I must say that American or Canadian women have laws in their favor so if they are going to marry a rich guy then they have to thanks their lucky stars. They won’t have to work all their lives. However, guys are being smart-ass in the USA or Canada they don’t marry legally for the same reason. They just keep up with boyfriend-girlfriend relationship once they are tired of their relatiionship they simply break-up verbally.

  9. Mousa Says:

    hey there, I think she deserved what she got.
    Cheating on your wife or husband in KSA is something we can’t tolerate and fo shizzle it’s gonna cost a lot more than $$. I will leave it for you guys to goggle it!

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  10. sadaf Says:

    well,i am from Iran.that is right for sure we have these problems.but all these problems refers to those two young couple who wants to get married.”shirbaha” is for a long time ago and these days i don’t know really which cities use these traditional cultures! i live in the north of Iran and we don’t have these things.but about”Mahrie” it is different among people all over the Iran.most of all it depends on the personality and understanding of everyone, herself and her family.some people care about other people and their lives but some don’t care about others.i am sorry for those people who think more money and more”Mahrie” brings good luck and happiness for them.but thanks God we don’t have these kind of problems in our family and i think other problems are more important.i hope it will be better in other is unbelievable for these educated people who think such mindless…………..thanks for you two brothers for these interesting subject

  11. Mimosa Says:

    Thank you for sharing this podcast. I believe I’ve heard this news somewhere when I was still in China last year. Well, I think it’s hard to generally say whether it’s fair for getting a half or even more fortune from a divorce.It really depends on the situations. Even in the business world, it’s hard to make a perfect deal, not to mention in the ‘love world’.
    In China, as far as I know, a person does have right to share a certain proportion(not absolutely 50% I think) of the ‘joint property’ , but how to identify what’s the ‘joint property’ can be a big problem. It’s pretty common to see those endless arguments over this kind of things between unhappy wives and husbands on the TV shows, and such shows are housewives’ favors when they want to kill some time after the dinner.
    Personally speaking, I’m cool with the prenup. If we don’t love each other anymore,I’d love to see we will have a peaceful ending.

    Mimosa, from P.R.China

  12. maciek Says:

    50/50 money split seems to be quite reasonable becasue of few reasons. For example if one of the spouses sacrificed their carrer for the sake of bringing their children I would not mind spliting money 50/50. The second one equally or even more reasonable is situation when one of the spouses is cheated, 50/50 money split might be some kind of compensation, but will it be enough if someone was cheated all the time – time is priceless and you will never get back time that you wasted living with someone who was cheating on you. And the other example that comes to my mind is very simple. Married couple usually gather their assets so once they decide to get divorce they split it 50/50 – I think that is where this idea is coming from. Unfortunately on the other hand this 50/50 money split law can be used by people who are greedy for someone’s money. Therefore you had better think twice before you decide spend your entire live with someone. The worst case scenario is when you are cheated and you have to get the person who was cheating on you half of money that you earned yourself. So for sure I can not say that I am against or for it. I think some additonal regualtions would be advisable to make this law more upright.

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