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911 Conspiracy Theory

I haven’t talked to you guys yet about a “conspiracy theory” but I’d love to.  I’ve been getting interested in these lately and I want to get your thoughts.  It’s interesting to talk about, get international opinions about, and also great for teaching new and useful English.

First of all, here is the correct pronunciation of the word “conspiracy”.  It’s pronounced like this:  ”conspeerasee”.

A “conspiracy theory” is basically a theory that is a complete contradiction to whatever the government and the media want the “stupid people” to believe.  There are many conspiracy theories, some are true, some are not true, but many are interesting to at least think about.  It’s always better to hear both sides of an argument and think for yourself.  It’s terrible to “take anyone’s word” for something.  If you “take someone’s word” for something, it just means you believe them without questioning them.

One example of a conspiracy theory is the many people wondering if astronauts from the USA “REALLY” landed on the moon in the 1960′s OR if they just “faked it”.  Some people believe it was definitely true, some people are suspicious and believe it was fake.  That type of thing gives you an idea of what a conspiracy theory means.

Any time you hear “911″ or “9 eleven” you are either hearing about the emergency police and fire phone number in the US and in Canada, OR you are hearing about what happened on September 11th, 2001.  That was a day that changed history.  I personally HATE the way the US reacted to this tragedy when the airplanes flew into the buildings in New York city.  I think they over reacted and made the world LESS safe, not more safe.  What do you think?

There are many conspiracy theories about what exactly happened on that day.  Many people believe it was a huge “cover up” by the government, which means that the government wanted to hide the truth and the real facts from the people.  No one really knows exactly what happened on that day or why it happened, but it’s important that people ask questions.  I’m not sure if the government is lying or not, but I do know that there are a lot of “unanswered questions”.

One of the unusual things that happened was the fact that the government claimed that they couldn’t find the black boxes in the airplanes.  In case you didn’t know, there is a “black box” in every major airplane.  This is basically a super protected box that has the audio or “sound recordings” of what happened during a flight.  These are important to investigate any plane crash to see EXACTLY what happened.  They make these “black boxes” almost “indestructible”, which means that they can not be destroyed.  They ALWAYS find the black boxes after a plane crash, but this time, they said they couldn’t find either of them.  That is TOO WEIRD to believe.  It certainly seems possible that there was something that happened on those flights that the government doesn’t want the public to know about.  Are they hiding them?  Why?  What exactly happened?

Also, there are stories of another building called “building 7″ that fell down with no plane hitting it.  Why did it fall down?  There are no good answers from this.  The government calls all this stuff “top secret”.  Also, on August 6th 2001, the government was warned that there would be attacks from airplanes, but they did nothing with this information to protect anyone.

It’s possible the government totally messed up and are super embarrassed so they want to hide the truth.  Some people believe that they even allowed these attacks to happen to have an ‘excuse’ to go to war with Iraq.  That was a TERRIBLE idea to go to another war, but with no 911 attacks, the government couldn’t get the public to agree with war.  If they used these attacks for an excuse to go to war and simply pretended that these attacks were done by “the bad guys” to convince the public, this is called a “false flag operation”.  That is when the government does something terrible to it’s own people while pretending it was an enemy who did it.  The reason to do a horrible ‘false flag operation’ is so that they can make more people believe that a war or some other retaliation is a good or sensible idea.

The truth is that I don’t really know what happened on that day; obviously.  But, I do know that there are some serious unanswered questions and it bothers me that the US government is hiding this info.  I’d love to know what happened.

I watched a very interesting documentary about this.  I think you’ll really like it and also learn some good information from it.

I got a free copy of it and I will include it for free in our awesome private community.  You can watch it there and discuss it with us in the private group.  It’s fun to watch, interesting, and great for learning English.  Looking forward to discussing it with you guys here.

Love to hear your comments.  What have you heard about this in your own country?  What do you think happened?  Do you have any questions about the vocab that I was explaining in the blog?  Is there any other English words you’d like to know that I didn’t explain?

Please feel free to write whatever you want.  I love reading what you guys have to say.  Please let me know any blog topic suggestions you might have…

Again, watch and discuss the 45 minute conspiracy documentary with us here.

11 Responses to “911 Conspiracy Theory”

  1. Justyna Says:

    Hi guys, excellent blog I’ve just been wondering to join the community! But I need you to convince me a little bit more :) What’s going on out there?:) ( I mean I will join it for sure some time soon anyway but I’m just around thinking it right now) :)

  2. Ivan Kolev Says:

    Hello Andy. Whenever you write a blog I read with great pleasure. There are two reasons, I love to discuss things, especially in English and written by smart people. Anyway I personally think that the government its own has organized all this to start a war with Iraq. I don’t really know what happened on that day, and no one but the government.

  3. mojtaba Says:

    Hi guys, let me tell you some information, as many people know, western government doesn’t want other people know the truth, I’m an Iranian and I’ve tasted it.
    About 20 years ago CIA has made and trained Taliban against Soviet but it isn’t the only reason, the other reason is that the true Islam and real Muslims are harmful for western government, so they have made Taliban to say the world that : Talibanism is Islam so Muslims are terrorist, in fact they have made a fake face of islam that we call it American islam, in holy Koran, God has said that if you kill an innocent it’s like that you’ve killed whole the people from Adam to the latest man that will born in the future maybe thousands of years later and if you survive a man, it means that you’ve survived whole man from Adam to the latest one in the future.
    therefore, If a nation or a religious is harmful for me then I’ll train some people and make them terrorist and cruel and will tell the entire people : look, they are terrorist so we must fight against them (westerngovernment do it).
    why real Islam is harmful for western government ? one of the reason is that our religious has learned us to protect all of the victims and poor and weak people around the world even if they’re not muslim and fight agaisnt all the cruel and inhumane people even if you know them as a muslim(like Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s government and etc), so if we can do this rule of islam freely (protecting) , western government couldn’t steal and rob natural resources (like oil, gas, gold, silver and etc)from African and Asian country.
    The other information that i wanna tell you that, why there are lot’s war in our region ?
    If there wasn’t any war on the earth American military factories coulld not sell their weapons, therefor , must be some war on the earth till they could sell their weapons, well, where is the best region for making war between people ? East-WEST ASIA
    Why East_West Asia ?
    Majority of people in this area are muslim and muslims enemy are zionism jewish so if we make war between muslim (when I say musim I mean Taliban and Alqaede “westenr soldier” agiasnt real muslim ) in that area Isreal is in safe and we can rob their natural resources, as you know this region is the biggest resource for oil and gas.
    So… Isreal is in safe, we reach to resources, we can protect ourselves form Russia and we can sell our weapons and other people think that muslims are murder and terrorist because they are fighting to each other all the time, as you could see lot’s of economic and political profits and even mass media is in westerns side.
    And about 60 years ago England has made wahabism which is Taliban’s resources (Qatar and Saudi Arabian government).

    And lot’s of sad stories and information that if I wanted to tell you, I must set up a website.

  4. mojtaba Says:

    sth I forget, I refer you to a news resource and I recommend that follow news from this site as well, I don’t want to say this site’s news are true, but you should compare news from this site with western media and think about it, then accept which is more reasonable :

  5. meme Says:

    Long Time NO C!

    I think the US government made this nonentity Show and also they sacrifice with their own and other people in case of to invade and start a war to Iraq and Afghanistan, So this little damages and Loss some VICTIMS it’s just a disproof TO START A WAR that waited for along time. NO OFFEND :)
    That’s TRUE ;)
    HAVE U ever see WAG THE DOG CAST BY Robert DE Nero & Dasten Huffman:)
    IF Saw you will know THE FBI and CIA and US Government HOW they do their work?
    THey JUST manipulated their PEOPLE THEY use THEM to their own self-interest ;)

  6. ASAD,Pakistan Says:

    Iraqis had got nothing to do with 9/11 so waging a war against them was all about oil. American troops killed lots of innocent Iraqi men there and had unwanted sex with their women. Abu Gharib prison rings a bell?

    The only explanation I could think of was to let this incident happen and kill their own people in order to wage a war against Muslim countries and have a control over oil reserves. The business of America is Business at the end of the day. Security lapsed at different American airports at the same day? How were some novice pilots be able to hijack 4 planes in the only superpower country, America? what was CIA doing? Sleeping?

    Osama Bin Laden’s body thrown into open sea. really? No proper burial given, that’s how we treat dead bodies?? All we knew that a helicopter was crashed in Pakistan and Osama was killed?? Obama (pretty similar name to Osama)got some winning points for his election campaign.

    PS: I am not a private member on the site but I would love to watch that documentary.

  7. jun Says:

    hi! i am from the philippines and i have been listening to your podcasts for many years now but occassionaly. i want to be a member of your podcast. how will you help me send my contributions or how will i send my payment to you so that i become one of your avid members?

    regarding 911 conspiracy, there have been lots of clues about it even before that event ever happens. one clue is in the microsoft word. just type “NYC=Q33″ in the word editor and convert it to windings. you will find out the answer tacitly. another clue is in the illuminati card printed about 6 years earlier in 1995. it shows in one the cards that twin towers are collapsing with planes destroying it.

    but for the real answer type on youtube “the project of the new american century”. you will find many videos about PNAC as mainly responsible for implementing 911 for their own purpose.

  8. Artyr Says:

    Hello Andy and Add. Excellent marketing tactic as usual. I’m glad to see it. And you know when I was reading first paragraph, i thought something like “ou, I’ve been getting interested in just particular stuff lately”
    You know I’m sure we won’t find out the thing which was there at that time. It’s only certain groop of people who realy know what ws there.Anyway it’s really sad that it’s happened. And worst of all is if the government was initiated of this 911(which may be the truth).Actually this “911 incident” bring them some benefit. So Guys thanks for this bolg. I really like to read your blogs. And i’ll wait for another one.

  9. Junior Says:

    Please, don’t be selfish. What’s the documentary’s name? To watch it on youtube or any other site.

  10. Mariya Says:

    Hi guys. I think we know only that what us let now our country goverment and other people who has a power. For example in my country i guess even president don’t know what happens sometimes)) Of course we can discuss some interesting topics and moot topics but I’m sure we never know the truth.

  11. Negar,Iran Says:

    Though old story, still ambiguous for public.
    In line with what mentioned here,it seems helpful to refer to “The Horrifying Fraud” book written by Thierry Meyssan,which was published after 2001 accidents.The French author has illuminated some awaking facts verifying “false flag operation” by U.S and by presenting some strong reasons to justify his claims make every insightful reader to contemplate the main cause of these disastrous occurrences more deeply.
    911 conspiracy theory can be considered as the “biggest lie of century” by U.S to dominate sensitive area of Middle East under the title of “New World Order” and more importantly to accuse Muslims of being terrorists!

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