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Why I like Youtube more than TV News

This blog post is actually more of a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of “Youtube” or “independent news” VS “mainstream news”

Mainstream news would be stuff like the news on TV, or major newspapers like the New York Times.  If it’s a big company making news, it’s “mainstream news”.  They have the advantage of having more money than independent bloggers or people making news on Youtube.  They can use all that money to send their staff to find out the real story.  They might (not always) be more attractive (if they are on TV) or talented at writing (If they write for a major newspaper).   Sounds like they should be a lot better right?  Well…

The problem with mainstream news is that it’s almost impossible to tell exactly how fake it is and how much BS they are feeding us.  Why would a major news organization want to make fake news if they can just tell the truth?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question lately for some reason.  (I’m weird, I know.  You can say it.  Lol :)

Companies pay millions of dollars for advertising to the mainstream news companies.  So, even though the news organizations can theoretically write or say whatever they want, it’s the companies who are actually in control because they are paying the money.  They are not in direct control of the content, but they will take their advertising dollars to another place if they aren’t happy with the content of the news.

I read somewhere that climate change was hardly talked about at all last year by anyone in the mainstream media.  This is a perfect example of the power companies have with the advertising dollars.  Do you think that big oil companies will want to advertise on a news channel or newspaper that talks about how terrible oil is?  No way!  Do you think that Walmart will want to spend millions of USD on advertising to news channels that talk about how Walmart loves paying terrible wages to their workers and how they also try not to give them health insurance?  Obviously not.

So all private news stations and newspapers are corrupted by the people who pay them money.  It’s a huge problem and it leads to a very brainwashed society.

When I was growing up, I remember learning that government owned news networks are terrible because they always lie to make their own country look good and other countries look bad.  That is totally true, BUT, as I’ve grown up, I’ve also learned that news from private news companies is also a huge joke.  It’s almost impossible to get reliable news because there is so much bias in mainstream media.

Independent news shows on Youtube and people are blogging about the news are a lot better in the sense that they can say or write whatever they want because they don’t deal with advertisers directly, but the problem with them is that they don’t have the money to get the real information themselves.  If a blogger wants to write about a news story, they can’t send someone to the actual place the event is happening, they can only follow the mainstream news and then make their best guess from that.  It’s sick!

Hopefully this will change with “new media”, but it’s going to take some time.  BTW, “new media” is basically a term that describes the ways of getting information on the internet.  ”Youtube, Twitter, Blogging, etc”.  It’s in contrast to “traditional media” which is print newspapers, online newspapers, and TV news.

The news is different in every country, and it shapes our cultures and our understanding of the world.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on how you think the news is covered in your country, how you think it’s covered internationally, and what you think a possible solution is.  Do you even think it’s a big problem like I do?  Very curious to hear your thoughts on that below.

Add and I are also SUPER excited this week since the launch of our brand new private English community.  I’ve got a very strong feeling this is going to kick ass more than anything we’ve ever done, BY FAR.  Thanks to everyone who is in there already, and thanks especially for sharing your stories and helping to make it kick total ass.  Hope to see more of you in there… (It will be awesome; just sayin…)    :)

Looking forward to your comments as always guys!

Have a great day!

14 Responses to “Why I like Youtube more than TV News”

  1. uno21 Says:

    it’s very interesting and tough issue, i guess.
    maybe those issue would last
    until the planet earth crush away into nothing ..ha..ha..
    the essense of this issue is people naturally driven only by money..
    so, unfortunately there is no answer of it.
    how could we blame somebody because he is too greedy.

    the only way is to value other than money.
    but where could we find out those OTHER than money??

    they say, you could find the answer within you!! ha..ha..
    so, i’ve been trying to find out those value within me
    i hope you put a light on those greedy people
    through your lecture ..^ ^ let’s laugh off!! //// sung

  2. Lena Says:

    The problem you have described above is very big. Solution can be found if many people would care about reliability of the news. But here I have to mention that sometimes (very often actually!!!) I think that people do not want to know the reality as it is, they just want to live in a fairy tale because it is much easier like that.
    Besides, different people have their own ways of thinking and perceiving any information. I mean same news or events can be understood differently by different people. Any person passes any event through the prism of his own mind. This is another reason why even You tube news are not 100% reliable. Even if they do not depend on advertisers they still depend on human’s personal mind. We should never forget about it.

  3. adamsky Says:

    I wonder what BS means. …

  4. Ana Says:

    Adamsky, in case you’re not just kidding by asking this, BS means bullshit.

  5. lol bullshit Says:

    “I read somewhere that climate change was hardly talked about at all last year by anyone in the mainstream media.”

    You must be reading Chinese newspapers.

  6. Hamid Reza Says:

    Hello guys,
    You brought up an interesting topic.

    In my point of view, the government do all their best to control the media because this is the best tool enabling them to control the community in the way they want. My country suffers from this problem and unfortunately the head of media organization is directly elected by supreme leader and this is a token of tyranny. Frankly speaking, he is afraid of losing power and for this reason uses media to advertise his ideas in order to maintain the power. In retrospect, we all know how media is powerful and capable of determining the fate of the community. It is interesting to note that Some politicians also believe the current war among powerful countries is no longer cold war or real battle, but it is a media war. In a nutshell, media plays a huge role on the global equations…..

  7. Elena Says:

    I dont like news at all. That is 95% only negative information. if you want upset yourself sweath on TV. People like to tolk nonsense and make negative “sensation”. I am russian and nearly my friend told me that our president 60 years old in devorse with his wife. They have got two big doughters and had been togather more than 30 yers. And yerstaday I was watching by TV how she expline why they in devorse. Can you believe president’s wife must expline herself. I am sure it was not her desigion and our president told her do it. It was unpleasent to see. Shame! But what she told it was not really try (about that she cant see him a lot and their children already big enough), any russian knows the try reason and what is the new president woman’s name. I feel really sorry for president exwife.

  8. dashakol Says:

    I agree with you about the danger of monopoly in mainstream media. But The same thing can happen on internet too. Companies or governments can infest internet with their own message in such a way that no other voice can be heard or to produce a fake image of popularity. It will cost much less than mainstream media and all it takes is hiring a bunch of spammers to publish whatever they want on the internet day and night. Take a look at Iran’s cyber army or how Samsung has infested Youtube and other review sites with thousands of positive reviews.

    Anonymity is the weak-point of Internet which let them do whatever they want.

  9. Venu Says:


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  10. Carol Says:

    I don’t think your weird.It is actually a quite interesting topic…
    In Brazil for example magazines,newspapers and stuff are full with informations about bad politicians and corruption; the problem is: things never change. We can protest, organize marches but our country is too large, so these protests never occur all over our territory but only happen where the problem is more evident. Not to mention that a great number of Brazilians are functional illiterates, it means they can write and ready but they can not understand what they read,if they read at all’~’
    I liked when you wrote: “It’s a huge problem and it leads to a very brainwashed society.” It is an extreme and highly generalized thought but I don’t think it is not true either ;)
    I totaly agree with you when talking about stereotypes! It is a serious problem not only in Brazil but all over the world. The mainstrain media implant in our minds this idea of perfection and if we do not think seriousely about it, you may live a very disappointing life:(

  11. Juzer Kothawala Says:

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    Thanks for making this application

  12. Harry Says:

    Wowww im totally like this topic, thanks for sharing this!

  13. Yeri Says:

    Hello guys, recently I have descovered that your topics are quite interesting and a lot to discuss about them, I was wondering if do you guys have any book or pdf archive to download all the topics at the same time, or any book that I can buy.

  14. Kirill Says:


    So, it is very important topic in our real life. Nowdays each country try to start control their Light media-source ( i mean twitter, facebook and etc) becouse we all know expirience Egypt, Syria, Ukrain where key role in political changes was connect with social-network activities of local users, and this media goverments mashine can not control…

    And so, all tradition media resource it is absolutly loyal to current governments

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