Crazy Thinking! (In my opinion)

As you probably know, there is a big election coming up very soon in the USA. I’m really hoping Obama wins. I don’t think he’s been a perfect president at all, but the alternative is really crazy. I truly believe that.

One crazy man on Mitt Romney’s “team” said the following the other day:

I’ve struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.

This guys thinks that if a girl gets raped, then she should be forced to have the baby because it was still something that God wanted to have happen.

In fairness, he doesn’t think God likes rape, but he is crazy enough to think that a poor woman who got pregnant from a rape should have to go through with having the baby. He doesn’t believe in abortion in any situation.

To me, that’s totally sick and weird.

What do you guys think about abortion?

I know that in many countries, abortion is totally legal. No one “likes” to have an abortion, but many people, including Obama, think it’s right to give women the right to choose.

In English, if you think abortion should be legal, it’s called “pro choice“. If you think it should be illegal in every situation, including rape, it’s called “pro life“.

I’m definitely a “pro choice” person, but I know that different people have different views and opinions. Even if you totally disagree with me, that’s fine. I’d love to hear your thinking. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. I’d just love to hear your thinking on the subject. I’d also like to hear what most people in your country think.

Is abortion legal in your country? What do most people there think about it?

If you are living in the USA and have the chance to vote, I hope you vote this year. It’s a very important election for not just the USA, but the whole world.

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51 Responses to “Crazy Thinking! (In my opinion)”

  1. Mikhail Says:

    Pro choice for sure (I’m a guy BTW.).

  2. kejzak Says:

    Discussion about abortion issue lead only to WOMEN. Femals schuld make decision in this case. Including politics.

  3. Yuri Says:

    If you make abortion an hour after birth. Is abortion or murder? And for an hour or a month before the birth?

  4. RENE SILVA Says:

    Sometimes in life we can make no choices. Do you agree ?
    Abortion in Brazil is not legal. Rape is a crime but abortion is either.Laws consider that is like killing a new life wich can not be blamed for the event.Every life that comes up should be kept. This is not my private opinion but the laws’. And this is based on the Bibles’ words. So let´s come to the point: People should try hard not to be raped…or they will have to make the mistake number two…

    Thanks a lot

  5. Ahmad Says:

    Hello guys,what’s up? Hey,you both are great.And your method is absolutely enthusiastic.
    best wishes

  6. Lilly Says:

    Pro life all the way! Everybody has the right to decide what to do with their own lives and bodies. Unfortunatley, people love to judge other’s lives :(

  7. Sergio Rodrigues Says:

    In Brazil abortion is allowed when the pregnancy result from a rape, but is considered a crime in any other circunstancies. In my personal opinion the legislation is correct. What I don,t understand is how a country like the USA elect such a nasty man Senator.

  8. Mohammad Says:

    Hi guys,
    According to Islamic laws, abortion is allowed before a specific time before birth and it is illegal then. They believe that after that specific time the baby is live in her or his mother body.!
    I don’t know enough about abortion and birth, but I prefer pro choice to pro life. Because I think we can think about and analyse the situation and I have to accept the results, so we should have the right to choose. It is not only about the raped girl, it is about the life.
    By the way, it is really useful website and I appreciate the time that Andy and his friend take to keep it up-to-date. Thank you Andy!

  9. Domingo Meza Says:

    The abortion must be a free option. If the woman doesn’t want a baby she has the freedom to abort him. This is her life, her own body. Don’t put God in this. This is too pretentious from those people that say in the name of God. People who say that are crazy. Who can justify a rape in the name of God? Only a zealot. Many people not only in USA have this thought but also in other countries, speak on behalf of God, put words in God’s mouth, and this isn’t right. We know nothing of God. On the other hand, the Republican Party has a number of members are living in the time of Inquisition, in the Middle Ages. Such comments don’t help any political party. We must respect the women, their freedom for choice.

  10. Adriano Says:

    I hope Obama wins too.
    I’m ‘pro-life’, but if the woman gets rape, I think it’s right to give women the right to choose.
    we need understand the situation, not apply the law for all situations.

  11. julio Says:

    In my country (Argentina) in spite of a lot of controversy , the Supreme Court ruled in favour of a woman (she was raped) to abort the gestation of the baby.

  12. Sara Says:

    I agree with you Andy about both of issues; first the importance ot the election for the whole world and second being a “pro choice”. I’m from Iran where is getting into trouble these days seriousely and the threat of being attacked isn’t really far-fetched. So I hope Obama wins! May in this case the whole world would be more peaceful! But about getting raped, it’s a critical situation which is not the place of any body else to make a decision but the woman who is going to take a responsibility of bringing up a child despite all of the difficulties. How can she handle such a big job if she doesn’t love her baby and doesn’t want him? it’ll be worse for both of them than having an abortion!

  13. clemelys Says:

    I understand we all have diff opinions and I have to say that I totally disagree with u guys. I’m actually a “Pro life” person, because not forgetting the fact that she was rapped it’s not the babies fault so you’d be taking a new life away, a life that should be given in no matter what economy condition or sittuation. The baby can have a father, not the biologic one but one who can love him and his/her mom. In my country is illegal (Dominican Rebublic) and I think that’s the way it should be.

  14. Lee Says:

    Why don’t punish that guy who raped woman?

  15. Eero Says:

    who is the weakest? A baby or a woman. If you kill the baby. He or she is killed. I you let the baby be born nobody is killed. The baby’s life is not less important than woman’s life. But if you don’t believe life’s holiness you don’t believe in God. You diny God’s existence.

  16. hamid reza Says:

    First of all, in my point of view, abortion should be legal. So, I am a pro-choice guy. But making decision in this case depends on the situation. This means that in matrimonial relationship both man and woman should make decision in order to reach the agreement. But getting raped is something different. I think it is silly of Mitt Romney’s team to realize that this kind of baby is a gift from god. I know how tough is for woman who got pregnant from a rape to recycle her mind and get back to life.
    Secondly, let imagine abortion is illegal. What would be happening? Pregnant women do everything to get rid of unwelcome baby. I totally believe that this issue put their life in real jeopardy. Also, this matter causes unsanitary centers to grow up and it is a real deal.

  17. hamid Says:

    In my point of view, abortion should be legal. So, I am a pro-choice guy. But making decision in this case depends on the situation. This means that in matrimonial relationship both man and woman should make decision in order to reach the agreement. But getting raped is something different. I think it is silly of Mitt Romney’s team to realize that this kind of baby is a gift from god. I know how tough is for woman who got pregnant from a rape to recycle her mind and get back to life.
    Secondly, let imagine abortion is illegal. What would be happening? Pregnant women do everything to get rid of unwelcome baby. I totally believe that this issue put their life in real jeopardy. Also, this matter causes unsanitary centers to grow up and it is a real deal.

  18. TATA Says:

    Dear Andy,
    It is not so easy to talk about abortion. From my vantage point, which is also half Islamic & half personal, we have to take other aspects into consideration too!
    1. In Islamic teaching, Soul is inserted into a fetus body when it is 3 months old. It means before this time abortion is not illegal but after that it is.
    2. These days it is so easy for women to take rid of a fetus which grows inside their womb and has planted by a rapist.
    3. If the fetus grows and is finally delivered (in case victimized mother cannot get rid of it during first steps) so both of them are victimized and the baby cannot be aborted/killed because it the child of a rape (don’t forget that 3 months).
    4. According to Islamic rule if a woman is willingly and wittingly committed intermarriage adultery, she would face death sentence if 4 people eyewitness the action and attend the court as witnesses. (It is 4 people, because Islam knows that it is so difficult to find 4 people who witness an adultery i.e. God wants to give people chance to repent). In this case(so rare), if a woman is arrested and is going to be hanged must not be pregnant because of the adultery, if yes, the Islamic court will postpone the verdict until the baby is born. (here the baby is victim not guilty)
    I hope you like the above mentioned point of view.

    All the best


  19. farzaneh Says:

    As a matter of fact i ‘m not living’ in the USA , But , to me it \s very important to have a right to choose. Human Right Includes every aspect of a so-called alive and distinctive creature, i.e human! and pregnant women are not an exception. If inseminating is the result of an horrible rape, then it wont do any good to a woman’s soul to keep and raise the baby!… Nothing is going to work As long as it’s forced to .

  20. eden Says:

    I hope Obama wins too.because he respect the women feedom for choice.

  21. Melody Says:

    I am from Canada and I am now living in China teaching English. Canada and China are two of three countries that have no laws about abortion. Abortion can occur right up to the time that the fetus is fully born. I am pro life because I have seen pictures of life inside a woman’s body and heard heartbeats. A fetus is not just a lump of tissue anymore than we are. I don’t think it makes sense for a doctor to save the life of one unborn baby and take away the life of another. I am not saying that having a baby after being raped is easy. I personally know the horror and trauma of rape and I can’t imagine how hard it is to also deal with pregnancy and knowing that you are carrying the child of your attacker. But who knows who that child could grow up to be? He or she deserves a chance to live.

  22. Morteza Says:

    Hi, guys. I’m in total agreement not only with you, Andy, but also with my other compatriots. I come from Iran which, as you may now, is an Islamic country. Here, abortion is legal until the fourth month of pregnancy as it’s believed that the embryo is alive after that. I don’t know much about politics or religion, but as far as common sense is concerned, I think it would be such a silly decision to force a woman to keep a baby she’s got from an unpleasant experience like rape. Recovering from such an experience is a onerous action, let alone bringing up a child who is the outcome of that experience. Overall, I think it’s just not fair to force such a woman to accept this fact that the child is a gift from God, even though she’s been raped. And, by the way, thank you for you great podcast and website.

  23. Melody Says:

    I agree with the arguments that a woman should not be forced to raise her baby… adoption is an option as well.

  24. Maribel Says:

    In my country IRAN, abortion is illegal in any situation. I totally agree with you, in other words I am a pro-choice person. I think every body should have right to choose for his/her own life. its not actually our place to tell some one keep your baby or do abortion. I am really sick of these rules which are based on some stupid old religious ideas and don’t make any sense. poor my people in IRAN who suffer from these silly rules.

  25. Rafael Says:

    I’ve lived in BRAZIL and here abortion is a crime. I believe that every woman have to have the right to choose what is better for her. I’ve seen every day on the streets poor children with no food to eat, clothing to dress and any perspective of life. Have a baby if you can’t afford to raise the kid is a bad choice.

  26. Carola Says:

    I live in Poland in Europe ( central part). In country where I live the abortion is illigal. I agree with you every women should have choice, because we live in free country, no one shouldn’t talk us what we may do. People are diffrent ( and is ok – because the world isn’t boring :) and have others opinions about abortion. We must have choice.

  27. César Says:

    Abortion has become one alternative for women who have been raped, but this is not equal in all countries. In most of the countries, there are laws against this practice and women ‘s opinion is not valuable at all. In this essay I’ll argue for abortion in what has been known as ‘pro choice’ since this practice is so valuable for many women and it’s a sign of conscience about the women’s rights.
    First, many women are raped each year and this number increases in developing countries and countries with armed conflict like Ruanda or Libya. As a matter of fact, many of these women got pregnant because of the rape and they have to keep the baby without regard what they think. This is so because the laws of these countries blame the abortion the same way they blame murder. However, many women acquire mental problem because of the violent event and they don’t want to keep the baby, but laws don’t favor them at all. It would be a important step forward for women’s rights if laws were made thinking on themselves since they are the direct victims and after this kind of event their lives change dramatically.
    On the other hand, I agree that abortion is like murder, but I also think that there are certain circumstances in which abortion is not like murder, but it’s an alternative. Women’s rights have been ignored for a long time, but it’s time to change this and the best way to do it is asking women themselves which laws they think are wrong or in which they are not represented. The world has experimented a lot of changes sociological and women are winning spaces they didn’t have in the past, but the issue around abortion hasn’t changed, why? simply because we’re still living in a world dominated for men. Women have rights and I sure they are not so pretty identical to men, since they were identical, there wouldn’t exist men and women.
    Considering all, abortion is a practice that have to be a issue of choice for women. They are the ones capable of taking this choice. So I think that this practice although is not permitted in the whole world, it becomes an fundamental right for women.

  28. abnus Says:

    In my point of view, there is no difference between a born child and a fetus, both of them are alive. If you believe that the mother has the choice of killing her baby after getting born, she can do it in first weeks of pregnancy either.

  29. arezoo Says:

    hi dear
    I’m a pro choice person too but my country has awful rules.women can’t do abortion whit out permission
    of government and if they let them ,the permission of husband is necessary.Poor Iranian women.

  30. sara Says:

    Hi!!I’m absolutely pro choice and in my country (Italy) abortion is legal. I think that one interesting point is that in Italy during the Fascist period abortion was illegal. Fortunately, in the late 70s a new pro choice law has been enforced and today women during the first 3 months of pregnancy are free to decide what to do..I believe this is an important step forward also in order to reduce clandestine abortion rate. A practice that in the past, but still today in those countries where abortion is not legal, puts thousands of women’s lives at risk. In the end, I think that in the 21st century any thinking against abortion expressed in a country, considered as one of the most liberal in the world, is a symptom of narrow mindedness.

    Thank you guys!!!

  31. Nadia Says:

    Hi! Thank you guys for all you efforts. I realy love you:-). I am from Ukranian and here abortion is legal. But about me i am “pro-life” and I beleave in God. You know I couldn`t imagine the state of a woman in this tarrible situation….and I don’t blame anybody….but I think what I would do – I would make all that I can to check a “hand of God”….a hard exercise…hard work…ets. just load for body…and if the realy powerful wish of this soul to be born..I will try to love any wish of God. Not for all people:) right?

  32. sahar Says:

    hi! i ‘m a Muslim girl from Iran. in my country abortion is legal just for specific situation.
    especially when u get pregnant by ‘ s your right to have abortion.even if u be in last month of your pregnancy. or if u do some experiment for healthy of your fetus when u are in 4 month of your pregnancy or less and your fetus has a specific disease that it could not be cured , like genetic diseases(Thalassemia). u can do abortion. i agree with u a hundred percent. SO I’m a pro choice!

  33. future Says:

    It’s a tricky question and depends on the situation. If a girl was raped and she got pregnant then I would be pro choice.
    Here in Germany abortion is permitted.

  34. Says:

    We are PRO CHOICE.
    No doubts…

  35. Bhaskar Says:

    Hi Andy, it’s very complicated question, but my personal opinion is to leave the decision to women. I am a pro-choice person. In India, it is legal. Thanks.

  36. sera Says:

    hi guys,
    i’m a pro choice person. In my opinion Abortion should be legal in all country around the world, people who is pro life should think about children that their parents dont want to take care them. they might be unhappy through their whole life and it is awful. A short time ago in my country government have given a bill to the parliament to forbid it. People especially women protested that suggestion so that they had to draw back it. As a woman, i think women have a right to plan their life if they dont want to birth in any cases they shouldt birth..
    thanks bye

  37. Seth Says:

    I’m from Bulgaria. Abortions are legal here and we’re not very religious as a nation. I think women should make their own decisions. I mean, women are those who become mothers so if they get raped and become pregnant, they should have the chance not to give birth to this child. Pro-choice all the way! :)

  38. Svet Says:

    i wish the winn Obama, it is very cool not for U.S.A, but for Russia too!!

  39. Yayoi Inoue Says:

    I’m a Christian but I don’t agree with Romney’s team. If a woman who has been raped is a Christian and she believes that God has special plan to the baby , she will give birth . This is her choice and God will be pleased with her. However I think nobody can force a woman to give birth because giving birth is the most dangerous thing a woman will do in her lifetime. Guys can’t imagine how it is. I gave birth 4 kids and I was really thankful that I didn’t die . As a Christian I believe that God wants us to make a decision by faith not by a human’s law.

  40. fiona Says:

    I was astounded at the comment from Rene Silva, “…People should try hard not to be raped…or they will have to make the mistake number two…” WHAT????? As a woman who has in fact been raped, it was not something I went looking for! And there’s nothing I could have done differently that would have stopped it from happening, it was just a case of wrong place wrong time. Luckily no pregnancy resulted, and I really can’t say what I would have done if it had. Most likely I would have aborted given that I was only 14 years old and I had my whole life ahead of me…in any case, it would have been completely MY CHOICE. And that’s the way it should be. My body, my life, my future, my decision.

  41. sung Says:

    nobody know what happens next..
    we can’t expect something as we expected
    somebody said that
    the best way to make the GOD to laugh is explaining your plan to them..!!
    in that way, the plan is just plan not exactly happen to us.
    the point of mine is ..
    we shold be grow to accept everything as it is.
    and educated to appreciate whatever happen
    i’m [as it is happy person]
    the who is going to be the president of U.S..that’s their fate!!
    and the fate of U.S
    the abortion’s up to them who accidentally or intentionally get the baby!!
    it’s their fate!! nobody shouldn’t try to control them
    thanks nice issue!!keep going in good way..!!

  42. Stanislav Says:

    Abotion must be approved only in two cases
    1. Rape
    2. Medical reasons

    In other way – what’s the difference between killing a kid before birth or after?
    Do you want to give the woman right to kill the kid? I don’y think so.

    I’s only my humble opinion

  43. Zhanna Says:

    Hi All!
    I’m a pro choice person. I think a girl should have a right what to do with her own life and body. I live in Central Asia country and the abortion is allowed in here. But I don’t want to make an abortion myself and I’ve never done that and hopefully I won’t.

  44. Yuyun Says:

    I’m a pro-life person.. Abortion is quite common in the world,,and it is acceptable only for women who have medical reasons. Basically, everyone have their rights to live and to be loved. If it is me, whatever the condition is, i’ll try my best to born n take care of my children.

  45. Yannis Says:

    I am totally a pro choice person, I think the women have the right to decide if she will give a birth to the child. It is hard for a women to adopt a child.

  46. andrea Says:

    in costa rica abortion is prohibited but there are many places where you can abort the problem is that doctors and some clinics are not able to get an abortion, have seen many cases where women die from bad practice, in my point of view I think if someone gets pregnant for a rape and does not want to have a baby she can abort if that is your decision provided that seek a suitable place and specialist doctors.Sorry for my english I’m learning

  47. sham Says:

    I think its full freedom of womens decision who has while being in the currant situation!

  48. Octavio Augusto Says:

    Hi, everyone, I think it¨s a very, very ,very difficult correct answer to give in that kind of question. LIfe is life no matter what! kill is killing, murder, etc.We are not GOD, but people all around the world kills people every minute or second, Poor human race. We don´t know what to do.

  49. Fernando Says:

    Hi buddies! Every act of ours should be a choice for us, not for others. Abortion does not give option for those who will die, but condemns to death a life already in progress. For those who like math, here is a problem of limit (time differential – dt). What is the difference between taking someone’s life with a month or a month and a day? The logical answer would be: no difference. And between one month and one month and two days? Virtually no difference again. And goes like on, until the birth when, of course, that action (abortion) would have another name, to wit: murder. Incidentally, homicide caused by a group (doctors, nurses and mothers) against someone who could not even defend himself. Thinking thus, I am defending the victim, the unborn child, the baby. I will also defend the life of the mother because, often, die during the procedure.

  50. Elham Says:

    Hi guys
    once I watched a video about IVF (In Vitro Fertilization); the guy opened a very interesting discussion he said in this scientific method after fertilization just one fertilized ovule will be selected and the rest will die this is pretty much like abortion then he asked why one is completely accepted by all the people but the other one is still controversial.
    I just wanted to share with you guys what I have seen.
    I would like to add one more comment I highly believe freedom to choose is an absolute human’ right.

  51. maciek Says:

    As far as I am concerned I am defenitely pro-choice. Women should have right to choose – they are the ones that go through hard period of pregnancy. It is their body, it should be their choice. To some extent it is ridiculous that contraception is legal but once you failed and you or your girl gets pregnant there is no turning back. “Pro life” people justification that abortion is a killing even in first or second monh of pregnancy does not convince me at all. When it comes to rapes it is indisputable that abortion should be legal. I live in a country where abortion is allowed only when rape or health risk is involved, nevertheless one women’s abortion appeal was rejected and as a result she became almost blind. Now she has to bring up one more child and faces the risk of becoming blind. What really annoys me is that pro-life people are usually the aged-ones. They usurp themeselves the right to decide about life of young people which they know nothing about. They called themselves pro-life, but what about life of suffering kids all over the world, wouldn’t be better to focus on those kids instead of non-born ones ?

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