Website for Dating Texts?


This is about a website that I certainly won’t be using, but then again, I’m not a chick.

I found out about when I was reading some tech blogs. The site is pretty hilarious really.

Tons of girls go onto the site and write down some situation they are having with a guy and write in the EXACT text conversations they are having. This isn’t fake. This is real life.

So be careful guys! Some girl can post your texts online and get opinions from thousands of other girls on what your motives are. Ie. Are you interested in her “romantically” or not.

The site won’t let you put people’s actual names on there, but it will let you put the REAL messages. I’m 100% sure that some guys are going to get in trouble with this.

I guess the basic idea is that many girls have a hard time knowing whether or not some guy likes them. I’m not sure if guys have this problem or not. I think some do but it’s not as common.

In my experience, if a girl doesn’t like a guy, she just won’t respond to any text messages, or will just say some really short answer and will never ask a question. This is a big generalization, but that is based on my experience and from the stories of my guy friends.

I went on the site because I wanted to make a podcast about it. Add and I just made our latest one today about this. You can check it out HERE if you are a VIP member. I think you’ll like it!

Anyway, I hope you guys check out and let me know what you think.

Do you think this would be useful for girls to understand guys?

Do you think it’s making private things too public?

Do you like the idea of this type of website?

What do you think about what I said above? Do you think in a “dating context” girls are more direct than guys with texting, in general of course? What are your “texting habits” when you like a guy or a girl? Do you let them know? Do you “hint” at it? Do you make them wait and “play the game”?

I’d love to hear your opinions. I don’t want to say too much more because we talk A LOT about it on the podcast.

It would be awesome to hear your thoughts after you check it out. You might even learn some slang English on there. If you have any questions of slang from real native texts, please ask in the comments section below.

By the way, thanks for all the comments on the last blog post. That was awesome! I hope you keep it up!

16 Responses to “Website for Dating Texts?”

  1. Faramarz Says:

    I just don’t like girls who can’t decide for themselves. I’ve seen this problem and I hate it. A girl reading a love letter a boy has handed to her out loud to friends and poking fun at him. The boy has put his trust in her opening up himself. These kind of talks should be kept confidential between either sides, that’s my belief.

  2. Asad Says:

    first of all, I am not a huge fan of this dating culture. Total waste of time and money. I would rather be spending my precious time on studies then making a good career and with the good career comes a shedload of money. When you have a lot of money, you can buy everything under the sun, girls, people, etc You will enjoy a free lifestyle that way. Right now I stick with “NO MONEY, NO HONEY”. Till then, It is all bye bye

  3. Sara Says:

    I think it’s something related to psychological difference between men and women. Although making fun of private issue is something else, women generally need much more to speak about their emotional problem (men need as much as women but for some reason they ususally don’t care about it). Any way I don’t like the idea of going to a website and sharing your concern with thousands of different people! It will just make you more vague about your real and deep feeling! I would rather find a wise friend to talk to! By the way I don’t like the idea of “honey with money”.

  4. Dementoryea Says:

    Internet has opened new forms of social interaction that hadn’t existed before. Women are now commented his experiences about men to everyone via the cyberspace. I will argue that if what they really want is some help to understand guys, this way to do it has no usefulness at all. This will be proven by looking at how these texts promote prejudiced person generalizations and deteriorate women’s self-image.
    Firstly, chatting from mobile phones help to stop people communicate sincerely, and this has an horrible effect on how we think persons are. For instance, the website categorizes the responses persons give among “He is into you”, “He isn’t into you” and “Verdict is still out”. We’re going to think that guys can fit into that reductionist picture as a truth about not only them but about everyone by allowing people to see that this inaccurate depiction is a straightforward generalization. In this light, it’s clear that, this kind of social practice of share texts helps to create misunderstandings between people, which is a key component of human misery.
    In addition to this, texting encourage women to underestimate themselves. For example, the share of texts on the web unfairly portrays women’s minds as naive regarding conversations with guys. Because of texts, many people have demonizing their thoughts on women, and this has helped women to become viewed as zombies interested in the most trivial things of the world. As the self-defeating effect of this website shows, the share of text to everyone can deteriorate women’s self-image.
    Following this look, it has been shown that this kind of social behavior contribute to nothing good between people. It is therefore hoped that the number of this kind of websites decreases.

  5. Morteza Says:

    I think…well, to be frank, I hate the idea of sharing your private feelings, if there is any of course, with other people. These kind of things must be kept between two people only. Those girls who don’t respect the feeling of a guy and actually make fun of him and his emotions in front of their girls, I think should be given a taste of their own medicine. By the way, the notion of “No money, no honey” depends on the person. It’s not something we could possible generalize. Some girls, whom I have seen myself, just care about money and as long as their loving partner has it, they will stay with me. That’s also true with some guys. So, overall I think it’s not a good idea at all to share a person’s emotions with other even if you don’t love him and also it’s not fair to generalize the notion of “No money, no honey”.
    Thanks for your interesting blog and your wonderful podcast.

  6. lee Says:

    This webcite sounds very absurd. Text wont be able to represent people’s feelings or what they are really think about. To be able to read their mind, girls have to talk them face to face and see how they treat you on a daily basis. Maybe this webcite can help weather or not the dating guy is player. But other than that, it ant’t give any clue for anything else. I hope my girl friend will not fall into this silly webcite making her decision depending on that site.

  7. china232 Says:

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your comment. It’s not for girls with boyfriends actually. It’s for girls who are curious as to what a guy is thinking when they just started out dating. It’s for when the relationship isn’t at all clear. Maybe they just met for coffee one time or something like that.

    I guess many girls wonder how the date went and where they stand with the guy. They ask the group for advice and I find the opinions are actually quite reasonable. Did you check out the site? Some good English slang on there; obviously the kind of slang used in real life.

    Thanks everyone else too for your comments!!

  8. Elham Says:

    Hi every one
    I personally do not like texting. it is too hard for me and causes lots of misunderstanding. I ‘d rather talk by phone or through Skype or so. and I think the idea of sharing private message with others is neither a good idea nor helpful. no one knows what is happening between two friend except twelvemonth, however I agree with Sara that because of differences between men and woman. women need to talk more about their emotion.

  9. Maribel Says:

    I think its totally a good idea, because girls usually like to behave romantically and ignore about some problems which may happen in their relationships. they may fantasize a lot, about their new dates, so that they may not understand the real point of their conversation with a guy and just focus on the good signs or interpret it in a wrong way. Specially when they love a guy and don’t wanna believe that the guy doesn’t like them very much. Its a great idea to ask about others opinions, since a common knowledge is always comprehensive than once. Also when some one is out of a relationship, she/he can see and analyses it more reasonable than the one who is in the relationship. so in this case, girls can hear others ideas which are more rational than theirs.

  10. Mardy Says:

    ha! It’s stupid but also an brilliant idea for modern people, it makes me remind the book of “he’s just not that into u”. Its selling is amazing. I think it can make a big dough if we adjust it a little bit into Chinese, that would be so cool. Ya! Chinese would love it.

  11. Zaki Says:

    Well, for me this type of conversation is totally wrong, all these people are talking about something useless and nonsense. I think china has very strong culture which is by the way very nice if these stuff is normal for some society it is up to them but all these people are talking about abusrd indeed there is no value in human life to share you private party why would I? though I am 23 years old but I don’t want to put my self in danger and these type of websites spoil the dignity of the society. Please don’t adore websites like this

  12. Kate Says:

    Hi, guys!
    Think this is the wierd website. Only not so smart girl can post on it. And their relationships will early or later go down. The real relationships is a secret between two people .And only your heart can say you the best adviсe what better to answer or guess what he think. Or if you cant guess realy what guys think or you are shy to ask him – that guy isn’t for you.
    If the girl has even drop of wisdom she will not used this site . If I were a boy and suddenly i found that my girlfriend has posting our privat dialogs and searching for advices in other stupid girls – it’s the end of relationships….
    Realy wish to improve the girls’s mind and soul…

  13. Kathy Says:

    To me, that is not correct way to understand to guys. And publishing those texts on website is stupid. Girls, if you really want to understand your guys, no need to
    publish and ask question. You can only find in their eyes. If he is really into you, he won’t let you to confuse.

  14. Samson Gray Says:

    Nice information.This web site was written to give free dating tips and dating advice.To perceptive it elaborately log on to our web website.

  15. Negar,Iran Says:

    It is kind of interesting for both girls and boys to enter girl world through this website and see how some sensitive girls have publicize their concerns and uncertainties about the guys they are in relationships with, which in turn might be completely considered as some sort of worthless issue by guys. Undoubtedly, Girls love to talk and share their related experience with others and reach kind of final conclusions about guys whom they care about so much, so what’s wrong if a website provides this golden opportunity for them! There is no need to condemn this website for divulging privacies of relationships, as it doesn’t let people put their actual names and therefore, their confidential are kept secret. Furthermore, by taking it as some sort of fun rather than a serious emotional state for girls, u might become one of the enthusiastic fans of this website!
    I personally loved it!

  16. maciek Says:

    On the one hand this website you mentioned seems to be pretty useful/helpful for girls but on the other side I wouldn’t want to find there my text messages and see how some other girls try to “decode” it – from this perspective it looks pretty sick. I do not understand what girls expect from this kind of website. What if some guy is tricky enough to hide his real intentions behind nicely wroten text messages – does it mean that some girl will end up with him in bed becasue his text message was officially approved on the mentioned website ? I think there are better ways to see what people’s intentions really are than asking anonymous people about advise that is only based on simple text message. As far as I’m concerned I only used text messages when I am not able to reach girls on the phone. But unfortunately it means that girs is not interested in me (lessone learned ;) ).

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