What Happened to the Plane??

I’m sure you’ve heard about the airplane which took off from Malaysia and was headed for Beijing.  It “disappeared”.

This is obviously extremely horrifying and a terrible tragedy for the victims and their loved ones.  My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered from this awful event.

Like a lot of people though, I am wondering, “what the h-ll happened??????”.  It’s 2014, and a plane just “disappears”?  Really?  A very large plane with well over 200 people on board.  I don’t know what happened, but I have a hard time believing that “no one knows”.

There are many ships in the ocean with their own radar.  All governments have their own radar.  No one has any idea where this plane went or what happened?  Maybe, I’m not an expert, but it makes no sense to me.

I find it shocking that 2 people got on the plane with “stolen passports”.  WOW.  They go insane if I try to take a little mini water bottle on a plane to drink.  How could these guys get on with the wrong passport?  It must have been in the computer system when they went through security.

And even if they did get on the plane and it was a terrorist attack, why does no one know at least WHERE the plane is?  It makes almost no sense to me and I simply don’t believe it.  I think it’s important for all of us to pay close attention to whatever happens with this story and remain very sceptical.  Don’t just believe anything that comes out.  This is very serious.

And if it was a terrorist attack, what will the governments do?  This is really sad, sick, and scary.  Will there be another war?  Will there be even more ridiculous security at airports?  What is going to happen??

I obviously don’t know the answer as to exactly what happened, but I do know that it doesn’t make a lot of sense already.  Was it a “conspiracy”?  I think yes, I just don’t know what the “conspiracy” was.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, a “conspiracy theory” is basically an explanation for an event which is different from the official story that a government says.  There are conspiracy theories for so many things.  A lot of them aren’t true, but many are.  I believe its important to keep an open mind to anything, and don’t just think, “conspiracy theories are always wrong”.  That is a terrible attitude for the public to have and it makes it easy for governments to lie.  You don’t have to believe every crazy theory, but don’t be a sheep and just believe whatever it says in the newspapers.

This is a very international audience, and I’m curious what you guys think of this event.  How is your media covering it?  (What are they saying in your newspapers and on TV?  Where are you from and where are you living?)

Please write your answers below in the comments.

By the way, Add and I flew from Bangkok to Hong Kong for a good friend’s wedding the other day, and when we were in Hong Kong we heard about this “missing flight” on the TV news on CNN.  Then we had to fly back to Shanghai the next day.  We definitely needed a few drinks to calm down before the flight (especially Add)

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27 Responses to “What Happened to the Plane??”

  1. Ivan Says:

    Hi Andy. World is still not the same … then a terrible thing happened.
    I obviously don’t know the answer as to exactly what happened but The situations isn’t Black and White. We can not say exactly what was happening because we do not have any accurate information.
    The newspapers here in Bulgaria says the following thing.
    In 2012, Malaysia missing plane suffered a technical failure , but was repaired. By Malaysia Airlines said the plane Boeing 777-200, which disappeared from radar with 239 people on board, suffered a technical failure, but was brought in good working order and was safe for flight, officials AFP. In 2012 was tore part of the wing after a slight collision with another plane at the international airport in Shanghai.
    Then is cut off a piece with a length of 1 meter from the wing of the plane, said the director of Malaysia Airlines. Then the machine was repaired and safety of the airplane has been confirmed by the relevant authorities
    The best case scenario for me is the airplane has kidnapped because then people will keep their lives in one way or another. I think it’s a disaster because if it was something else .. for example kidnapping ,by now there would be a request for money, weapons or whatever it is.

  2. Asad Says:

    Maybe crashed in a remote land area? Rescue teams should include land area as well.

  3. uno Says:

    Hi..both of guys
    most of all,
    your decision to write something more is good news,
    i like your open and honest writing style.
    it’s very unique!!
    the story of plane is terrible case of accidents.
    as you said , it’s curious to me either.
    i hope all should be cleared soon.
    and wish those suffering it get better soon.

  4. Sara Says:

    Maybe they find an unknown island like “lost” series?
    Maybe there is still survivors… God! i wish i was at that plane.

  5. ken Says:

    there is almost nothing in newspapers in istanbul.Nobody cares what is happening there. on these days there was a kid funeral that much more important for us. Turkish goverment attacks goin on…

  6. Hamid Says:

    Hi Guys,
    I have been following the news since the beginning and that’s very interesting that authorities have no idea about missing plane. First of all, let me clear up about those two passengers travelling with stolen passports. They were both Iranian and came from my country. So, I am feeling sorry for them. But, I am 100% sure they have nothing to do with terrorist group. Both of them were asylum seekers and They were heading to Europe. The mother of one of them was waiting for her son at Frankfort airport and she got concerned when her son’s flight didn’t land on time. So, she contacted the authorities in Malaysia and passed them the information about her missing son. In my opinion, one reason that they couldn’t find plane so far is the inability of authorities in Malaysia to share the information with other groups. One day they say something and tomorrow they deny it. It is clear that they have acted very weakly so far at least in exchanging their information with media. It is obvious that they ain’t honest and trustful with people. I am hoping they find the plane as soon as possible and find the reason(s) behind.

  7. Padid Says:

    I heard that their mobiles are still ringing, if the plane has crashed somewhere remote and far from access then how on earth mobile phones are still receiving signals?
    It conjures inevitably up in the mind the stories of Bermuda triangle or the existence of aliens.

  8. MINA- IRANIAN Says:

    I JUST WANT TO ASK, HOW MANY American MOVIE YOU HAVE WATCHED THAT PEOPLE GET IN THE PLAIN WITH THE FAKE PASSPORT, fBI AGENTS OR OTHER SPIES, I DONT KNOW WHY YOU NEVER ASK THE DIRECTOR OF MOVIE, How could these guys get on with the wrong passport? It must have been in the computer system when they went through security.

  9. shiva Says:

    I’m iranian like two passengers in the lost plane. .They had Stolen passports but they aren’t terrorist. They wanted to go to Europe. It happens always. Yes . always. they had to do that . Unfortunately many young people in my country have to leave their home .But it’s really strange losing a plane nowadays. I also think there is a conspiracy .

  10. julio Says:

    The Interpol downplays as a terrorist attack act the disappearance of the plane. How can they be so sure”?, are Interpol holding up information ?

  11. maciek Says:

    Needless to say that what happend to this airplane is quite strange. Hearing CNN news everyday morning about this missing airplane makes me remind LOST series. New facts pop up and neither of them seem to make it easier to understand what actually happened. According to latest news it turned out that after airplane lost contact with ground crew it had been still four hour in the air. I can understand that something could have happend to all airplane’s sophisticated electronic equipment but what about passenger’s cell phones – no one used it ? One conclusion comes to my mind – was the airplane shoot down by … by what ? If so, what about remains of airplane, all they drown ? It is 21st century, is something like that possible to be hidden. Where are all satellites, radars etc. One long week has already passed with no answer, does it mean we will end up knowing what really happened ?

  12. samina Says:

    its very hurting and naturally very scary too. i wish nothing could happen to the plane,yes i want to live in fantasy. we will get a news hopefully a good one from them soon. Insha Allah.

  13. Lisa Says:

    I am really sorry for them.I am from Turkey, we don’t know much about the missing plane from TV, but we heard from internet.
    I hope they are somewhere waiting for help. I can’t think the plane crashed.
    God bless them.

  14. Andrei Says:

    Hi all,
    I seem very weird man because when i heard about this news, first i thought immediately that Langoliers had been primary cause. I suppose now all passengers are in other parallel world. It can be argued that my assumption can have the rights to be until the real reason is revealed.
    And I do not believe that having many satellites, radars and other spying stuff, governments are not able to find this plane. Guys, it is the plane, not a needle. I can only accept that this disappearance is connected with someone’s mistake that is being tried to hide or it is Langoliers’ job.

  15. MAHBUB Says:

    wow.it reminds me of bermuda triangle,its very mysterious specially when it combines with the news about ringing cell phones ..its like a mysterious movie.but thi one is real how can it happen?a plane disapeared and the passengers cell phones ring???//

  16. Ivan Says:

    Today in the news in Bulgaria was said.
    May be using a new type of weapon, said the engineer.
    According to him, the incident may be related to the use and testing of a new type of weapon.
    Back in the 80s of XX century began developing new weapons that operate due to powerful electromagnetic pulse. Practically it destroys electronics

  17. Ivan Says:

    Former chief inspector of flight safety in CAA Angel Borisov explained that airplane is likely to was shot down and the information to hide. “Black Box will not broadcast a signal on two occasions – if the landing is soft or had a soft stroke, for example – landing in the ocean. The third option is to not put batteries in the transmitter. “It was clear that there is no other option.
    For me, the great powers are also silent about some situation. This area is one of the most watched. Above are American, Russian, Chinese, French, English companions. Every inch monitor, and no one has seen. If there was an explosion on the plane, it can not but be seen by any of these satellites, says expert

  18. arezoo Says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’m Iranian and I’ve traveled to Malaysia 3 years ago.
    The airport security was suspected about my passport and
    they checked that several times so I shocked how they couldn’t find the stolen passport.Anyway,now, all the world know about my country and the kinds off problems that we have.We are exhausted because of this cruel.

  19. Ali Says:


    As we sew in the new film Called thor they should have cut the edges of our world and entered the parallel world. I wish there had not been any monsters over there.
    God bless them

  20. sholeh Says:

    Hi Adam n Andy, i smell a rat, i cant believe in 2014 when technology makes living on Mars possible, we hear about a plane missing. As u told it doesnt make sense. I hope it wont be an excuse for war break.

  21. Luis Stein Says:

    I believe the plane disintegrated in the air. That type to accident normally is be more difficult of explain. Something tell me coming for there one explanation created in some headquarter to company of security the government Malaysia, yes i believe them have some. I belive in act of terrorism, one explosion!
    Its sad!

  22. Amanda Says:

    I have heard here in Brazil that the airplane is one of the most safe one. So this situation makes no sense to me, how come this big airplane simply disappears in the air and any radars could find it? I think they might have found a parallel world or the midia is holding information.

  23. Taufiq Says:

    I have been following this topic since the day it happened. And today, it is the 12thn since the missing of I’m not mistaken. I have been geeting bored and sicked with all so many speculations and assumptions amongst media and all the relevent agencies. Anyway, just pray that they all come back safe and sound. If it is true, that this is all conspiracy or planned or anything like all such things, that is too much already. Lets stop all this things.

  24. Ivan Says:

    Hello to everyone.
    in today’s newspapers in Bulgaria.
    Just hours ago, the Government of Malaysia has come up with a new version in the case of the missing plane Malaysian Airlines-Boeing. In his speech the Minister of Transport, their Hishamudin Hussein passengers who were on board the plane survived. This statement of Hussein came shortly after clarify the wreckage from the plane, which were found at the bottom of the Indian Ocean not found any personal item of one of the passengers. There were only found debris from the plane. Of personal belongings of passengers and crew of the Boeing no trace. Relatives of missing, believe that the government deliberately not telling the truth. They are certain that their relatives are alive, but hiding them somewhere for some reason.

    yesterday, one of the best seers in Bulgaria, Nikoleta Yordanova revealed that the mystery of the missing Boeing is different from what the media tells us. According to her plane kidnapped by the same organization that on 11 December 2001 to carry out a terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in the U.S.. According to Nicoletta this plane was kidnapped the same purpose, but this time the attack was organized against the government of Barack

  25. Pawel Says:


    I just want to remind you a terrible plane crash we had several years ago in Poland. Almost all media blamed polish pilots. If someone was speaking about bombing or unclear russia officials behaviour was described as an idiot. Poland still haven’t black boxes. People who died in catastrophe were in pieces. But media excluded bombing.

    In both cases I don’t know whad happened. But I don’t believe what media are speaking and writing….

  26. Olena Says:

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  27. 192.168 1.1 Says:

    The missing plane event is really mysterious, nobody knows the reason why happen this event.Is it human or a mystical power?

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