Natural Supplements for Anxiety and Sleep

Add and I have been working on a monster secret project.  We’re still doing the 232, so don’t worry.  We’ve been going pretty wild in the VIP room as well, so you’d be very wise to check that out.  Trust me…


So the secret project is that we’re now teaming up with our best friend from our home town in Canada to make the world’s best brand of potent and effective herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements are kind of like a “natural medicine” from plants.  A lot of the brands on the market don’t work well because they are made from very low quality parts of the plants.

It would be like trying to make good wine, but instead of using great quality grapes, you use the dirt and the leaves, and the stems.


The first couple of products that we’re making are for sleep and anxiety.

The sleep formula we’re making is not too hard to understand.  It is designed to make you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep the whole night, and wake up in the morning feeling energized and AWESOME!  A lot of products on the market don’t do that at all, and either don’t work, or they make you wake up feeling “groggy”.  Groggy means really sleepy and sort of “out of it”.  Like the only way to get through the day is to have 3 cups of coffee.  That is “groggy”.  The product is called “Sleep X”  You can check it out here.  Herbal Sleep Supplement

I’d love to hear what you think of the concept and the page design :)

Then next product is an anti anxiety mood enhancer.  That means it makes you feel good, feel happy, feel confident, and feel less nervous.  We’re SUPER excited about this one.  We’ll we’re excited about both actually, but this one even more.

Check it out here and let us know what you think of this.  Natural Anxiety Supplement

In the near future, we plan on making some detox ones, and some weight loss ones.  The weight loss one we’re working on will make you burn fat, not feel hungry, and feel really happy, all at the same time.  No one else has made this type yet, but we’re going to do it.

The brand name is 88herbs.  We’re branding it as the “best Canadian supplements”  Well, to be honest, we’re going for the world’s best brand.  But we’re starting to sell in Canadian stores but online internationally.

I’d love to hear what you guys think, any advice you have, and if you think it would sell well in your country.  Where are you from and do people buy this kind of thing?  Trust me, these work really well.  And we have all the legal paperwork from Health Canada (the medical part of our government).

We’ll talk about some real stories (good and bad) in the business English part of our VIP lessons.  This is a really interesting time and I hope you guys follow along for the ride with us as we jump into this new thing!

Please let me know your thoughts, comments, and questions for all this!  If you have any ideas at all, please share!

Let’s let 2014 be the best year for English learning EVER, so now is not the time to be shy.

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  1. Ivan Says:

    Hello Andy. This is an area where I do long ago. Мore than 20 years treated with herbs and I can say that 41 years I am very healthy. every day I go walking or run between 15 and 20 km for health and feel perfect. I do not know what herbs in Canada. I personally use rose hips, nettle, red and yellow wort, chamomile and many others. What is the price of the products to see if I can sell in Bulgaria. I want to wish you good luck guys.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Hi Ivan,

    That sounds awesome!! Wow. 15-20 km every day. That’s impressive.

    We haven’t decided on the final price, but it should be around $25 USD per bottle. I really need to emphasize that this will be SUPER high quality, more than anything on the market. Highest quality B vitamins, and highest quality and most potent herbs and extracts. Let me know what you think Ivan. Thanks :)

  3. Maribel Says:

    First I congratulate you guys because you started a new business. I hope its gonna take off soon and make you more successful than you are now.
    I think the website is cool, but you better say more about them being herbal and natural and stuff under the title(I didn’t know I can scroll down and see more)
    First it strikes me as a new chemical drug, cause its in the bottle, maybe you can show some of the drug, I mean put an open bottle as well, so we can see what’s in it. its whether a capsule or tablet or …I don’t know. I need to see what’s in it.
    Hope your project goes very well and hear good news from you guys.

  4. uno Says:

    Hi both of you guys
    it’s great to branch out to new biz
    the items,herb products,you selected is great
    to fit modern life struggling.
    i hope there would be propsperous in your new business.
    it would be helpful to make your english lesson to be more practical, prosperous and helpful to members either.
    the first item you’ve got is for perfect sleeping.
    the sleep is most important part of human life,
    but most people are struggling to deal with it.
    it might be helpful those along with english.
    for my case,i’m natural good sleeper haha..
    ths site you prepared is good either!!
    thanks !! good luck to your new voyage!!///sung

  5. Ivan Says:

    He Andy. Today I went and asked many shops and herbal pharmacies which sell such products. if I can convince one of them to buy and try the product will let you know.

  6. Andy Says:

    Hey Ivan,

    Thanks! That’s awesome! Please let me know your personal email and we can discuss more there. Looking forward to speaking with you. Thanks again :)

    Thanks Maribel as well. That’s interesting that it didn’t seem “natural”. We’ll make some suggestions to the design team.

    And last but not least, thanks to you too Sung (uno). Always a big and positive inspiration!

  7. Ivan Says:

    He Andy my personal email is .It would be my pleased to communicate with you.

  8. Wal Says:

    I’ve always dreamed about healthy food, water, air but stopped believing in such things.
    It always makes me nervous when I see very small stores with organic food which is more expensive. It means that people accept and tolerate that we can eat a bad quality and poisonous food on regular basis, but…if you want to eat something better, PAY BETTER FOR IT. It shouldn’t be so…we all are humans and should eat a healthy food. But today it looks like if you have money you can eat healthier. If you have financial problems, eat unhealthy and processed food! You have no choice.
    There is one more thing which worries me.
    Even if you have money you have no certainty that you really have organic food. It’s no problem to use false labels with organic food.
    For example I remember a local scandal when it came out that staff from a nearby shop painted chickens so that they looked yellower! Everybody knows why.

    This topic is interesting.
    Andy, is there any chance to try your supplements first? Would you be able to send some samples?
    If it really worked for me I would be interested in purchasing more supplements!

  9. Sergio Rodrigues Says:

    Although a little sepktical about the advantages of using this kind of supplements – after all, even among doctors there is no consensus about it – I would appreciate if you could recommend something that helps to increase the levels of testosterona, as well as possible side effects or contraindications. Thanks

  10. mehri Says:

    Hi we have Noroz in our country. What do you know about Noroz? Thanks for your great blogs.

  11. Ramin Says:

    Hello Andy!

    The project you want to do is very perspective, so go for that.
    I have an idea like a year already that is about this sphere.
    It’s the type of a drink that not exists yet but very possible to create and I
    Have some conceptual schemes. If you are interested please write me in p.m
    as I want to make you sure that in next 5-10 years that drink may beat all records in sales and be as drink brand number one.


  12. RABIRU Says:

    Hi guys! Glad you came back! How can I renew my VIP status?a

  13. arezoo Says:

    I’m glad you come back again.It’s a good idea and awesome project.We have many kinds of herbal in my country and most of them are traditional that our granny teach us.
    Good luck

  14. maciek Says:

    Hello Andy,

    Looks and sounds like good idea, nevertheless those plastic bottles presented on your website look like they have nothing to do with herbs and make me think about drug industry ; ) . But I am pretty sure that you spent more time than I think about the appearance of your final product and this is how it is going to look.
    What makes me curious is the back-up facilities that is needed to produce this kind of product. I guess that someone is doing it for you according to your recipe and using your ingredients. At this point I am not interested in your products (since I am good sleeper and quite well handle stress situations) unless you come up with something for hangover ; ) . Nevertheless, Good Luck !!

  15. Ahmadjon Says:

    Hiii Andrew I am from Uzbekistan I am absolutely impressed by dint of new business. If your herbal supplements makes real sense and awesome, I will try to talk to some drug stores and sell them here! By the way I have purchased ultimate vocabulary but, i noticed that it doesn’t have some unique feature and there are almost same functions as other softwares have. Maybe it is not so impressive for my level. But I really loved Microsoft Student Encarta. Why do you think that Ultimate vocabulary is absolutely useful. However, thanks a lot for your new ideas and blog. I am looking forward your answer. Best regards , Ahmadjon

  16. Kinga Says:

    Hi guys
    First of all it’s good to hear you, I was thinking about you lately. I really missed for your topics.
    When it comes to your new business I think this is really good idea. I come from Poland and here a lot of people buying herb medicines because people wants more natural products nowadays when the cancer is so commonly. People just trying to avoid chemical ingridients. I wish you success and I’m waiting for more interesting topics. Btw the site looks clearly and nice.

  17. Victor Says:

    i think it s great idea to sell these products !! it will do a trick !! You guys want to get over the hump ! I am from Ukraine most peaple here want to eat helthy food and recieve treatment from natural things as well !!! I ve found your lessons lately – it s totally amazing!!

  18. Lee Nichols Says:

    How can people fall for this?

  19. Tanco Lab Product Says:

    Great post. Keep it up

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