Sorry. But I was Right :)

I thought that title would make you click :)

I’m partly kidding, but also partly serious… Read my last blog to see what I think I’m right about.

I read all the comments and I absolutely love debating with you guys (and girls).

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my explanation.  Maybe I’m wrong, who knows.  Let me try again to make my main point.  If you agree with me, great!  If you disagree, great!  Seriously, either way, please share in the comments below……

Here’s what I’m really saying.  I believe the internet CAN BE much more powerful than the way 99.999% of the people use it for currently.  If you aren’t great at searching, you won’t get what you need.  This is totally true.  And it’s true that most people are REALLY BAD with search and finding opportunities and information online.  They just don’t know how bad they are.

It’s not just the fact that the internet exists that is such a big deal.  It’s about what this means and what the net makes possible.

Reading articles and finding facts online is super basic.  I’m talking about what else the internet allows us to do that is so new to all of our human history.  Think about  If you don’t already use it, you absolutely should.  It’s one of the most powerful sites ever.

Imagine you were back in 1995 and you wanted to speak with an expert in marketing at a particular large company.  How could you do it?  How would you even find the location of the company if you didn’t already know it?  It’s hard to remember life before the internet.

Now, you can go on, search for specific jobs and people in any company.  You can contact them and come up with a reason to call them, email them, or even take them out for lunch to ask them stuff (you just need to be creative to think of a reason they’d want a free lunch with you.  It’s really not that hard either)  You can meet with people all over the world in different companies and different job positions.  If you can’t meet them face to face, you can at least email them and set up a phone/Skype call.  I do this all the time.  Seriously.

This one thing is just ONE example of many things the internet allows us to do, IF we decide to take advantage of this.  Imagine how hard it would have been to even find the name of a person in the marketing department in Samsung 20 years ago.  How would you even do it back then?

This is such a game changer for sales.  You can now run an international sales department without leaving your office.  You can find corporate clients (other businesses), then call the right people on the phone or on Skype, send them your website and other documents via email, and close sales deals online.  You don’t need to meet in person.  Some people say it helps, but it’s unnecessary.

Imagine learning about sales in an MBA program that costs a ton of money.  Do you think they teach this new way of meeting clients and closing sales deals?  Do you think they recommend the option of selling huge sales orders while still in your underwear?  Of course not!  They are teaching what was true 20 years ago.  They pretend they are up to date, but they are lying.  Schools are a business, and changing what they teach takes so much effort and energy.

Ok, this school is known for being kind of a joke, but look at this.  It’s an online university.  Students pay thousands and thousands of dollars for their online business courses.   It’s super popular.  It’s INSANE.  That link was directly to their business program.  If you read it and believe it, then WOW.  I don’t know what to tell you.  I’m shocked anyone would think this is a good idea for the money. Shocked!!

The internet can change not only what articles we can read, but also who we can meet and how we can find them.  You can find a job on the other side of the world by researching companies and contacting them DIRECTLY with your ideas, even if they don’t say they are currently looking for jobs.  Then you can set up an interview.  It doesn’t always work, but it often does.  But people just insist on doing everything the old way, and getting pretty terrible results.  They go on job websites and send their resume all over the place; often for low paying jobs they won’t even get.

Even many new sales jobs will require 5 years work experience and a long list of contacts.  This made sense in the past, but why does anyone with talent need the contacts already?  If they are confident and hardworking, they can contact anyone they want in any company.  The internet makes us all have a huge network of business contacts if we are willing to use it properly.

I’m just talking about business and sales here, but this really applies to almost anything.  The internet can change everything if we are creative enough to know how to use it; and I’m really not just talking about reading articles.  I’m talking about in every way imaginable.

I hope I’m making more sense here… If not, let me know I’m a crazy madman in the comments!  I love reading it all, good or bad :)

Join Addy boy and I in the VIP room.  You’ll LOVE IT!!


18 Responses to “Sorry. But I was Right :)”

  1. Marcia Jordana Says:

    Hello boys.

    This is the first time I visit your blog and I`m loving it!
    Well, Internet has improving our learning method as well as finding a job or buying something. Nowadays there are so many things we can do in a few seconds by a click that used to take forever many years ago.
    On the other hand, it has been very hard to split out what we can do personally from what we can do in front of the computer. I mean, my friends are using computer even more, and they prefer to type on facebook than going out.
    Anyway, I know the importance of Internet in our lifes, but the socializing thing is important as well.

    See ya guys!

  2. Mister Reader Says:

    “Join Addy boy and I in the VIP room. You’ll LOVE IT!!”–>”Join Addy boy and me in the VIP room. You’ll LOVE IT!!” (Leave Addy boy out and it will make sense.)

  3. João Says:

    I love your blog.
    There is one aspect about
    article that I would like
    to talk:I think is not good
    send curriculum vitae via internet,
    RH not reading.
    Please correct my phrase.

  4. Alex Says:

    hello everybody! yes internet is a good thing many many opportunities you can find and many useful informations as well

  5. Muhsen Hadi Says:

    Hello all,
    First of all, let me to appreciate you for creating and continuing such a very useful and interesting blog. Really I love it and not missing any email that I receive in your blog.
    You mentioned about the importance of the internet, I am totally agree with you and want to point out the other benefit of the internet which is the most easy and cheapest way for communication. Really the internet makes the world like a very small community due to we can reach any part of the world only for less than one minute to have talking, watching, ordering and many other things like that.
    At the end I would like to kindly ask you that is there any way I joint in a VIP group because I am living in Afghanistan and here is not any possibility to have a payment.

    Thanks in advance for your kind response

    Yours sincerely

  6. Eesa Says:

    You made your point stronger, but two points remain again!
    1- Not necessarily all people are smart enough to learn everything through internet and web.
    2- Some fields and professions need really experience. Take for example a surgery doctor. I ask you whether he can do a surgery without experimental education? Which patient refers to this doctor for his problem? Which hospital employ this person?

  7. nabila Says:

    Hello everyone,Hi Andy thanks a lot for this interesting blog I really took a habit to read it in every time I receive it.
    I don’t know how my life would be without internet, I agree with you but I have also liked Eesa’s comment when he mentioned experimental education like an example.

  8. Chehova Says:

    Hello Andy!! In this time I more agree with you because often people and me too just read some articles, get some information (sometimes useless) and that’s it. And yes, imagine our lifes without internet impossible, so we must use it more than just read and get information. But there is one problem, I will try explain: for example in my country not all people have internet and even if someone has, go on sites ask about jobs or any advise from proffesionals it is like….unusual it is for 40% I guess, because they don’t believe people which they can’t see in real and talk face to face. Of course this problem of this people )But actually it is true that we have to use internet not like sourse only information but opportunity to develop some (may be all) area(s) of our lifes. Thank you for your really interesting blog, and sorry for my mistakes.

  9. uno Says:

    yes it’s good and many advantage of using it..
    but the side effect of it,
    most people are wasting their time to try
    to find next possible job which might be better than current their job which is even thogh very decent one.
    people are getting shallower and shallower, with losing the depth which give us happiness
    all things has the good and the bad together!!
    thanks !! ////////////

  10. mohamed G.saeed Says:

    That’s great!! you almost won it. It’s hard to disagree with. The internet was and still the good companion in my journy to learn English as it’s spoken by natives, it realy helped alot and I’m on the fence to learn other languages, but when it comes to business and meeting proficionals I’m not agood user the thing which passed me by awesome opportunities, it’s like giving a marvalous book to an illiterate person.

    Note: this my first comment in your bloggs. I used to listen & read without leaving comments. I won’t believe it if you reply on mine.

  11. Judit Says:

    Hi, Andy
    I cannot totally agree with you. Yes, the internet is very useful in getting many pieces of information in a short time, but, in my opinion it cannot replace the formal education. The formal education gives you a general overview about a certain science which is absolutely necessary to understand the details which can be read on the internet. The general knowledge discovered 200 years ago, are not changing and this is that the formal education must give to you. People, who don’t have the bases of a certain science, are unable to understand the new information reading on the internet. The internet is a complementary resource for keeping us up to date in a certain field of knowledge.The internet cannot replace the long hospital practices which help the medical student to become a good practitioner.
    On the other hand, if you don’t have any knowledge in medicine, for example,(I am a doctor) and try to collect information from the internet about a certain disease, you may easily misunderstand the article which can have dangerous consequences for you.Unfortunately, on the internet , you can read many pieces of misinformation too, and the reader has to be able to chose from them the one, that is worth to read.

  12. kyawnminthein Says:

    My own personal computer was break out some day ago. So I didn’t use on email. Today I have a lot of time at my office on over time. so I have a chance to read and write in your email.I very like your words online university. It’s very good for me. So Thank Q, Andy
    With best wishes,

  13. MAHBUB Says:

    hi andy,
    i am agree with you about the internet because i really love it it was the way i found you on here but about your VIP room ,as i am from iran its fairly impossible to pay money through paypal although i love to join but what to do ,unfortunately i cant join it so what to do?do you have any other way to learn what i could get from that membership ?i am new to this and dont know much about this stuff,,i would be happy if you send me email,if you read my comment,

  14. Maribel Says:

    I agree with you some how, but not totally. it might work for business or marketing but for my major “biology” I couldn’t find any opportunity on linked in or anywhere, I was looking for a part time job to make some money but I couldn’t.

  15. Rinat Says:

    Hi Guys! Great article and blog in common! I’m always listenning to your podcasts on my way to work and back home. Keep it guys and take care!

  16. sasa Says:

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  18. Berry Says:

    I read your article , and I went to a great online law school called Abraham Lincoln University.
    It was well worth the money, it’s only $8000 a year.
    So to answer you question, yes online schools are the next thing

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