Russia, Ukraine, and USA. Who is right?

This is a scary situation.  I’d love hear all your opinions, especially people from both Russia and from the Ukraine.  Please share with your friends as well.  This is just so important.

Let’s start with who is NOT right.

The USA.  I am just sick and tired of their war efforts.  What the HELL are they doing?  Oh ya, just trying to make money and control the world.  Wonderful……

I should say that a lot of American people know this and agree, so I don’t blame them at all.  But their government is absolutely out of control.  Obama and John Kerry look, talk, and seem like reasonable people, but clearly, they are not.

I’m not an expert on the situation, but I have been following it closely from many different information sources, and I’ll tell you what I think is going on.

This is important for the whole world, so please pay attention to this kind of stuff.  Don’t be like most people who just bury their heads in the sand and think, “I’m not interested in world politics” or something.  You should be.  We all should be.

So what I know is this:

Russia and the Ukraine have a long history, and it’s a complicated one, and the West (USA) knows almost nothing about it and it’s none of their business.  Several years ago, Russia gave back a part of land to the Ukraine, and now Putin wants it back.  I don’t know why, and I don’t know the history.  This is just what I understand.  The point is, this is a battle between the Ukraine and Russia over this piece of land.

Imagine if the US and Mexico were fighting over some part of land between them.  Do you think the US would be ok with Russia or anyone flying across the world and helping Mexico?  HAHAHA

Obviously not.  And Russia wouldn’t do that.  No one would.

I also hear that the Ukraine is having a lot of internal political struggle.  The US helped fund a very aggressive government in the Ukraine to help take over the country.  There was some kind of internal battle.  Obviously the US will give money to any group in any country if they believe that group will help the US in some way (ultimately financially).  This is sick, but it’s what the military does all the time.  And the people in the US military often don’t agree with what they are doing, they find out later and report how bad it all is.

I will post a video from an American guy who does a lot of research on many political issues.  I think it’s at least interesting and should be shared.  Please comment, no matter where you are from, and let me know what you think is going on, what will happen (will there be a real war) and what is the purpose of all this?  Who is right, who is wrong, and what is your media saying in your country?  I hope the Russians and Ukraine writers can try to make intelligent comments, and if we don’t agree with each other, we can at least do so respectfully.  Thanks guys.  Share this and make it popular!!  Watch the video too.  Can’t wait to read what you guys think and know about this.

We will of course be discussing this and more in the VIP!!  Also, keep coming here every day because I’m writing more and more blogs to make you think and improve your English.


108 Responses to “Russia, Ukraine, and USA. Who is right?”

  1. Ivan Says:

    Hello Andy and all Ukrainian people. I am with you … freedom and democracy. Not communism !!!

    If today’s democratic world not opposes Russia will face the same situation as in Munich in 1938, when the world did not stop Hitler, who used the same methods as Putin. let’s not forget how about 25 years ago, Russia came to Poland with tanks and kill young old people seeking freedom and democracy.
    I want to say many things about this communist system. he is a terrorist regime he is worse than al Qaeda and suicide bombers. If you are not a member of the Communist regime, you’re the enemy. They are the most arrogant and inhumane people. The tragedy here is that they preach equality of people … but it absurd. Why? Why then all communist politicians including Putin and Yanukovych who lives in Ukraine palace do not gave of what he has to the poor people.
    Why they say that Europe is moulder capitalism … why they driving German cars … all the technique … televisions, refrigerators and everything in Russia use anything but Russian. Why people want to go to work in Germany, America, France, England ….they are collapsing capitalism regime and Russia blossomed to communism. LOL..HA..HA.
    As to the Crimea and because Russia wants to take … it’s just an excuse for war and the return of Ukraine to Russia. Germany and France and many countries intervened because they know what will happen and warned Putin not to interfere … but he thinks he is god. About America I’m not sure what their intentions but whatever they are they will be 1000 times better than Putin because all the protesters will be killed up to one and their relatives too … I know this because it happened here in Bulgaria.

  2. maciek Says:

    Hello Andy,

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  3. Andrew Says:

    Hi Maciek,

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  4. Andrew Says:

    Hey Ivan,

    Great post. I agree with a lot of what you said. The problem is, and it’s a HUGE problem, is that the West is NOT PERFECT AT ALL. They like to pretend they are “spreading freedom and democracy” all over the world because they are such kind and lovely people, but the truth is they have their own objectives for doing so. They pretend to be for freedom because it sounds like such a great word, but it’s not really what they are about. They are guilty of a lot of things they claim to not do. Look at what Edward Snowden revealed to the world about what the US government is doing in terms of spying. It’s also not the business of the West. If they truly are for real freedom and democracy, then fine, but I don’t see it from their actions.

  5. Ivan Says:

    Andy I totally agree with what is written by you. and I know that the name America is hiding a great evil, and I believe that the collapse of the Twin Towers in Manhattan on September 11, stay the government of America. this is part of a project of the U.S. government in order to start a war.
    but here it is time to choose a lesser evil … America or Russia … America has their goals and I am convinced that they are not democratic at all and are only directed in order to make money from something. Russia will kill all who were opposed to the regime. Everyone wants freedom and Ukrainian people want it too. I know that the price here a big but this is the only way to fight the communist regime. Communist government says …. we took that power with blood and with blood will give it.

    I Have a Dream Speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

    I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true
    meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.

    I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they
    will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character

  6. Ivan Says:

    Hey Andy if you miss a thing it all started when yanukovych refused to sign Agreement on the Accession of Ukraine to Europe.
    This is like killing the hope of a people for a better life. Nobody wants communism, many people in Russia do not want it, they want to be free. they attempted in Russia … protests, but they were severely beaten and thrown into prison. Russia … Putin offered to buy the Ukrainian people by giving them a large amount of money and reduce their natural gas … but in no way someone can buy freedom of a nation. And then began the internal battle to overthrow the government of Yanukovych.

  7. Ivan Says:

    I want to say something about last .. because I feel I talk to myself. Only exception is Andy. I want to say all the Russian and Ukrainian people who defend Putin to be honest and sincere. If you love communism and you are nationalists then I hope you ride Russian car, you will be pleased by the Russian salary, you’ll have everything you desire. Please if you have something in you house that is not Russian then immediately break it and throw it over the balcony because it is dirty and capitalist.

  8. maciek Says:

    Hello Andrew,

    I am already VIP member, I was talking about membership in 232 community thatt costs 7$ a month.


  9. Kostya Says:

    I don’t really understand your whining about the US gov.
    Probably, you don’t even know about the US-Russia-Ukraine Trilateral Statement signed in 1994 under which Ukraine gave up it’s nuclear arsenal and in return received guaranties of it’s territorial security, among others.
    The big question that me and other ukrainians have is that why the US Government has been doing pretty much nothing until now. Russian soldiers have invaded an unarmed country and US is more then welcome to intervene and help Ukrainian forces to wipe out the Russian fucktards from our territories.

  10. maciek Says:

    I do not mind US intervention in Ukraine on the condition that they know what they are doing – do they ?
    Now it seems that they contributed to taking power by national extremists – not what Ukraine people actually expected.
    I am from Poland and when Germany attacked us in 1939 our allies (GB and France) seemed to forget what they were supposed to do. Some steps need to be taken and I hope rest of the world would not accept what Russia is doing. What I expected from both US and European intervention were economic sanctions. Putin’s claim for Crimea is ridiculous. For sure the referendum in Crimea that is going on today is ridiculous. Why don’t they organize the same referendum in Chechnya.
    The problem is that now I do not know what is worse for Ukraine – losing Crimea or giving power to extremists.

  11. Olga Says:

    Hi guys , I am Russian but I live in Canada now. Half of my ancestors moved to Russia from Ukraine more than 100 years ago, I was born in USSR and our countries were united those days and long time ago it was one country is someone forgot it -Kievan Rus . It’s crazy to hear that some Ukrainians consider Russian people as enemies (I m talking about people in general, not about Putin). I never divided people to Russian and Ukrainian actually, we have all kinds of connections – from historical to financial. My position here is neutral, but I am glad that you realize what USA is doing and trying to give objective opinion here. Anyway as a country Ukraine itself needs at least financial support , either Russia or USA can provide it.

  12. Sam Says:

    I don’t like Putin. I remembered that many years ago he was the president of Russia. Later on he became the prime minister. and now he is the president again. How about several years later? He will be the next prime minister?
    It’s ridiculous!I love Russian people but don’t like their president.

  13. Andrew Says:

    Hey Kostya,

    You are right that I didn’t know of the trilateral agreement. That’s interesting.

    I do question the tone and question of your comment however. Calling people “Russian fucktards” won’t win you many friends.

    And saying, “I don’t really understand your whining about the US gov” is rather insulting. I don’t feel bad personally, but I’m just telling you how this comes across.

    I won’t comment on what should happen with the Ukraine and how the people should handle this or feel about it. I don’t know. My gut tells me that Putin should absolutely not be there at all, but is this the job of the US? NO. I mean think of how hilarious the whole idea of a trilateral agreement with Ukraine, Russia, and the US is in the first place? Why is the US in everyone else’s business? It doesn’t matter what dispute is happening internationally, there are always involved in it.

    Is the US handling this perfectly and supporting real democracy in the Ukraine? HA. Give me a break. They finance a puppet government who are apparently very violent extremists. They do not have the people of Ukraine’s best interest in mind at all. I’m not saying that Putin does, I’m saying that this is not how the US should be handling themselves in international affairs.

    Do they allow other countries to get involved in their own conflicts? Do you think they would be OK with Russia coming over and disputing how the US and Mexico relate together, even if Russia thought the US were totally wrong and wanted to help out poor little Mexico? Of course not. They are not the police of the world, or at least they shouldn’t be.

    They are complete hypocrites. They have military in well over 100 countries and are ALWAYS at war. Just think about it. And I feel bad for the people of Ukraine and they are just unfortunately caught in the middle of a horrible situation. But if the US minded their own business in general, there would be a lot less of this. Look at how they invaded Iraq pretending they had weapons of mass destruction. They are still in Afghanistan almost 13 years since the planes hit the towers. If they played by international rules, which they do not, then they would have a much better case in helping out with their military in this case. They can’t have everything both ways.

    In a lot of ways, this is a battle between Putin and Obama, and these guys don’t care about the citizens of people anywhere. This fight just happens to be in Ukraine. They were having a similar problem with Syria last summer. It’s going to keep happening.

    If Russia behaved in the same way the US does with their military all over the world, we’ll have world war 3.

    And imagine if they actually fight over Ukraine. The US vs Russia. This is NOT a pretty picture. Think of how many people will die in the process.

    I really don’t know what should happen here. It’s tough to just say that the West should sit back and do nothing. But it should be a concerted effort between many countries of the West, not just US. And it should have the best interests of the citizens of Ukraine in mind. This won’t happen of course, it’s all about money and military power. It’s clear Putin and Obama do not like each other and they are testing each other. It’s too bad to see other people getting hurt and dying in the process.

    If the US gets in a habit of not invading other countries for a decade or 2, then maybe they will gain more respect and credibility. I do not believe this is an isolated event. After this thing finishes, there will be more problems with the US and other countries very soon. They just can’t stay out of trouble. And in the big picture, their “helping” isn’t always helping. If they have such a strong military and are so wonderful, why can’t they force international peace? They are the ones always in battles. Always. There is never a time they are not at war with someone. The cold war never really finished, and this is still about that in some ways.

  14. Natalia Says:

    Hey guys,
    I live in Russia and I have to say, I don’t normally like what our politicians are doing but just this once I approve of annexing Crimea. You can crtisize me but expanding territory is not bad for a country especially since this territory was ours, earned by bloodshed (just read our history and learn about the importance of this piece of land for Russia.) It was ours and it should be ours! Of course the USA want to interfere – just as they always do so well… I do like the country but I truly hate their political system. They shouldn’t be there, just as they shouldn’t have been in Syria, Iran, Iraq and former Yugoslavia…
    I know the Kremlin is tough and we don’t really have freedom of speech and things aren’t well for the country everywhere but what I know is that we’re a strong nation, we’be held wonderful and successful Olympics and I think America should mind their own business.

  15. Andrew Says:

    Hi Natalia,

    I appreciate you writing in and expressing your views. My question is why you are so convinced of what you read about Russian history is true? Every country writes history in a way which makes themselves look much better. Every country. I haven’t read Russian history, obviously, but I know that all countries do this.
    And to say that “expanding territory is not bad for a country” makes sense from a selfish point of view, (I don’t mean you personally, but for the country) but the problem is that it really doesn’t take into account how other people will react to this.

    I’m sure China for example, could find some history and make an argument for why they think they should take some of Russia’s current land and why it would be better for China. But that doesn’t make it right.

    Countries need to be very careful with expanding territory and trying to look at their own history, unless we just want permanent war and to live in a world where the strongest military always wins.

  16. lara Says:

    hi guys. I live in Russia. Andrew your position on this conflict of interests is quite clear and right. many adequate people here in Russia think just the same. I can not dump Putin’s decisions because he knows our history (Russian and Ukraine) well and I belive he doesn’t simly want to ‘kick Obama’s ass’. He just want to control the situation and defend the boarders of our country. and still somebody should stop the American Government feeling their almightiness. becides we were and actually are one nation (Russians and Ukrainians). firstly some powerfull people wanted to split us up ( Unfortunately corruption is their favoutite tool ), then divide one nation linguistically and now the last step to get control over the territory. so Putin should be there, to stop this outrageous situation. I’m a woman and I want my kids live in peace and see war only in pictures.

  17. lara Says:

    another point of view–wpDaNqM&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  18. Sergey Says:

    Hey guys!
    Andy, you have really opened a can of worms here but I think it’s very important to discuss it not keeping it on the DL.
    First of all, I would like to point out that I am Russian. To begin with, I would like to ask everybody a simple question: how come that the current government is considered to be legitimate? Everybody seems to overllok the fact that these people – “new leaders” have found themselves ruling the country without having been either elected or observing the constitutional procedures necessary to get rid of the current president Mr. Yanukovich. Why is it like this? It crackes me up when the “truly democratic countries” discuss sanctions against Rusia, or financial aid to the new government of the Ukraine when it is clear that it is illegitimate in the first place. This is absolute hipocricy.

  19. Sergey Says:

    Hi guys, I’m from Russia. I have too much doubts about this situation.
    My humble opinion that nobody is right. I mean about russian position and European-american position. Everybody lies.
    I agree that all people in Ukraine were against Janukovich at first and their aim were to kick him out because of corruption. But then establishment from west part of Ukraine possessed power using unstable situation in country and they made huge mistake prohibited russian language. They could do it later for example after president’s election in May when situation was stable. They should unite, join nation but they did opposed thing. If they were smart they could predict that Russia will use their mistake and tells everybody that will help russian speaking people because of nazism. I’m sure that russsian goverment exaggerate proplem of nazism in ukraine on russian Tv but this problem really exists.
    Historically western part of Ukraine were strongly attracted by west and eastern part were attracted by Russia.
    Look! European market is oversaturated now. If Ukraine was part of European union then Europe would make Ukraine to close factories because of for example eco standarts, etc. But these factories are situated at the eastern part and people will be fired. What should they do?
    And that’s why I think that people from East part don’t want to be a part of European Union. I saw a lot of video on YouTube about opposition between Ukrainian people which proved my opinion.
    And at the same time Europe is oversaturated with immigrants now. They don’t need Ukrainian people as employees now. And look! It’s funny but Europe and USA don’t want to give money to Ukraine. They just give promises. So I can make conclusion that Ukraine is not the center of the problem. Problem is much deeper. This is opposition between West and Russia.
    About Crimea. I did not want that Crimea would be joined to Russia. It gives Russia to much problems and to much problems to Russian people because of unstable economical situation. But look at the results of referendum. May be It’s illegal but people want to be in Russia.
    West have double standarts. I mean Kosovo.
    I love Ukrainians.
    Sorry if I offended somebody.

  20. Ali Says:


    The Us government should Accept and respect the ellection in crimea

  21. Evgeny Says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m proud of Natalia and Lara! I agree with Sergey too! My respect to Andrew for having posted such a serious issue and his great answers! I couldn’t say better!
    Andy, I just want to add that your example on China and Russia is not quite correct. Because we are different nations. But Ukrainians, Russians and Belorussians are the same. And if you was acquainted to Geopolitics (the science), you’d get that your example with Mexico and US was quite funny but hardly possible.
    I live in Siberia of Russia. I’m an average engineer and we easily work together with many different nations side by side, focus on what we have in common, not on our differences. We try to cooperate with each other to get positive synergy, not arguments. We also travel a lot, so I don’t know what Ivan is talking about here. Please, don’t take seriously such “info-WAR” words as Communism, Regime (or even bloody regime)… Those who use them a lot are either mislead by media or paid for it. If I have any difficulties getting US VISA from now on, I’ll let you know, lol!)) And we also cooperate with pretty much the whole world, have many foreign corporates and enterprises operating here in Russia. It’s sad that our own industries leave a lot to be desired, but they are getting better all the time (I’ve got one hilarious story about Russian industry, going to translate it into English and write to you later). It’s not also prohibited here to consume anything from abroad. And I doubt that Europeans will leave all their businesses here for Asians)) We’ll see!
    I don’t want Ukraine to be part of Russia, I just want them to be our good neighbors, like Belarus and Kazakhstan are. But Crimea is absolutely another thing, this piece of land is very important for our country in terms of geopolitics. Though I don’t mind to go on vacation to Crimea as either Ukraine or Russia!
    So, fellows, let’s use less emotional words and more facts!
    Thank you

  22. Anne Says:

    Hey guys,

    My name is Anne and I live in Kiev. I appreciate you starting this topic, this means the whole world cares and supports. Its very important for us here.
    You probably all heard about our revolution a month ago and all the people who were killed. Most of them were about 20. Its people who were born in a free country not USSR. Unfortunately, this Soviet way of life is still in the air and there are those who want it back – our previous generation. If it wasn’t for them our ex-president and his gang would never have had any support, would never have even come to power. Nobody would have to die now to get rid of him and his government. And now Russia would not have had such support in Ukraine. People who support Putin think they will go back to USSR and have all the benefits. They have no idea how wrong they are. In Russia mass media is so corrupt and so under Putin’s control that people are so far from the truth. They think Ukrainians are bandits and have to be stopped. They think Russian speaking people in Ukraine are under a great threat and thus need to be protected. They have no idea how wrong they are
    After reading some comments from Russian guys I am a bit puzzled. How come you young guys who have obviously free access to internet see only Putin’s point of view.
    Firstly, Yanukovich, ex-president stopped being president when he left his country in a very difficult situation. People on streets being killed, panic all over the country and important decisions urgently need to be taken. And he promised to sign few important agreements that would calm people a bit. The next day nobody can find Yanukovich and his residence is finally open to public. From his surveillance cameras everybody could see that he in fact started packing 3 days ago and dozens of tracks were leaving his residence. I bet Russians didn’t see that on their TV.
    As we lived in presidential-parliamentary republic and left without president in crisis situation, the parliament took over. Its funny how only Russia treats our government as non-legitimate. It can mean either the whole world is blind and stupid or Russians are seriously misled by their mass media.
    As for Crimea situation its so very simple and clear. Russia has no right at all to interfere another sovereign government. This fake and stupid “we protect our citizens in another country” can only mean that if Putin succeeds in Ukraine he will go on occupying the world because there are Russians all over the world. All their reasons are so fake and not true. We all here speak 2 languages and there NEVER was any difference if you are Russian or Ukrainian.
    We Ukrainians understand its not Russians who want to fight its always greedy Kremlin that has the urge for blood. Thus we plead to Russian people to stand against the tiran and fight for your right for true information on the news and your freedom of speech

    In fact we should thank Putin for uniting everybody in Ukraine. Facing a big evil, people as one started claiming “No War! Russia Go Home!”

    P.S. Hope this long article somehow cleared the situation

  23. Sergey Says:

    I don’t like Putin too much. But now I have doubts may be he is right, may be not. And I don’t believe Tv news. But look I want to live in democracy country too like ucranians want. But I saw youtube and saw like lots of people from Donetsk and Kharkov want to be with Russia. They shout”Russia! Russia!”
    But Ukranians don’t understand that Eropean people dont want Ukranian joining to Eropean union. Politics just want. That’s it.
    I dont want to join Ukraine to Russia. Definetly not! When I had vacation in Bulgaria two years ago I was just walking and hearing some bad words about me and my friends from Ukranian people(definetly from west part). It’s pitty. West part and east part struggle every time.

  24. Evgeny Says:

    Anne, very few people support Yanukovich here in Russia. We fell really sorry about what’s happening in Ukraine. But it would be fair enough if we had an opportunity to see each other’s real IP-addressees just to make sure of our locations.
    And it’s really pity that the most part of those Ukrainians who support new ukr puppet government just want to have an opportunity to leave their country for goods.

  25. Andy Says:

    Hi guys,

    Great conversation!

    Just want to say a couple things again. First, thanks Evgeny for your thoughts and kind manner. I do want to clear up my example with Russia/China and US/Mexico in case someone else also misunderstood my point.

    Of course these are not the same as the Russia/Ukraine situation in many important senses. There are many differences and I agree with you there. The point is there is one similarity which I was pointing out. Here is the similarity. It matters a lot where things are happening. the US and Mexico are neighbours. The point is that you can’t bring a huge army across the world to fight another army right near home. That is seen as a huge act of war and aggression. Imagine Russian army near the US border with Mexico for any reason. There is no way that would be tolerated. The hypocrisy is unreal. Suppose the US were 100% right, which I don’t think they are at all, the problem is they think they can make the rules up for the world. You can’t just send an army near some other super power’s border and think that is ok. I can guarantee you that if Russia was near the US with their planes and warships, there would be HUGE problems. This does not happen. Don’t worry about the reason, just imagine anyone trying to get really close to the US border. They think they can go anywhere in the world if THEY believe they are right, but they will not give anyone else that ability. Obviously.

    And for people like Anne in Kiev, I really appreciate your thoughts and I feel bad for all the Ukraine people in the West who are in the middle of this horrible conflict between East and West superpowers. I will say though, that there is absolutely another side that you are not seeing. Anne, the Russian media is very corrupt, like it is anywhere. But so is the media you are seeing. I guarantee it. The most intelligent people I’ve heard speak about this subject agree with NEITHER Russia or the US. But they have to choose, they believe the US is more in the wrong in this case because it’s not their own dispute. They need to be careful getting in everyone else’s business. Leaders of the EU and the US control the anti-Russian media that the Ukraine sees as well, and it’s not at all unbiased. There are so many things that RT (A TV/internet station in Russia) will allow about the negatives of the West that would never be allowed in American media. They wouldn’t even allow the discussion. The same thing goes for Russian media. They hide their own problems. This is going on all over the world. Every type of media tries to point out that their view is more objective than some other countries, but if you watch enough media, you’ll see pretty equal bias all over. Some places are better than others, but the Western media is horrible and getting more and more biased. I’m not taking sides in this. I’m just saying that the US needs to stay home and stop the hypocrisy. If we have another international war, which I REALLYY hope we do not, then it’s easy to see where both Russia and the US get some blame, and I’d have to say that the West would deserve even more blame in this case than Russia.

    I’m worried for what will happen, but I don’t worry that Russia will take over the world if Putin “wins” here. If he starts taking pieces of land all over the place don’t you think the rest of the world would be against it? Of course they would.

    I’m surprised how some people believe so strongly one way or the other. I believe anyone who thinks this is a simple matter for who is right and who is wrong, then it shows they really haven’t seen enough info from all sides of the debate. But the US just can’t be making rules on the borders of other countries when they feel they want to.

    For anyone who truly believes in what the US is doing, please ask yourself why are they ALWAYS at war all over the world. Always! And these wars are NEVER near the USA. If anyone got near them, they would go absolutely WILD. Think about it.

  26. Ivan Says:

    Hello Andy and all participants in this dialogue.

    This one looks like a hatchery and a large mental hospital for washing of human minds. Both countries America and Russia lie to their own people alike. Many Americans believe that they are the perfect race and nation and that America is this world. Which is of course nonsense. Many Russians live on the edge of Poverty but blindly believe that their communist regime – best system in the world. This is because their politicians their brains washed every day. Hey Evgeny, I know what exactly communism and know what exactly is the Russian system. If you do not know Russia liberate Bulgaria from Ottoman rule and make Bulgaria their Republic. And then began the mass killing of people who do not agree with the Russian regime and communism. All teachers, engineers, two words all smart and thoughtful people. Were made death camps without trial anyone who did not want this regime found his death there in the most horrible way. They fed the pigs with them. many young people died there from 17 to 40 years. it lasted 45 years. And the Bulgarian people said enough. That said and Ukrainian people. I think it’s time to wake up from sleep Evgeny. To see real life and stop living in the Matrix.
    As I will repeat it if people like their political system … whatever it is, they will be satisfied with their lives. They will have all the money – and that means a strong economy, and to have a strong economy you have to have products that are produced in this country and the Russian people to buy it … as an example. Absurdity that every Russian wants Western goods from Germany, America, everywhere but not Russia. Is not this hypocrisy? …. Want the communist regime … But you want Western goods. I ask then, are not you mad?
    However, the news is that these countries have never been a communist country Evgeny. That’s why they have such developed economy and live a wonderful life.
    Evgeni if you like your communist regime … then I hope that you’re part of this economy …. I only buy Russian goods … to support Russian economy and because you believe that Russian products is better than German and American.

  27. Sergey Says:

    Hey Ivan,
    You have really brought up some interesting points.
    First of all, nobody claims that there is a “communist regime” in Russia. It used to be up to 1991, before the collapse of the USSR. There are only a few countries in the world that can be dubbed “comunist states”, namely, Cuba, China and North Korea. Let’s not throw this term anymore, it resembles some vestiges of the past and dates back to the Cold War Era.
    The next thing. How come that Russia “started killing people who didn’t agree with the communism” if at that time Russia was a monarchy and communism was unheard of?
    Once again. let’s stop throwing this term just for the hell of it.
    As for “buying-goods-produced-in-your-own-country” issue it is totally uncalled for as it goes without saying that half of the goods bought either in Europe or the mighty USA are produced in China.
    I don’t claim that our industry is developed. I don’t argue that 30% of the population lives below the poverty line. Nobody knows what is going on behind closed doors.
    Russia is not alone here.
    Let’s not make sweeping generalisations and let’s respect each other’s opinion. I agree that each of us sees what he wants to see and can bring up billion of facts to support his point of view. Common people are not the ones who determine what will happen next. It has always been, it will always be. All the hassle about “what country is the most democratic” is a dead end. Democrasy in its highest manifestations is a myth which is thrown around for convenience’s sake. The world’s politics is nothing more than a penis-measuring contest.

  28. Sergey Says:

    Hey Anna, it was very interesting to learn what you think about the current situation.
    I would like to point out that all Yanukovich’s moves and preparations were shown on our television. I have seen it myself. Now another thing that can be interesting. I am not an expert but I have been looking into the thing for quite a while to find out that according to the Ukraine’s concstitution there are only three legal ways in which the current president can be deprived of his power:
    1. His death
    2. His official abdication.
    3. Impeachment.
    Was there an impeachment? Apparently, the fact that he left the country doesn’t give a right to put any other person to rule the country legitimately if none of these condidtions are observed according to the norms stipulated in the constitution.
    From your point of view, is it a good tendency to have several people from radical-view party as heads of ministries? Just interested to find out your opinion.

  29. Andy Says:


    Great points. I know personally that Ivan is a great guy. But in this case, I largely agree with you.

    Ivan, I also don’t see the hypocrisy in Russians owning items from places outside of Russia. Why would they need to do own only things produced in Russia? I don’t understand the reasoning here. Russia allows people the freedom to import. That’s normal.

    Russia today has a stock market, Russians are allowed to travel internationally, and there is international trade with the country. They sell stuff to other countries and buy stuff from other countries. I don’t think Russia of 2014 is the same as the communist Russia in the 1970′s. Not even close. Am I missing something here? I don’t think Putin wants to go back to Stalin style communism at all. Russia is not perfect (they know that) and no country is, and I agree just throwing around words like “communist” is very misleading when describing 2014 Russia.

    I would add to Sergey’s point that China shouldn’t really be called “communist” either. They have 2 stock markets, tons of international trade. Remember, I’ve been here for 12 years and I’m writing about this very controversial topic from here. If it was just a terrible communist regime, which it is not, I’d be scared to be here and I certainly wouldn’t be writing.

    I’ve had great experiences in China. They aren’t perfect either, and they realize this big time, but it’s not like an old style “communist regime”. They don’t vote with the people yet, but there are a lot of freedoms here, including business freedoms and personal freedoms. There is a court system here. Again, it’s not perfect, but they now that and the word “communist” gives the wrong impression of modern day China as well.

    Sergey, I agree with you that words are important. Leaders of all countries try to get the people all heated up and angry with the “other side” which is usually fake in many ways, for more wars and more money making for the companies who make money off war. If the world were more peaceful, a lot of powerful people would lose money and power. They like to keep everyone hating eachother for stupid reasons.

    This is one of the reasons I like to write about these topics. Even if we don’t always agree with all people, it’s amazing to see what people from different countries think about different things, and we can see that the general public really has no idea of what’s going on, and more importantly, they really are peaceful in general and don’t want wars. This is all from the big and powerful puppet masters who pull the strings. War is so disgusting and pathetic. No normal people would really want it, yet we all keep getting brainwashed into allowing it to happen all over the world, continuously. Unreal!!

  30. Ivan Says:

    Hi, Ivan ! I’m ur namesake from Bulgaria ! I think and believe what Bulgarian products the best on the world ! Relax and enjoy this topic. )))

  31. Ivan Says:

    hello Sergey. And how a determined Russia now. What is its political system? I know that what you say a big lie and I know that nothing has changed since 1991. Russia precisely its communist regime controlled Russia. Cuba, China, North Korea, they are the same dictatorial countries like Russia. Do you remember how many people were killed in China that wanted freedom of speech, and better life.
    Regarding how Russia kill Bulgarian people … I’ll tell you. This vile and barbaric communist system. Were sent many Bulgarian betrayers in Russia to be trained in this dirty communism to kill and crush those who do not want this regime. When they returned hell come here.
    As regards for the goods produced in China, oh yes they are communist too and if you buy them then it is whole lot better. But how do you contribute to the development of your country. Why not buy Russian goods? I want to ask you something, can you free to say your opinion. To say you do not like Putin that he is a criminal … for example … if you do where you’re going to jail … of course, or you will be severely beaten. This is communism.
    I know for sure one…. after 70 years, Germany is a leading force in the world an economic power. Germany was collapsed to the ground. Where is Russia … where is Germany? As I said in Germany has never had communism. Let me give you an example of West Germany and East Germany. Is not it clear here which regime is best? East Germany was in this fucking communist regime and how the West Germans live and how lived east. So do not talk shit about developing Russian Communism.

  32. Anne Says:

    Hey Sergey,

    I am glad you found my opinion interesting.
    As for your statement. Unfortunately, our constitution does not provide impeachment. Waiting for president’s abdication would be very long and waiting for his death even longer. Now if you look at president’s oath in the constitution it says:
    “…I pledge with all my undertakings to protect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, to provide for the good of the Motherland and the welfare of the Ukrainian people, to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, to abide by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine, to exercise my duties in the interests of all compatriots, and to enhance the prestige of Ukraine in the world.”
    Nothing was done from this oath. In fact, if it wasn’t for the high level of corruption in Ukraine he would never have became president
    Now as for your second question. For last 22 years of our independence we had few attempts to create true democratic country. Nothing worked. We were waiting for gradual changes. Nothing worked. In 2004 with Orange Revolution we made one step forward but with Yanukovich in 2010 we made two steps back. I personally believe that today we have come to the point when we NEED radical changes.
    There is another good thing we gained after February revolution. People have proved we don’t need a leader to make changes in our country. People went to maydan without a leader. Later opposition joined and started shouting in the microphone that they would do something. Yet whatever they did was not approved by people on maydan. When opposition said its not so easy to make negotiations with the president people gave the president time till morning next day. And it worked. Next day nobody could find Yanukovich. I agree there were few factors that helped. People being pushy, European diplomats who came with visit to Kiev and convinced president and opposition to sign some agreements.
    The point I am making is: We are not yet happy with our government but it will pay attention to people’s will from now on, otherwise nobody will be in power for long time – htere will be another maydan and riots.
    I hope by the time of President and parliament election many deputies will show themselves as politicians in action and we will elect the right people
    It is such a shame that nowadays in Ukraine if you are patriot of your country you are treated as fascist or Bandera follower, or both. If you sing the anthem or shout “Glory to Ukraine” you are a radical fascist. O.Tyagnybok is the most radical patriot. My opinion is we need such people right now. He has some idiots in his party but that’s inevitable, they are everywhere
    We do hope that now is just the beginning of big and good changes for Ukraine.

  33. Anne Says:

    Hey Andy,

    I never was a fan of USA and never will be. I know how often it was at war. Same thing as Russia. Yet i think if such powerful military country is threatening to occupy your territory you need and ally which is as strong military and as brutal as you enemy. Nowadays its only America

  34. Ivan Says:

    Hello Andy. I want to explain my reasons for what I say.
    Ivan, I also don’t see the hypocrisy in Russians owning items from places outside of Russia. Why would they need to do own only things produced in Russia? I don’t understand the reasoning here.
    In Bulgaria, for 45 years we have been inculcated that the best goods are Russian and Communism is the best system. Capitalism in the face of Germany and America, they are the most feared and crumbling system. We were forbidden to buy products other than Bulgarian or Russian. No one can go except in Russia or any other communist country. Here was hell Andy. Hypocrisy that those who forbid us these things are … these Communists drive German cars they were German and American TVs, refrigerators, clothes whatnot. It’s the same in Russia. Then you can see and make a difference from a Russian and a German car and find out how arrogant these communists lie you and deceive.
    And so I say why this communist regime is the worst … The government and all who were with them use anything but Russian. That’s why I said it was a terrorist regime and worse than communism not of this world.

  35. Sergey Says:

    Hey Ivan,
    What is the connection between the current events and communism? This is not a dispute about the advantages and disadvantages of communism and capitalism (Andy should right a post about this))). I’ll still repeat – let’s not add “fancy words” into this topic just for the hell of it.
    My point is not to make you accept my point of view or whoever else’s. Let’s not judge this situation in white or black, because the truth is somewhere in grey area.

  36. Liza Says:

    Hey guys! I’m from Moscow and personally I, my family, my friends LOVE Russia. I work in bank, I have good salary and I can’t understand Ivan, from what country are you? You don’t like anything in Russia, listen, if you don’t like find something in another country what you will like and go in that place. You compare Putin with Hitler?! What’s a hell going on in your head? You talk about freedom?! What freedom can get people from Crimea (RUSSIAN PEOPLE) in country where becomes prohibited to talk in Russian, in what language they should talk I want ask? In language of better life probably? But they don’t know that language unfortunately. They are forced to live in country where Hitler is a national heroes?

  37. Ivan Says:

    Sergey I will answer you immediately. Ukraine wants his freedom and does not want communist dictators like Yanukovych. And it is connected with one another.

  38. Sergey Says:

    BTW, when it comes to the role of the USA in all this stuff, this is a classic case of being able to dish but not being able to take it (thanks guys for teaching me this term))) The USA claims that Russia asserts only its own interests. If we take USA’s participation in Iran and Lybia – desire to gain control of oil, in the Ukraine – to put more military bases near the territory of Russia. They offer 1bln bucks to the country having the biggest national debt in the universe (yeah, much money is owed to China – the communist state))). For sure, they are caring about Ukrainian people. What about giving some money to Spain, Portugal or Greece? Maybe, African countries?
    Again, doesn’t mean to offend anybody. I like English – this is the most important thing I am writing here for.
    Thanks everybody for sharing your opinions.

  39. Sergey Says:

    communism means that everything is shared equally between all the members of the society. I can understand the desire of the Ukranians to oust the corrupted president but I think that appointing several Ukranian oligarchs as heads of several regions by current authorities is trading one set of problems for the same set of problems.
    BTW, if Yanukovich were a dictator, he would have given the order to supress the Maidan riots by force. He succumbed to the presure and now we see “the intellectual and democratic feast”.

  40. Ivan Says:

    Hello Lisa. I am from Bulgaria and I want to say that I do not hate the Russian people at all, but I hate the Russian government. I began to live and feel alive 25 years ago .. when Bulgaria kicked this Russian-Communist regime. Then I was in Europe in many countries do not want to list them, I worked there and I have a lot of experience what Europe is and what is Russia. 25 years ago I had no right to leave Bulgaria and I had no right to speak out loud my opinion.If I did I would not be alive to tell the world and all who do not know what Communism is.

  41. Ivan Says:

    Hello Sergey .I know exactly what communism is.. And I want to ask you, Is there such thing as equality ? I do not think there is. People have the same legs arms and heads … but they are not the same? These statements are made ​​by crazy people. Obviously as you said a girl here in Russia do not show all the things that have happened in Ukraine and all is hidden and tell lies. Yanukovih escaped to Russia in fear because they send their people to hell. He sent special forces and army against the Ukrainian people of Ma’ida and snipers. But the Ukrainian people fight against this dictator and win this battle. My heart goes out to all Ukrainians died, but that’s the price of freedom.

  42. Sergey Says:

    You are absolutely right, all people are equal but some are more equal than others.

  43. Sergey Says:

    Hey Andy,
    I am just wondering if there any activities going on in your secret english learning community.(which costs 7 bucks) I just signed up to find out that the last activity was registered there a good 6 months ago. Let’s get the party started!
    P.S. Sorry guys for this deviation.

  44. brat-h Says:

    A little history:
    Some one thousand years ago was Kiev Rus. The capital was Kiev. Then came Mongols and some three hundred years of slavery or so. Then northern russians united around Moscow, became quite strong and independent from Mongols. Some time later Poland and Lithuania divided between themselves the lands of modern Ukraine (the polish part) and Byelorussia (the lithuanian one).
    That’s how urkainans, russians and byelorussians were separated and became three nations. The russians had their own king, byelorussians were under authority of Lithuania (quite civilized one), and the Ukrainans were salves and servants for a long time… I’d say even now, for the most part.
    Well, 350 years ago, under Poland, there was some ukrainans that escaped from Poland authority and became somewhat independent. They became stronger and stronger and… Poland hired them as warriors (and divided them between themselves along the way). They were the Cossacks. They had their democracy, a lot of enemies (Poland, Crimea Tatars, Russians and even themselves). Part of them served Poland officially and became richer – the other part were not very powerful and organized. But they all were servants at most. The rest of Ukrainians were just slaves. Until there happened a rebellion. One cossack, quite educated one, rebelled against the Polish authority. He was quite successful… until he was. All the Cossacks (the warriors) united around him waged war against Poland, Crimea Tatars and so on and the rest of ukrainans joined them. Once they almost destroyed Poland but didn’t catch the possibility. Once their leader died they were divided again. Between Russia and Poland. This division resulted in civil war between western part of Ukraine (under Poland influence) and eastern (under Russians). And they became slaves again and again and again.
    The modern history. After disintegration of the USSR the modern Ukraine appeared. All (almost) were happy – people wanted to be free like Americans; the politicians wanted to steal everything what was left of USSR. The Ukrainan’s authorities were happy even to get rid of nukes and even army to have more money to steal… In the nineties there were high hopes. In the zeroes – ambiguity. In the tens – lost hopes, hatred to the authorities – the wish to kill them all. The former president escaped just in time – stole everything he could and got rid of consequences. I’d say he prepared Ukraine to be taken by Putin “without a gunshot”, as it is seen. The strategy “Divide et impera” as always is the way to enslave. If you are not a thief, if you are not a liar you will probably not survive.

  45. Ivan Says:

    I really do not want to cross the line, so I’ll stop commenting. I do not want to offend anyone, I just I expressed my opinion and most important thing for me is that thinking in English.

  46. Mariya Says:

    HI guys Im from Uzbekistan. Really difficult situation in Ukraine of course..100% the US as always tried to give their fake democracy using military and so on it is non of their business at all, but the whole world knows it and cant do nothing!!! so can just to give our regrets to ukranians.

    what about Putin, I think he is very good politic and of course all countries want to give benefits from this situation, but Crimea historically belonged to Russia (USSR) but thanx to Khrushchev, he gave this big territory full of russians to Ukraine like a gift! Unbeliviable!! 60% of population are russian and they want to be part of Russia this is a fact, and up to date we dont know the results of last referendum, but we can see all people happy about this idea to be part of Russia, they take Russia’s flags and sing Russia’s anthem. Thats what I see from my TV

    and so important no one country cant do nothing, they just listen US….as always
    and now in Ukrain 90% of politics do smth (doesnt matter it is good for Uckrain or not) because of money from US

    I hope in our world there are enough smart politics to avoid the war, really. But Im sure it’ll keeps a lot of time till the goverments decide smth.

  47. Batyrbek Says:

    Hey guys!

    Very hot topic I guess.

    I’m from Kazakhstan. And Crimea crisis is bothering me too. Why? Look at this picture:

    I’m worried about the future of my country. What if the same situation happens here, in Kazakhstan? Just needs a reason for Putin. At the moment our president Nazarbayev (who is the most experienced president within the CIS countries) is doing very well while keeps the KZ in stable situation. But he’s not immortal. And how will act a new leader of my Motherland after current president? That’s the question.
    And there is also one thing that adds fuel to the fire – we have a lot of oil in the west part of Kazakhstan, where I do live and was born, btw. (And I’m working in one of the international [mostly with american participation] oil & gas production related companies). So, US and Russia can play their games out here too. But again it depends on the new guy who will be leading the ninth largest country in the world.

    I’m quite optimistic and hope that the scenario in that picture that I’ve shown at the beginning of my comment will not happen at all.

    P.S: Andy, I was a VIP member until January 24. And after I decided to extend it for the coming year. But I was failed. Ans PayPal took my money saying that I’ve already paid for it. I was very disappointed. This misunderstanding made me to postpone my VIP subscription. Maybe you can help me and convince. :)

  48. Andrei Says:

    I am from Belarus and i can not understand anything you are talking about. You always criticise everything and russian communism as well. Where do you see this communism? I can say surely that this communism you notice is everywhere even in your favourite EU. Please, before arguing be prepared, read some historical books, gather all concerned information and do not be a brawler. Russian communism was defeated in 1991. There might be numerous number of arguments against and in favour, arguments who better and who worse, many things to discuss. Nevertheless who can explain me why this ukraine nation,which is proud of its culture and freedom, has an urge to join europe union. What are they waiting for? Manna? If you feel strong enough, if you are independant, if you are so smart and selfish, please develop yourself without external investment, do not ask and find any hand. Yak! This revolution is being based upon stupid politician games. Mainly we can see now that all going is aimed to change political vector from east to west in Ukraine but not improve itself. Briefly, do not listen to man on a tribune, listen to the reality and your heart. Get started to think!

  49. Maryna Says:

    I am from Crimea. I absolutely agree with your entry.

  50. brat-h Says:

    About nazis. Yeah, there are here and there. The ukrainian ones was actually the only force ready to fight against the pro-russian president Yanukovich (officially former criminal, stupid enough to do almost everything that muppet-master in Moscow says). The russian ones now flooding the east of ukraine demanding to separate the eastern regions and join them to Russia and one prominent jew (the mayor of my city) happens to be their coordinator in my region. The ukrainan nazis always hated Russia, long story, long before Hitler. If so I am now a nazi then. The only successful authorities in Ukraine for last two decades were thieves and very good friends with Russia. What kind of patriots could one expect to rise in such case. The most part of ukrainians were patient, even long-suffering-patient hoping for the life to get better. Now they face the necessity to fight for themselves, for their rights… may be even with Russia, may be even alone. Putin is a KGB type of king, there are Soviet Union back in Russia now, and he wants a piece of Ukraine, well I’d say he wants the whole Ukraine. The bombers are ready… with nukes, somewhat 200 000 army just across the eastern border of Ukraine. If the russian solder won’t shoot first, there is always chechen one in the russian army, more specifically – the chechen regiment in the north of Crimea and right to the south of mainland of Ukraine. Do ukrainian nazis hate jews? I live in the north-east of Ukraine, in a quite big city, russian-speaking, and I guess a lot of people here hate or despise at least one jew – the mayor and a kind of the mob-boss who seems to want to be like Putin. May be we all are becoming nazis then, like once were some of our ancestors – the cossacks?

  51. Ivan Says:

    I want to ask one question to all Russians. What changed after 1991 for them. After Mikhail Gorbachev resigned. What makes you think that Putin is not a communist. Now to explain what communism is .. Communism is a violation of people’s rights. What rights do you have more then 1991. Do you live better ? Can you travel where you want? Can you say what you think without Be beaten?

  52. Evgeni Says:

    I promised one funny story:
    Japanese are visiting to Russia to meet their culture, people, industry. Russians take them to the first factory and say: “This is our electronic plant where we produce our tv sets, players etc. What do you think of it?” “There are so many good children in Russia” – Japanese answer. Russians are confused a bit but take them to another plant and say: “This is our vihicle industry where we produce our cars. What do you think of it?” “You’ve got wonderful kids” – Japanese reply. Same story with airplanes. One Russian guide loses his temper and ask them what’s wrong with them and what is the reason of that talking about our children. Japanese calmly answer: “Russians, you’ve got very good kids, but all the others that you make with/by your hands are not so good!” )))
    I’m self- critical a bit, aren’t I?

  53. Liza Says:

    Ivan, as I was saying before I’m Russian from Moscow. The situation in Russia after 1991 is totally changed. The people have opportunity to buy what they want, to travel where they like. Only one thing that they have to do – WORK HARD. Not all Russian people can do that as a result we have a lot of immigrants from Uzbekistan, Georgia, Belarus, who are ready to do hard work instead of Russian for less money. My point is if you work you are able to have good life, if not – please don’t tell that the government is too bad that can’t give you good life. I support Russia and the goverment, but the friend of mine don’t and I know that he went to the muting and express his opinion without any guns of course. He is all right now, said what he wanted without be beaten

  54. Eugen Says:

    Hey Ivan,
    I am really astonished by the arguments u have been giving in terms of communism in Russia and etc. It seems to me that your very last visiting to Russia was over than 20 years ago before ussr collapse. Personally , I am Russian and haven’t perceived violation of any kind regarding my rights in Russia. Truly speaking I can say whatever I want without any doubts and fears to be beaten) moreover I pretty much satisfied what generally goes on in Russia with our current government. Surely, it’s corrupted( basically it refers to any country I guess to a greater or lesser extent) anyway I don’t give a rats ass on that. The importance is that well being of the Russians over the last 10-15 years has been considerably enhanced consisting of myself and my family. I used to live abroad as well. It was pretty funny when my foreign friends often asked me whether it is true or not that all the time the Russians drink vodka and on streets there are many bears walking around. This sort of stereotype has been pursuing Russia for years . The same refers to what you are saying also. Concerning this ongoing issue, I believe that Russia did not get intentionally involved in this conflict. This maidan was funded by someone it’s certain and it required enormous amount of money to provide all necessary stuff for so many people. So there are def some forces( west) behind the scene that were somehow executing the process.

  55. Sergey Br. Says:

    Hi guys,
    I totally disagree with Ivan, but I don’t agree with Eugen too.
    Russia is really changed comparing with USSR. Life is much better now.
    But be honest guys, some rights are broken here. Government can block any websites now before court decision, etc. The same I can say about rallies against government. I’m really sorry because of huge level of corruption.
    But concerning Ukraine I’m getting agree with Putin because I know that not all Ukrainians want to be in EU.

    I saw Ukranian TV yesterday. I can say that not only russian mass media lies, ukrainian too.”Every type of media tries to point out that their view is more objective than some other countries.” as Andy said. That’s absolutely true.
    Whole this situation is political game. As Liza said guys work hard and everythng will be fine! Don’t take it to heart! It’s impossible to persuade somebody that he is not right in politics. Everybody is right.
    Just let’s improve our english with great hosts to obtain more benefits in our life.

  56. Alex Says:

    Ivan, Good morning, it’s 2014!

    you’ve been living in the past for such a long time so i suggest you update yourself a bit!

    do not be blind with hatred, life is much more wonderfull thing without it -:)

    Crimea is Russia – full stop!

  57. Yuri Says:

    I live to Kyrgyzstan, which went through 2 revolutions, but believe me: nothing changed to the better – no improving in people’s life. Instead of one greedy thief, came another, even more greedy, and so on. And my believe is: people decide nothing. All revolutions around the world are organized by local or (and)foreign interested in them forces. And they use easily convincing part of people in their mercenary purposes, like sheeps for sacrifice. These puppeteers divide people to be sheeps – for being victims, goats – to lead sheeps, but go aside at a first threat, dogs for guarding this herd, shepherds – to control situation, and they are – the hosts (owners).All this I saw in Kyrgyzstan (twice) and now I see this in the Ukraine.
    To Ivan:
    I have not heard about economic miracle in Bulgaria for last 25 years, but I hope you just keep it in secret. What for the Kyrgyzstan, in compare that we have now – USSR – was THE PARADISE!!!

  58. MAHBUB Says:

    I PERSONALLY think that its up to russian and krimean people to choose their own way.and why the U.S govenment always is ready to interfere in countries issues?.americans want to rule the world but putin is not the one who is supposed to obey their way.anyway krimean people chose to join russia. Us government failed to vanquish iran with boycotting or any trick ,so i hope russian people be tough even if they be threatened to boycott.

  59. Vladimir Says:

    Hi everyone. I’m from Eastern Ukraine.
    The main purpose of all that happens in the world is MONEY.
    Do not need to hide behind your ideas, faith and beliefs. And as a matter of fact, this site has been created to make MONEY.
    So let’s keep studying ENGLISH.
    It’s a pity that there are people in the world who’ll step over a human life to achieve their goals.

  60. Evgeni Says:

    Good point, Vladimir!
    As Bob Marley sings: Dont let them fool ya, or even try to school ya!

  61. Sam Says:

    Frankly speaking, I don’t feel I agree with the most voices here. Some voice is actually out of their selfish nature. Maybe I am wrong, but I am not feeling good when a country with more weapons or military forces is bullying another weak country just like a big guy is bullying a small guy at school. Putin, you are absolutely wrong this time. Very few country in the world support you and people can see that in the vote of the united nations!

  62. Sergey Says:

    Hey Sam,
    Good points here. You probably heard about Abkhazia and South Osetia? The world community, with the exception of several countries, has not yet acknowledged their independence. Guess what happened to these territories and people who live there after 2008 when the bloodshed took place? They are thriving. And yes, I agree that each of us can be accused of hipocrisy.

  63. Ivan Says:

    hi everyone.
    I want to ask some issues here to hold fire. dialogue …. … to think in English. My questions are directed to all Russians here who defend Putin and his actions. do not you think that Putin fucked all Russians who want to travel. Until now it was difficult for the Russian people to travel … difficult to get visa .. but after the intervention of Putin in Ukraine will become even more difficult to travel.
    Europe and America have imposed additional sanctions for all Russians who will want to travel. Is not that disregard the rights of the Russian people? Putin thinks of the Russian people. I do not think so. What won the Russian people with the intervention of Putin in Ukraine I really do not know … but I know that the Russian people lost a lot of it to be free and have the choice to travel easily.

  64. Yuri Says:

    There is no intervention to Ukraine yet: Crimea never in the history was part of Ukraine (Turkish, then Russian). Khruschov had no any rights to gift Crimea to Ukraine – it was unlawful. In any case those additional sanctions, for Russians will cost nothing:there will be not less possibility to travel for them. Europe depends of Russia much more, than Russia from Europe. And don’t forget: Russia never been country for own people, but just for top bureaucrats. And now much more, than in Soviet period. So I have dual feeling: historically annexing Crimea is fair, but it was done not for Russia’s people.

  65. Yuri Says:

    And one more thing: my aunt lives in Ukraine and I know (not from any media), that people in Ukraine live even worse, than in Kyrgyzstan, though it seems, that it can not be worse. So I think, that Crimea’s people will win, being part of Russia.

  66. Sergey Says:

    Hey Ivan,
    Do you think that the EU or the USA will ban visas for all the Russians? It is highly unlikely because then they will kill the goose that lays golden eggs. Tourism is developed worldwide. What those countries are now doing, they are imposing sanctions on Russian and Ukranian authorities – big cheeses, say, Miller – the CEO of GAZPROM and some others. Does anybody think that people from other countries will refuse to visit Russia? Well, if they are interested in culture and way of life – hell no. Even when the Arab spring was happening in Egypt – the country that relies on tourism more than anything else – Russian tourists still visited the country. Now, as the economy of Egypt took a giant collapse as the result of those events, the number of people from Russia has decreased and the treasury of the country is counting losses. Nobody will dare to ban the access of each and everyone from any given country – it will be retarded.

  67. Sergey Says:

    Hey guys, just some thoughts.
    Let us consider the following. The authorities of the Crimea announced the referendum. Even being such a tool as I am when it comes to politics, I guess that referendum implies that each and everyone is given a right to choose whatever the options suggest. What is even more important, the participation in that event is up to everybody – it is not set in stone that you must come to the precinct no matter what.
    Do you think that several million people just came to the polling stations because Putin or whoever intimidated them? Bullied them? There is a very good saying to the effect that you can fool some people all the time or all people some of the time, but you cannot fool all people all the time. Can we neglect the opinion of several million people? They could have stayed in the Ukraine, it was their choice. Russia is not perfect at all, it has never been the stronghold of sheer democracy – why people decided to become the part of this “hell”?

  68. Ivan Says:

    Hi Sergey.

    Referendum is a good fictional form of democracy. Everyone has the right to express their opinion. I agree with this referendum as such even if it is made ​​in a coup. But that’s not the issue here. The matter is that Crimea is Ukraine can not just somebody with more power to take the knife and cut it into pieces. All who want to live in Russia after the referendum to make it … nobody stopped .. Putin to give them housing and Russia the problem is solved.

    As Andy said, if everyone started looking for what was his and wants to take it …. what does that mean … we’ll have to kill each other …. Cold War would never end.

    Trust me here things are very deep, the interests of Putin are not for people but for this piece of land. Putin not give a rat’s ass about Russian people.

  69. Sergey Says:

    Hey Ivan,
    If we start watching things in the light “who gives a rat’s ass and who doesn’t” we will inevitably come to the conclusion that nobody really gives a darn about ordinary people. Do the USA or the EU care about the future of the Ukranian people? But for oil, would they initiated “liberation” of Iraq? I will leave this issue to everybody’s discretion. Democracy nowadays is a misnomer. Take any country.

  70. Ivan Says:

    Hello Sergey

    let me tell you a story of Sergei. I do not know who Sergei is because there is more here by that name .. but who commented to limit Russia to travel ..I was 24 years old when I first went to the Germans .. just in Munich. I bought clothes for almost 1000 marks .. then At the time, Germany was with DM, the euro was not there yet. I’m white from many Germans and better dressed than many of them. All the clothes I bought were branded clothes will not list them, that’s not important here. After talking to some German or ask him about something … they asked me where I’m from. After I tell them that I am Bulgarian disgust was great. Let me tell you why. They said a Communist … … communist state. They have a term that say bad things. I only translated it means pig. Use it constantly for everything that irritates them or disgusts. So my point is that even if you’re a good man, well dressed, intelligent statistical average person judge you by your country. This is a great truth. The big mass in the world are average intelligent people … and even well below this level. In two words a great mass of people are stupid. I mean they think in mediocre way. What I did then is why the humiliation which my country was great. I knew Spanish and started to introduces myself as Spaniard. This for me was a great relief, the Germans treated me like I was part of them due to this that the State Spain are in good relations with Germany, and that all Spaniards are not communists, of course.
    So what I want to tell you that these actions of Putin contribute to all Russian people to be treated like piece of shit in Europe.

  71. Sergey Says:

    Hey Ivan,
    If you walk out in the street even in your native country, there will be people who will like you and people who wil dislike you. They will judge you applying their personal criteria – this is only natural. It can be your race, your gender, your age – the list goes on and on. It is practically impossible that Russians or any other nation be treated as “shit”. We are always treated like this by somebody. Probably, it is not shown overtly.
    Some people just don’t care about politics and their attitude won’t change. If you make sweeping generalisations and don’t think by yourself – it’s your choice. (nothing personal Ivan – I speak in general)

  72. Ivan Says:

    Hello Sergey. I totally agree that the fact that you can not please everyone. I think that you should not be liked by everyone. If you are a man who respects itself, then you should not care what people think about you. If you know your own price, I mean, social status, money, education. Let me give you one example that I am sure that you find similarities in it
    Not you noticed how people react to Somebody,for example someone who is from Africa or Albania went into their country. I’ve seen this often , even here in Bulgaria . And I’ve seen the attitude when we say American, French , German or British came to Bulgaria . People’s attitude is different just because they are from another country. It’s about the initial reaction of the people. When I was in Greece this happens again, but not with me but with all Albanians. The Greeks hated them for what they are Albanians . Nobody gave them a chance to know them better as people personally consider this one a good one or bad. They treated them under one common denominator … Albanian … garbage.

    But when you’re in another country and speak their language corrupted way you’re a foreigner. This is quite a different thing.
    This is because as I said, great mass of people are stupid and knee-jerk react. like an animal without thinking.

  73. Evgeni Says:

    There is one British geopolitical principle that looks something like: “There are not any permanent friends or enemies. There are only permanent interests.” So maybe Russia has started to follow this principle. And at very least Russia has asked Crimeans about their will. I intentionally use the word Russia, because it is Russia’s interest, not Putin’s. There is no Almighty Putin.)) Someone has overvalued his achievements big time!
    One more thing. There is U.S. interest. It does not matter who is the president there. Politic does not change. They are constantly at wars. Only region changes. Unfortunately they can not find a better way to keep the dollar as the main currency of the world. But I simplify it here, ofcourse.

  74. Sam Says:

    hi, Sergey,

    Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. You mentioned the referendum in Crimea. Could you tell us the situation in Chechnya? If there is a referendum there, what will happen?

  75. Evgeni Says:

    I live in Siberia of Russia, but my friend’s dad has spent about 6 months in Chechnya. He is a cop and it was some kind of exchange program for policemen. So my point of view is if there is a referendum there, 99,9% or so)) of Chechnya will vote Russia! It’s very clean and peaceful there, they build beautiful mosques and live their own lives. They don’t drink alcohol at all and are modest and friendly to some extent. There are several main problems though. There are very little industry and education there. So they can be easily used as “simple tools”. They just can’t understand and admit complicated scenarios played in the world. The world these days is full of such simple people who can understand only simple Hollywood or comics scenarios like there is a good guy and a bad one. Whose side are u on? Let’s kick their asses or just prohibit them to visit to our wonderful, full of spidermen country))

  76. Evgeni Says:

    I’ve been in us several times, spent about 8 months living and working there. I miss their people, nature and their excellent roads. So I know that there is a great professional army there, the most powerful in the world. Their budget is bigger than total budget of all other countries armies. With such power u can push ur currency in the world and make everyone use it. So it becomes very valuable currency. Then u can buy most of the media and tell them who is an ally, an enemy, a dictator etc. And it is just a part of their means and tools. If I was an American and understood it, I would probably be proud of us gov, of how they manage to keep the rest of the world unstable, to increase the demand for dollar, weapons… And while others argue and fight with each other, they build their industry, economy, “democracy” etc. I’m not blaming them, they just follow their interest. It’s also true that Americans do many good things in the world as well.

  77. Sergey Says:

    IMO it’s not about world politics, russian war bases in Ukraine or helping out fellow russian speaking ukranian, mind you, citizens.
    It just about Putin who is scared of another frauding dictator was overthrown, now even closer to Russia. And all this crazy, frightening stuff he did was only to stay a president even longer(and to have another 100% votes for Putin region in case of Crimea joining). Nothing more. He doesn’t see anything wrong in closing the entire Moscow centre with nearby streets making them deserted for a day for his inauguration ceremony, why should he have a touch with reality this time?

  78. Evgeni Says:

    A bit of improvisation:

    When suddenly it’s getting cold,
    People yell: “it’s Putin’s fault!”))

    Yes, people who think that Almighty P is responsible for everything good and especially bad in the whorld just make me smile. Thank u folks!

  79. Sam Says:

    The vote result for Crimea issue in the United Nation Security Council is 13:1:1. Why is that? Could anyone explain it to us?

  80. Sam Says:

    Evgeni, I agree with you to some extent.

    When people recalled the Second World War,
    They were wondering:”Was it just Adolf Hitler’s fault?”

  81. Evgeni Says:

    Sam, who were financially helping Hitler in 30s? With this help he did a great job for his country. But he had one crasy idea about perfect nation or something.
    Russia is a multinational country, has a huge territory and relatively little population. We would be satisfied if we could use our territory properly.
    And what was the only country that used nuclear weapons against non-nuclear country in history?

  82. Sergey Says:

    Hey Sam,
    All international organisations exist only for the hell of it. What they do – they hold meetings but can you remember any situation that was agreed on unanimously? Let’s us be honest: there are permanent members who could make any difference. When the USA wants something that is good for them – Russia and China veto it. When Russia wants something – guess who uses the right of veto in their turn? UNSC is a big joke – do you think that either Jordan, or Chili, or Chad, or Nigeria, or Lithuania (current temporal members of organisarion) would have dared to show they agree with Russia (let’s presume that it could be like this). Nobody takes their opinion seriously, let us be honest.
    Nobody cares about the people in the first place and even in the second place. Once, the events in Syria were breaking news on every channel – now nobody pays attention to this, although the civil war has been going on for 4 years now. Take missing plane now – who REALLY cares about the fate of the passengers except for the relatives of those passengers? You may feel sorry for them for a sec. and then you start thinking about your toothache because it is more important for you. While we are not involved ourselves – we think that this will never happen to us. Although you can leave the house and get hit by a drunk driver.
    Just my take.

  83. Sam Says:

    Thanks Sergey and Evgeni for your explanation.

    Unfortunately, I am afraid I still can’t agree with most your point of views. No matter what, a big guy bullying and humiliating a small guy is wrong. Absolutely wrong!

  84. Sergey Says:

    Hey Sam,
    From the psychological point of view, there is no point in arguing at all. There will never be a single point of view on any situation in the world. If you ask 10 people – what is the color of the sky? you won’t find a 100% opinion. Everybody will see it slightly differently.
    This principle works everywhere. Imagine meeting a person and from the first 5 secs. of talking to him you have formed an estimate. For example, you don’t like him, for any number of reasons. Then he tries to please in any possible way, but it is highly unlikely that you will become friends. Your gut reaction will be forming your future reaction on his behavior and his actions.
    Something like this. There ate exceptions, of course, but they are far and few between.

  85. YetYoursYuri Says:

    Just read a couple of first posts and can’t wait to ask questions to Ivan who uses very much the word “communism”.
    Do you know that in both Russia and Ukraine communists are (was) in opposition to the governments? Do you know that Putin is NOT a communist?
    I am not supporting him, but let’s be correct, ok?

  86. Ivan Says:

    Hello YetYoursYuri
    Remember one from me … do not listen to what anyone tells you … and look what he’s doing. In Bulgaria we have a saying :
    Wolf changes his fur but he does not change the character, ever.

  87. ulasha Says:

    Hey guys! I am Julya and I sm from russia.I hate Putin, he is kind of dictator. All he does with Ukraine will push our country in cold war. We will be in international isolation soon, like im Soviet Union times.Putin has no any right to interfere in internal Ukraines life and separate it. I guess it is reslly scary situation and it will be very very very bad consequences for Russia.

  88. Sam Says:

    Ulasha, Thanks for sharing your opinion with us!

    I have very complicated feeling with the issue. I have been to Russia a couple of times. I love Russia and its people indeed. I have many good friends there. However, I dislike what Putin did with Ukraine. He not only humiliated Ukraine, their people and their army but also humiliated Russia, Russian and himself. What he did is totally wrong and left a very bad reputation to the whole world and inevitably made people have the impression that Russia is far away from democracy and modern civilization.

  89. Ivan Says:

    Hey ulasha and Sam . I’m glad you think like me. Many Russians have written here do not understand what Putin their reasons … but subsequently sure he will understand. I wrote exactly that in previous comments here and someone did not agree with me. If you want to read them. Russians are talking here about equality of people. As so why Putin millionaire. How he lived and how other Russian people lived. Where is equality.
    I want to give you an example. We all know Mikhail Kalashnikov, and what is given to the world with his weapon. I want to ask all the Russians who defend Putin. How he lived how he died. I will tell you he lived like a dog and died like a dog in a hospital forgotten and useless of Great Russia. What did Russia for him and his heirs … Monument …. That it is made ​​anywhere ,Memorials. I’ll tell you it was used by Russia as now they do it with the whole Russian people, and when they no longer need … was cast as useless thing. If Kalashnikov was in another country invented it … he would have billionaires. But what is the difference from Russia and communism, equality from Europe democracy. That’s it! Putin does not care what will impose Europe and America to Russia … because he has money and power, and for him it does not matter. He can live where he wants. I ask you what the ordinary Russian people gain from all this and Crimea. Nothing. It remains poor and a nobody. Putin only benefit from the Crimea.

  90. Ivan Says:

    hello Everyone. I want to ask you something. How to become a millionaire before ’25? We all know Mark Zuckerberg. Do you think that if he was Russian and Facebook made ​​in Russia would have the money and fame? I do not think so. If you do not know his grandfather was Bulgarian and has escaped America. He himself said in an interview …. I’m proud of Bulgarian ancestry, “said Zuckerberg sensational. Why his grandfather has escaped in America ?
    If you do not know John Vincent Atanasoff is Bulgarian and he invented the computer. But after he fled to America. Why do you think that there it is not patented in Bulgaria … The answers are simple … because it would be the second Kalashnikov.

  91. Max Says:

    Hi Everyboby!
    I live in Russia, Moscow and this is really annoying to read a ton of cliches you’ve been whritten all about the “real situation” around the crisis in Ukraine and its related “facts” that is coming from your regional TVs or from someone’s childhood fears of world communism, Mr. Putin and etc.
    Just facts:
    1. Not any revolution can be started by accident. There is always some big brother (historically it is the Great Britain in Europe) supports and has an enfluence.
    2. When did the revolution in Ukraine begin? – 2-3 weeks before Olymlic Games. Why? – because it was best time – Russia was focused on the games and was not able to respond properly.
    3. When did Yanukovich leave the country? – a few days after the closing of OG. What happened next – escalation of the conflict – anarchy.
    4. Information war began – no one was talking about the wounderful Olympic Games held in Sochi, but almost all western public channels started its propoganda against pro-Russian Yanukovich gov and then Putin’s regime.
    5. Annexation of Crimea and financial sanctions against some Russian billioner officials – Putin’s mates.
    This is a revenge of the US for the Snowden case black PR and a good attempt to isolate Ukraine from Russian economic ambitios of creation of a new improved economic union in CIS.
    Will see how this chess game will move on. Personally, I think it was a necessary strategic event for Crimea annexation by Russia to having a trump card for summit talks.

  92. Sergey Says:

    Ivan, yeah, right, Zuckerberg surname just screams “BULGARIAN” lol.

    Max, you know, a lot of european countries refused to hold Olympic games because of their extremly high cost and low yield. The only reason for holding games our government (apart from corruption) could give is a worldwide reputation and other abstract things. Now could you please explain where are those money spent for Olympics that was meant to improve Russia reputation in world court after russian invasion in Ukraine? They are wasted.
    Our country used all those money for getting sanctions and cold war level of international hate once more.

    Btw I’d like to ask all russian people supporting Putin’s actions here – since when did it become ok to hate and wish bad and nasty things to happen to our fellow neighbour state – because this is exactly what are you doing in this pseudopatriotic rush. Get a clue of what’s happening by yourself if you still can. Start from googling “Austria anschluss” by one extremely popular leader last century.

  93. Sam Says:

    10 countries in the world supported Russian Government with the Crimea issue in the Assembly of United Nations. They are Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Nicaragua, Bolivia,and Armenia.

  94. Ivan Says:

    If your pet Putin hides the news from the Russian people it not my fault that you’re ignorant. That’s too bad for you that do not follow world news … It is ridiculous you claim that you have a realistic idea and opinion !…. I tell you on what basis are your statements … they are from the tabloids …

  95. elierre Says:

    Dear participants of the dialogue,

    I had so much to say, but reading all the thread left me such a mixed feeling…
    My main message is that countries as people sometimes face difficult issues; politicians, which always use any possibility to score their points, begin to strike common people on opposite sides of the “barricades”, using their emotions and ignorance. Yes, most of the people are ignorant not due to lack of education but as what they were taught was not always true and we really have a lot of information to deal with everyday. Let’s be honest: in this world, overwhelmed with information, being well informed and knowing everything around in depth is getting harder and harder. That’s why common people from different countries and with different points of view should treat each other with respect! It’s the requirement of nowadays, I’m positive. Now it’s important more than ever. I’m sad to see that essential respect is often missed out. Some participants blaim media of other countries of being untruthful. But are they sure that they themselves are not a product of their countries’ media in their opinions? I saw a term “communism” applying to Russia of nowadays by citizens of some other countries without any proofs, just as slogan. Why do those people think that their opinions are reasonable, based on something real, even if it’s objected by real Russians living in Russia now? Some of the participants blaim others for the deeds of the government of that particular country, which is ridiculous. I am Russian myself but I didn’t visit Ukraine with a knife to cut off the piece of land of that respectable people.I don’t feel glad that Ukraine now facing lot of troubles. I feel pain as they are my brothers and sisters and I wish them all the best! I communicate with some people from Ukraine and we are good and friendly towards each other, even though sometimes we have different points of view.

    Thanks for everyone for sharing their approaches to this really complicated situation.
    I want to share my thoughts about the discussion here more, than my personal (ignorant, for sure) view of the Russia-Ukraine thing.

    Andy, thanks for the relevant topic. It’s a good challenge for all of us to see if we are really respectful towards other people and open and wih critical thinking.

  96. Denis Says:

    Hello everybody,
    I’d like to say that it’s a big pleasure to know that there are some people on the other top of the world were not affected by damn propaganda..well as a Russian citizen I try to avoid any kind of political speeches, because I’m aware of the methods to hold any group of people in constant control.
    So back to the topic,
    I’ll just omit the words how Crimea is related particularly with my family and will try to explain the Government stance firstly.
    Crimea is a very important strategic facility, to continue hold the sway in the Black Sea, Russia cannot afford itself lost it, well they had some agreement with Ukraine over there harbors, they’re well paid and were given even a huge discount on the gas-oil, but as “New Ukraine” politicians struggling to go away from Russia, Putin and CO by that time understood that the rent won’t be continued!
    Here we are, losing Crimean region, Russia would have lost control over the Black Sea and you know what the consequences would be? There is Turkey coast in the 100km or so away from Crimea, you know what I mean, who would take this harbor.

  97. brat-h Says:

    The Russian Tsar is working his way to organize a civil war in Ukraine, at least in the east, and to put the blame on Ukraine. And after that, “with a clear conscience”, he wants to occupy the South and East of Ukraine. By the way Crimea needs fresh water and electricity from mainland Ukraine just for surviving. I guess Tsar doesn’t want to buy water if he can take it by force. So far the most depressed Donetsk and Lugansk have a lot of russian agents provocateur, rebels (whose main purpose is to be killed, as many as possible, and to give Putin the “casus belli”), and of course the russian troops across the eastern border ready to invade.

    Hail Putin! The true Russian antiNazi Führer!

  98. t-Thailand Says:

    hey 2 brothers, what’s up, I’ve been listening you guy’s radio/mp3 on my phone everyday; I like it and I’d like to give some of my humble suggestions

    and I want to let you know that I will support your program and also like to know what do you guys think about my suggestion below. please do not hesitate to contact me by email above

    here are:

    1. talk normally speed, do not slow down the accents, it’s advanced english lesson , isn’t it? I can almost catch up approximately 99% of your conversation, but when I switched to listen BBC radio, the guardian nes etc, I feels I lost in somewhere…. maybe it’s because of the Brits accents, but you know, a little bit faster than normal or even normal will do fine;

    2. try to avoid some sentences or phrases that you guys frequently speak, like “all right, that’s a good stuff”, please use another word, you know, diversity

    3. since it’s advanced english, please add up more depth topic.. i guess some abc, bbc, nbc news talk can help a lot

    4. it will be delightful if you guys can bring up some female voice into some lesson, still diversify

    5. Learn How to Speak EXACTLY Like a Native Speaker, it’s you motto, emphasize it, talk just like you two exist, despite the audience/listener, let us feel you two are talked just like a native speaker

    PS: I am a Chinese who currently live in Shanghai. a trilingual youth

  99. Lady from Ukraine Says:

    The point is that people living in Crimea asked Russian Federation to take them to Russia and to make them Russians. It’s the will of the Crymean people. Of course new AGGRESSIVE government of Ukraine, which consists from criminals and slayers and is supported and funded by the US, doesn’t want give this land to anybody. And they, of course, don’t care about what the people of the country need and want. And you, Andy, are absolutely right when you say that it’s none of their business (I mean the deadly tandem- the US and Europe). It seems that they would support even the devil as long as he is against Russia. This unreasonable and unexplainable hatred to Russia… And people, who writes about democracy… Are you insane? There is NO democracy in the world. It’s just the word which helps to conceal all the evil things in the world. And why, the hell, does the US think that it has the perfect political system and it has the right to impose it to other countries? I love Putin because he is a wonderful wise leader and hate the US for it’s stupid agressiveness. Everything is simple.

  100. Victor Says:

    Andy If you think about Ukraine like this – you are dead wrong about it !!! We don t have fashists out here There are only people thet sick and tired from politicians who have been stoul our money during many years!! that s why revolution was started !! But Russia used our weakness when Yanukovich went our (Who was absolutely stupid idiot by the way because can t even speak his own language can t even create a sentence ) and conquered Сrimea !! What will you say if the east part of Ukraine will be a Russia territory !! Until the 1991 Many countries entered Soviet Union about twenty countries with a lot of nationalities…. you think – it s all Russian territory !!! It s ridiculous that someone think that Crimea is Russian territory!! Russian goverment always have been invaded to foreign countries and grabbed a profit from this !!

  101. Ramdas Says:

    Palestine, Israel, and USA. Who is right?
    whats your take on it.

  102. soudeh Says:

    Hi AddY,
    I am gonna ask you to kindly allocate one of the lessons to say thanks and to appreciate others and generally polite language which I found it very difficult in different situations. Also I couldn’t find any relevant resource so far.
    Thanks a lot.

  103. Paul Says:

    Hi guys,
    what happened to you? I’ve been thinking of buying VIP again, but I can’t see more lessons. Just a few since my membership expired. You gotta start doing your job better or you’ll lose a lot of people. This is not acceptable to pay for something and you don’t do what you’re supposed to do !!! I’m so disappointed :-(

  104. ivan Says:

  105. Zara Says:

    Guys I just want to thank you for what you are doing .
    I’m study English at university and I’m from Iran . We listen to your lessions all the time . And Andrew you are my favorite .

  106. Ivan Kolev Says:

    For all Russians who claim that there is no communism in Russia.

  107. Natasha Says:

    Hi Andy/Add, I’ve made the payment to purchase the VIP membership on 30 Nov 10:15pm, and I have been trying so many times by different user name different password to register but I still can get it, can you please check for me ? thank you so much.

  108. Oleksandr Says:

    If you want to understand what is happen you must learn all Ukrainian – Russian history (can from 13 century). Just go to wiki (English for objective sight) and read. And after reading all ask yourself: ‘Who is a crazy imperial?’.

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