Would One Language Stop War?

Imagine if the whole world spoke one language.  Seriously, imagine it for a minute…

Would there be war?  Who would be fighting in it?

I believe that most people throughout the world do not want war.  They will say they want it if their country MUST fight, but they would prefer a peaceful world.

The problem is that the world is really terrible at understanding other countries and other people’s perspectives.  It’s so much easier to go to war with a culture that seems so different than it is to go to war with a country who is almost the same.

The western governments (especially US) are really effective at making other countries look like they are either filled with a horrible culture, an evil dictator as a leader, or filled with psycho terrorists.  This makes people scared, and when they are scared, most people will just believe whatever their government tells them, and whatever they see on TV and the news.

Most people are too busy paying attention to sports or the latest pop songs anyway.  They don’t know much about what is going on in the world, and they don’t really care.  It’s sad, but it’s true.

War is a huge business and that’s the main reason it continues in my belief.

It seems obvious (and totally crazy) to me that most countries in the world almost seem to “enjoy” their ignorance about other countries.  We all learn that our own history is better than it is, and that the history of other countries is worse than it is.  This pride and misunderstanding keeps the hatred alive, and it allows the possibility of war to always be present.

Could we all just learn one language and at least learn enough about one another to stop the fighting and killing?  I think so.  I just don’t think the global bankers and the government leaders in the world want that.  They prefer the fighting, killing, money, and misunderstanding.

Try to have a conversation with anyone about other countries.  Talk with them about Iran, North Korea, USA, Iraq, Syria, China, Russia, Brazil.  Listen to their opinions.  Ask them how they get their information and why they believe it so strongly.  You will see that most people feel confident they know what is going on, but when you ask them “how they know” you’ll see they are just people who easily believe what is in the news and what their governments (school system) tells them.

Love to hear your thoughts on why war keeps continuing, who really benefits from this, and would one language help to either stop it, or almost stop it.  Don’t be shy :)  Please share below.

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13 Responses to “Would One Language Stop War?”

  1. Maciej Says:

    It is not simple as that. It is not about language but about “drugs, money and sex” in othher words about power – even simpler than language ;) . When it comes to the idea of one language, for sure it would be easier to communicate other countries, nevertheless just like you said the media is the medium between “us” and other countries, so they make us hear exactly what they want. Fortunately apart from mainstream media there are some independent sources of information like twitter, internet blogs etc. where there is no cenzorship so information there could be more reliable, not always but still. I think we already have some basic knowledge about countries that for example USA, Russia are in state of armed conflict with. It is no mystery that behind these conflists is money. So even though we are able to communicate other nations using the same language it would not change a lot. Our goverments would do their best in order to justify their mischevious actions.

  2. Kingfisher Says:

    Thanks for the new blog post here.
    Perhaps it seems to be a wonderful idea of having a world that ppl are only speaking one language, but this certainly helps each one of us to get to understand what someone else’s thinking and swipes some of the stereotypes away. Unfortunately, the differences in race, culture, lifestyle, religion for instance are still there. There are still so many chances for us to deny what the ppl from another country has been doing. That’s really sad. I admit I have been judging some of the people I saw by what they wore and looked. This maybe happened to you once and awhile. We maybe have a tendency to judge so many books by its cover before we actually flip over the pages. But all things considered, it might be useful and helpful to eliminate the misconception between one and other, but it would be much less exciting when it comes to travelling to somewhere new. There would be no chance of making fun of someone else’s accent or China232 might go bankrupt if that language is not Enlgish.

  3. R Says:

    If we could speak one language, then I believe that people could understand each other better and negotiate a solution om many occasions.
    Yes, most people don’t want war,neither do I. But some people like war and using arms and enjoy killing each other at war.(I don’t understand those people though….) I am against war and a pacifist.
    But when it comes to religion, they think completely different and what they believe depends on the religion.They have different concept and believe as to what the justice/rightness is. So I think everything is not about just a language. This world is so complicated. But I believe if we could speak one language, then we could understand more and have less conflicts between nations.
    That’s why I keep learning and studying English.

  4. Muhsen Hadi Says:

    Hello all,
    Exactly the main reason of existing and continuing war in the world is money and benefit if war destroys a country or society in other hand it makes some benefit for some people or other countries, that is why unfortunately the war would not be getting end in our world. Let me to have a real example here:
    I am from Afghanistan and its about 30 years keeps continuing war in Afghanistan but exactly the source of creating and continuing of the war is not inside Afghanistan perhaps its coming from our neighbors countries due to many reason but don’t want to explain how and why due to here is not place for politics.
    About language, exactly similarity of speaking around the world pave the way that people easy communicate and understand each other, share their believes, opinions…etc. Also it would decrease the level of war around the world but unfortunately may not remove completely the war due to other existing reasons for example, one another of the reason is the differences of religion that still people are killing each other around the world, like in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other counties and its continuing very badly right now.
    Let me to tell you a short story about the benefit of the similarity of language.
    Four guys( with different languages ) joint together in a long distance walking way at the half the way one of them asked lets buy something to eat they all agreed. One of them said I want grapes, the other said no, I want üzüm (grape in Turkish language), the other said not both of you I want Angor (grape in Persian language) and the forth guy said let’s have a виноград (Grape in Russian language). They could not make decision despite they wanted one thing that was Grape but asked it in four languages. They started disputing each other finally one guy came and asked what is going on with you all? One of them said we can’t make decision due to the differences of our choice. The guy asked individually each of them and they said what they want. The guys understood the reason of their conflict and told them, let’s contribute your money and give it to me, I will solve your problem. The guys brought grape, individually each of them said “Yes” I wanted it.
    Result; there were not any differences between their wants only their languages made different their choice.

  5. Asad, Pakistan Says:

    English is spoken in almost every country these days but that does not prevent wars from happening. It is all about personal gains and super power status. As long as countries have personal agendas to fulfill there will always be wars. Let’s give a religious spin to it – there is a prediction that before the end of this world there will religious wars to be fought out and so on. It has been the case since the inception of this world and it will continue to do so in the same vein. We humans are programmed like that. So speaking one language will not bridge any gap or remove hatred between countries. Your idea is noble since you travel a lot and live in different cultures so your thinking horizon is pretty broad. However, not everyone thinks like that in the real world.

  6. john Says:

    Understanding other cultures better would definitely help to get rid of war. Mixed marriages are good for that reason.

    I know because I have many Chinese friends and am married to an Asian lady.

    They are all just people trying to survive from day to day just like everyone else.

    The next time a government tries to go to war make the polititions do the fighting and lets see how long it lasts then!

  7. Yuri Says:

    Languages are the smallest of the reasons of war. Human’s greed, intolerance and jealousy are the main reasons. My opinion is confirmed by big quantity of civil wars all around the world.

  8. Mariko Says:

    Your app is kind of difficult for me to use because you have to scroll a lot. Also, the scripts often don’t show up properly.

  9. Pawel Says:

    Communication creates almost 100% of total conflicts. It is obvious that one language could help resolve the problem slightly. But we have to bear in mind that language is just a tool. Nothing more. Just the tool.
    If we forget about our needs and concentrate on others then all conflicts will disapear. It is just a question of time.

  10. ARTUR Says:

    I know that it’s very important to the government to have their own national language. It’s just like patriotic feeling. But for me it’s just garbage. I’m living in Kazakhstan. Here 80% of people talking in Russian, and government, because of this, forced all pupil to study Kazakh language. And they, make all these paperwork in government structure in Kazakh language. It’s terrible, because most people don’t understand it at all. Anyway my thoughts is that it will be great to have one language on the planet. if that were the case i would go out from this terrible country. You know of course US is not very good country, but it’s way better that Kazakhstan. We live with one president since 1989. This one is democratic? I don’t think so, but our government thy to tell us that we are living into the democratic country

  11. Kalkin Says:

    Unfortunately, you can’t stop wars just by the unification of world languages. At best one language will help us to learn more about our neighbours and understand them better. Even making this small step towards common understanding will be difficult due to the strong cultural differences we have and different levels of our education. And wars usually start because of different reasons. Hunger for power and money, hunger for resources that can supply us with power and money, just to name a few. I doubt if we can solve all these problems in the future.

  12. Lee Says:

    It is very simple, nothing complicated. You just mentioned in your article that war is just different type of business. Needless to say, people in those business will get richer with each war occuring throughout the world. The weapon market is no longer domestic business. They sell armors to anybody no matter where they live. I dont think using one language help understand each other’s perspectives. The war will keep continuing either by force or by money until there is no more poor or rich in our world which is impossible.
    Thanks for reading!!

  13. Shivraj Bidiyasar Says:

    My name is Shivraj and i am from india. It is my frist comment on your blog . I have read all last blog.this is intersting topic and according to me if whole world speak same language then we will understand to others easily and there will be no misunderstandig and peoples can make better relationship with others So we says that the confilts might be a lot of decrease.other side a war depend on situation & mentelability of peoples. I think English is spoken at all around the word about above 80%.and such countries group is also . Which languages are same. But what is not be war? Many countries are in situation of homewar.so i think the role of language in the war is a little. If any mistakes in it. tell me my mistakes Really sorry …

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