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Butt Ugly VS Drop Dead Gorgeous

I’m always trying to think of the most useful stuff to teach you guys.  I do put the majority of it in the VIP section for obvious reasons, but I want to make sure I remember to teach at least some of this awesome stuff to everyone who uses this site.   “I don’t want to toot my own horn… I’m just saying :)

I was watching some Hollywood comedy movies last night, while pigging out on ice cream, and I was reminded of both these terms below.  I used them a lot when I was in high school, and my friends and I use them quite a bit now.  Native speakers will LOVE it when you use this stuff.

First one is:

Butt Ugly:  If someone is “Butt Ugly” it means they are super ugly.  They are the total opposite of someone who is hot.  It’s a very common but very mean thing to say.  It’s usually used between friends when they are talking about a person who isn’t in the room.  (It’s horrible if you say this directly to someone’s face).  And of course it’s not nice to talk about people’s appearance in a negative way, but let’s face it, it still happens all the time in real life.

So, “butt ugly” is super ugly.  You can say “Butt ugly” or just “butt”.  ”Butt” is even more slang and it’s hilarious.

Example 1:  ”I can’t believe he’s dating her.  She’s butt ugly”

Example 2:  ”Does anyone honestly think she’s hot?  I think she’s totally butt”

(Tell a native speaker you learned this phrase and they will laugh for sure)

Oh ya, I just remembered, it doesn’t always have to be about people either.  This phrase can be used to describe some things.  Someone could say something like, “I think the colors you use on your website look butt ugly”.  Or “Do you think anyone will buy from your site?  It looks butt”

The second one is:

Drop Dead Gorgeous

This is a set phrase that means “absolutely beautiful”.  It is used together and you can’t change the words.  You can’t say “dead gorgeous” for example.  You can’t even say “drop dead beautiful”.  Those things sound super weird.  It’s always, “Drop dead gorgeous”.  Remember that.

Example 1:  ”She looked drop dead gorgeous in her wedding dress”

Example 2:  ”That sunset is drop dead gorgeous”

I hope you liked these ones!  Pay attention to native speakers and I’m sure you’ll start hearing these phrases often!

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24 Responses to “Butt Ugly VS Drop Dead Gorgeous”

  1. Ashkan from Iran Says:

    Hey dude thanks those two stuff were DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

  2. manuel Says:

    I had heard of these two slangs before, but now they sound clearly to me and I’m already use them both.

  3. Mousa Says:

    Good job guys..

  4. Maribel Says:

    thank you guys, those are so hilarious, good to know. you two brothers would be drop dead gorgeous if you were girls :)

  5. Olga Says:

    thnks for pharases, guys!
    between, I heard “ugly as fuck” once from my friend , does this expression exist or it’s just his own way to express how ugly was his classmate?

  6. Vario Serant Says:

    Drop dead gorgeous are such phrases!

  7. iman Says:

    great job.

  8. Andy Says:

    Hi guys,

    Olga, thanks for your question! That is a hilarious phrase. Obviously a very slang one you need to be careful with, but YES, people do use the term “ugly as fuck” between friends all the time. Great one!

  9. Morteza from Iran Says:

    Hey, guys. Thanks. They were great.

  10. Padid Says:

    Hi guys, your lessons have been invaluable for me since I got familiar with your website.

  11. reza Says:

    I don’t want to toot my own horn but I learn all the lessons which you put them on you website because i LOVE your lessons:):):)and be sure that your website isn’t butt ugly,it is drop dead gorgeous!!!!

  12. Reza Says:

    It was awesome as always thank you so much.

  13. Milad from iram Says:

    hi there, Thanks for invaluable and useful stuffs

  14. Deus Says:

    everybody read it plz
    I was wondering why nobody replied my previous comments concerning my secret that I’m divulging it now. I just wanted to give you all Both VIP lessons and Speak English Fluently all for free. Nobody gave a damn shit about this philanthropy of mine and I’m pissed off with all of you. Keep waiting for godforsaken idioms and slangs to be published here. As Paul Sartre has it: Hell is the Others.

  15. Maryam from Iran Says:

    Thank you guys.

  16. Connie Miranda Says:

    The indefinite pronouns anyone, everyone, someone, no one, and nobody are always singular and, therefore, require singular verbs:
    If someone is “Butt Ugly” it means they are super ugly…
    Tell a native speaker you learned this phrase and they will laugh for sure…

    “someone” is singular
    “a native speaker” is singular

  17. Paul King Says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve already used the slang. I agree with you, second one sounds totally weird but I like this one. “Butt Ugly”is weird slang as well. To be honest I don’t really like it. I would rather use “Totally Butt” This one is a really hilarious slang and at the same time really mean. Probably everyone would get offended.
    Anyway, good stuff Guys as usual. Keep up the good work !!!


  18. Thais Says:

    Those expressions are super nice!

    Thanks very much

  19. Andy Says:

    Hi Connie,

    You bring up an interesting point.

    I guess this is a great example of why learning from native speakers is how to learn real English.

    Even though it may be grammatically incorrect to use “Someone…they” like you mentioned above, it’s extremely common among native speakers. It’s not really considered a mistake either in most situations other than writing a university English essay.

    I think the reason is if I said “someone” I’d have to then say “he or she”. That’s annoying to say or write all the time so we often simplify it to just saying “they” in that case. I hope that makes sense, even though it’s technically incorrect.

  20. Hamid Reza Says:

    Sounds pretty cool….

  21. Juan Says:

    Hi Everybody, thanks Connie for your point and as usual thanks you guys.

    I like the idea to dispalying opposittes in one set. Once I just remember the firs one

    I catch up the second one inmediately. great ¡¡

    What a casualty¡¡ The film Dr .dolitle has a hilarious scene where the word butt is heard. In that scene when the Dr. Dolitle ( Eddie Murphy ) was a child he used to often talk with his dog, and in one of this casual corversations the kid asks the dog :
    why do dogs sniff their butts each other ? Get it , sure as funny as drop dead gorgeous.

    Thank you guys , keep it going ¡¡

  22. Pithole Says:

    this is not as great as the previous, it’s a bit butt ugly (can it be put this way) but still a good one. good job!

  23. ahmad Says:

    wow! these are pretty cool. i’ve heard about the first slang i.e” butt ugly”, the second one is totally new to me.:)

  24. ahmad Says:

    thank you guys

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