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Our Thai Pet

I don’t know why but I really wanted to write something to you guys about this topic…

(I’m charging my phone so I can’t take a picture now, but I will if you guys want.  Just let me know in the comments)

On the island I’m staying on, there are a TON of stray dogs and stray cats.

“Stray” animals, are animals without an owner.  They just live on their own out in the wild.  No one takes care of them.  We usually use the word “stray” with mainly dogs and cats.   I think the reason we do this is because those are 2 very common animals that make for good house pets.

Another little piece of slang you might like is this:

In spoken English, if you want to ask someone if they like dogs more or cats more, you could ask:  ”Are you a dog person or a cat person?”  That means, “Do you like dogs or cats?”

You could answer with “I’m a dog person” or “I’m not really a pet person”.  Something like that.

Anyway, now onto the story…

There is a super cute stray cat who always stays outside of my room.  She always waits by the door and wants to come in the room.  I felt a bit guilty when looking at the cute eyes so I let the cat in the room.  Now she always sleeps on the bed.  I’ve never been a “cat person” before, but her green eyes seduced me.

It’s so easy to get emotionally attached to pets.  Add and I had a pet rabbit when we were about 10 and 8 years old.  Our parents never wanted any other pets for some reason.  I think it’s mostly because my mom knew she’d have to take care of it and she’s the type of person who would not love dog hair all over the couch.

For the first time in my life, I’m starting to think seriously about getting a pet.

Do you guys have pets?  Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Do you recommend I get one?  What kind?

We have a famous saying in English.  ”A dog is a man’s best friend”.  I think I can understand why.  Dog’s are always happy and kind.  They never get angry the way girlfriends do either!  (Just kidding ladies)

Love to hear your thoughts as always.

43 Responses to “Our Thai Pet”

  1. pt Says:

    aaawww….! You know what Andy? Since I joined to I’m very into your topics and writing style but the most into your philosophy of life and of anything else guys! But after today’s post I wish you were my husband! It’s so cute!

  2. Maribel Says:

    I haven’t had a pet so far. because of the same reason your mom doesn’t like, But I love animals, so that I dont eat meat and went vegetarian. I have other reasons too but now just talking about animal. I thinks cats and dogs are not different from other animals like cows, sheep and pigs who we kill them easily and eat them. they are animals too and they suffer like humans. specially the way companies are now raising them,they dont have a room to even move a little around, they feed them terribly in order to just make them grow faster. its like torturing them. In addition, their meat is not healthy anymore. Its just full of hormones and contaminated by several infectious bacterias, and also the animal fat like cholesterol causes many diseases like heart disease and cancer, have you ever though why the rate of cancer, diabetes, obesity and etc. in USA is that high compared to other countries?

  3. Marta Says:

    Hello guys! Thank u for your wonderfull posts! I am a dog person.I like dogs.I agree with u,dogs are kind,they love people and very honest. I had a dog when i was about 15 years old.if u wanna get one I recommend u dog! I love to listen and read your podcast and posts.U guys amazing! Wish u all the best:)
    Thank u!

  4. Kingfisher Says:

    Keeping a dog would be better as a cute dog could be a complete conversation starter while you are walking them. You might attract a bunch of hot chicks to talk to you and might even get they phone number! so encouraging to have one. For cats, we can’t walk a cat on street, I don’t see that very often. Another thing about dogs I would like to share is that dogs is very sensitive about being stared by people when they are pooing. It’s true for most of the dogs. They’ll be furious if people do that because they would think you are not respecting their privacy. People will probably get bitten so be careful. Anyways, keeping a pet is all about responsibility and love, sometimes it could cost you a fortune when they are ill, think twice before having one.

    Like everything 232 has !

  5. ivan kolev Says:

    Hi guys . love of animals is deep in our heart. I am a dog person, because they have unconditional love.

  6. Kana Says:

    Hi guys, I found you guys pod cast recentry. It’s really help for my English. Thank you.

    About a today’s topic I am a dog parson.
    Mostly I like small dog.
    I have a miniature dachshund and She is so adorable!!!
    When I look into her eyes it just melts my heart…
    I think dogs (or cats) mentally help us a lot because they are so innocent.

  7. russell Says:

    Hamster is the best pet especially as a first pet. I’ve listen all your podcasts and I’m waiting for new…

  8. Andrea Says:

    I’m definitely a cat person. When I was a little kid, we always had cats at home, so they remind me of my childhood. Plus, I find them really cute (I love it when they purr and rub against me.)

    Anyway, I’d love to see a pic of your dog!

  9. hi! Says:

    I’m a cat person! I have 2 lovely cats: Mandy and Pepe.

  10. YC Says:

    Hi there !
    I have a dog . His name is Valter Wolf Algrish . He is a German shepherd . He is cool , he knows all orders , BUT he executes only if you have some food for him . He is always hungry :) . I realy love him .

  11. Mom Says:

    Hi Andrew and Addison,
    This is your mom replying for the first time.
    I did laugh out loud when I read your blog.You are partly right about the pet hair on the couch, but we did not have a cat or dog as we were a busy family. A pet would have been left alone too long each day to be fair to them.
    Besides,Andrew,you did not ever ask for a pet except our rabbit “Oreo”
    Addison, however did say he would have liked to have a dog.

  12. Flora Says:

    I’m definitely a dog person. To have a dog was part of my childhood dream, and still is. I personally prefer big dogs like Golden retrievers and German shepherds since they are really loyal. I think I love cats too, like a little fur ball, very cute. My friends said when u open the door and let your dog out, he always looked back at you, meaning he wants to go out with you, but when you do the same to a cat, she probably just slip out of the door. We can’t blame cats since it’s just of their nature, more independent.

    I believe it’s a big responsibility to keep a pet, so make sure you really want one before having one:) Pets may have high expectation on you too. I think Garfield said it all:”Love me, feed me, and never leave me”:)

  13. R Says:

    I am a cat person. Because they have sexy eyes!
    Like the angeles of Victoria’s secret !!! Lol

  14. Ana Says:

    Hi, guys, great post as usual!

    Flora, I do agree with everything you said, you took the words out of my mouth!

    Add and Andy: your mom responding the post: just awesome!!!

    For some reason, I really think that Add is a dog person and Andrew is a cat person. Am I wrong?

  15. arezoo Says:

    I’m not really a pet person but I have a gold fish.In my country (Iran) we buy gold fish
    for new year (NORUZ) so I have it from last NORUZ. In addition new year is near(on 21th March).

  16. Ann Says:

    I am not a pet person either. However, when I was watching my one-year-old son chasing a little kitten recently I thought of buying a cat or picking a stray one into our home. Besides, my husband loves pets. He says they are sincere and true compared to people:))).
    I personally enjoy spending time with people rather than pets))).

    Andy, you seem like having a cat already. That one with seductive green eyes, so just take care of it! Stray pets are cleverer than pure-bred ones (according to my husband:).

  17. Lina Says:

    I’m not a pet person, but I really think of it now because my daughter wants to get a cat. I’m like your mom who understand own responsible for it. I think I will give up and finally we will buy a cat. Thanks for shearing your story. This is very nice one.

  18. Karina Says:

    I am really a pet person, I love cats and dogs, and of course, I have a dog at home. It’s named Sofia! It’s so beautiful, small and furry..I love it! But unfortunately, there is a time during every single year, that it sucks when we find dog hair all over the house, it is terrible! But, anyway…I love my dog and that’s it!
    How Can I say when I want to mean that we need to cut some of the hair of the dog? Thanks!

  19. Karolina Says:

    I’m really love pets. I’m a dog person, I have got German Shepard is great dog. My dog name is Pigwa. Is really smart and beautiful. I think dogs are really frends for people. Cat’s have got their world, goes their own paths.

  20. Vodka Kitty Says:

    I have a dog but she doesn’t live with me. When I lived with my parents so was always with me. She slept in the bed, she acted like a person, and she was so sweet. I still have her but I don’t get to see her as much as I would like.
    My dog is a Jack Russell Terrier. She is very hyper and active.
    I recommend Jack Russell’s because they are so fun to be around and they will change your life. If you are a more active person then that type of dog is for you. I also like labs but they are bigger. I prefer small dogs.
    I like this topic.
    :-) Vodka

    Do you recommend I get one? What kind?

  21. kahla Says:

    I meant to say: She was always with me. I made a typo. :-)

  22. Olga Says:

    I used to be a dog person.
    Since I remeber, we used to have a dog, or 2, or 3 sometimes.
    Now I have just one little cute white chiwawa named Cocaine.
    But when I lived in Koh Phangan , we “adopted” 3 stray local cats, fed em, let them sleep iside the house etc.
    But though I love any dogs, some thai dogs are strange. They love to sleep on the road (may be because the concrete keeps warmth), and when you drive your bike after a party , tired and sleepy, you should be careful to not hit a doggy.
    May be you’ve seen those dogs, guys, if you are on Phangan now. It’s the road from Thong Sala to Haad rin where they adore to speep.

  23. simona Says:

    I am a cat person. I have to wonderful cat, called Cesira and Luisa. We found them in our garden , they were so small and frighten! Now, after many years of common life, they are members of our family, completely health and really enchanting!

  24. nikoo Says:

    Honestly speaking I’m not a pet person but I love cats specially Persian’s cats.
    They are very famous and damn expensive!

  25. Natalia Says:

    I’m definitely a cat person. I’ve had 2 cats in my life – when I was living with my parents. Now i’m living on my own and i’d looove a ginger cat!
    I suppose dogs are great too, but I consider they need a house and a backyard to hang out in.

    Do post the picture of the cat!

  26. Hamid Reza Says:

    Hi guys,
    To be honest, I am not really a pet person and I am not up for having pets at all. In following, I would like to explain why:
    First of all, you should always take care of them and be responsible towards them. Do you really have enough time to do it? My response would be “NO”.
    Secondly, as you know Addy boy, most domestic animals have shorter life as compared to human being. So, you have to encounter its death during your lifetime. How awful it’s gonna be!!!! Once you are getting used to it, it dies and you have to buy new one and get used to it….
    Thirdly, I totally agree with you mom. It is boring to clean their mess….
    And last but not the least, it has been proved that they spread some dangerous diseases and I think it is out of mind to keep them at home particularly when we have baby at home…

  27. Farzin Says:

    Hey guys. I have two dogs, my sister has 3 and my mother-in-law has 4. Recently, I have started to take care of a kitten which had been hitten in the head by a bastard and ever since he has been blind due to some damages to his brain. In early days when I brought him in, he seized couple of times a day and his suffering clawed so badly at my soul that after treating him, I decided to keep him cuz I am pretty sure this poor love can’t take care of himself anymore. So I am quite qualified to give you some piece of advice. Don’t ever bring a pet in unless you feel committed enough to take care of it until death parts you. Needless to say that cats are more likely to live home in mating season; they are less smart and more grumpy. As you mentioned dog’s are famous for being good companies rather than cats.

  28. ALex Says:

    hello everybody!!!

  29. parvin Says:

    i’m really a cat person but my parets don’t let me to have one of them please take her picture

  30. Emanuele Says:

    Hi everybody, Andrew we might say that’s a phenomenon cat isn’t it? :)

    Anyway i’m definitely i dog person, cats don’t hear you out when you call them, they’re committed on their own stuff, busy to lick their body. On the other hand dogs are faithful, you can play with them, they are more overall devoted.

  31. Eugenia Says:

    I’m definitely a cat person. Whe I was a child I used to take all stray cats around and bring them home. Then there was a period when I liked dogs more because it was more accepted in my family. At least I thought I did. But then my initial love for cats came back:)

  32. Vera Says:

    Hey guys

    I’m a cat person.
    They are cute and clean.My cat named “Panta” is 18 years old. We loved him so much and he became one more member of our family. We are preparing ourselves for his death, because he is an advenced age.
    So what I can tell to you is. Became a cat person.
    You’ve alredy did the choice.
    She was sent to you. Then enjoyed her.
    She’ll bring to you very lock.

  33. Adriano Lemos Says:

    Definitely, I hate cats, because at least herein Brazil , they are very slackers and naughty. Dogs I liked when I was a child, but now due the circunstances today I am married and I have two allergics children , I can’t get any animals which has fur. But in all case, it’s very nice keep some domestic animals in home, because they remains the enviroment very happy.

  34. Pithole Says:

    I used to live with my grandmother when i was a very little kids. she always had at least two cats in the house.

  35. Juan Says:

    Hi there, Hi you guys

    Its obvious that the situation gets clearing up. Your drop dead gorgeous cat … , how rascal he is. from the window to the bed, what next ? Guess what¡ One first class flight to Canada, having parties at night every day with nighbours stray cats, traveling all over the world, making tons of friends, lucky cat¡¡

    Instead of getting rid nof him, I’m afraid you are going to put a set aside for your tender pet, because he belongs to the ones who scoop you up a big sum of money.

    What would I do with him if I were you? Well, is up to you ¡,you decide¡,f you are off, call me I’m on, I love cats ¡¡¡

    Thank you, guys, good stuff ¡¡

  36. Rodrigo Says:

    Well, I’m a dog person, I live with my wife and 2 dogs named Raicca and Phoebe (from Friends), they’re 2 female yorkshires. At the beginning I didn’t want dogs cause we love travel, but after I saw that little puppy I couldn’t resist. I totally recommend, dog pets are lovelly animals.

  37. Cat Clever Says:

    Hey Human Beings! Nice discussion! I’m not a human pet at all, still I have to live with such creatures as you, bringing them happiness and joy so that they couldn’t throw me outside!

    I beg you, humans, be kind to pets… mew-mew!

  38. Our Thai Cat… Part 2 (With Pictures) | Blog Says:

    [...] I got out my Ipad yesterday and snapped 3 photos of the cat from the last blog here (Thai Cat Part 1) [...]

  39. NIKE Says:

    I like pets. But i afrade them. I like them when they are far from at me.My children like pets and my son say that when he grow up he get a dog. he is dog person

  40. Alla Says:

    I am a “pet person”, adore animals.
    Have a dog and want to have a cat very much.

    Maine-coone is really nice cat.
    Huge, but still so lovely and kind.

  41. Paulino Kuac Says:

    Hi guys ,it is wonderful to be dog or cat person as the two animals are peaceful and friendly to the owners

    My dog has always been accused of killing people,s goats and sheep because they are jealouse of it gaurding my home

  42. Val Says:

    I have been having pets for all my life. It’s wonderful! They give your so much love, loyalty and good emotions, people can’t give that.

  43. maciek Says:

    My pet list is not impressive, I used to have small pets like humster, mouse and aquarium fishes (I am not even sure if I should think about them in terms of pets – I mean fishes). Needless to say that as a kid I always wanted to have dog, but unfortunately my parents did not. I think because of the same reasons mentioned in podcast – hair all over the couch and other things like taking dog for a walk etc.. . Now when I do not live with my parents anymore things seems more obvious. The major reason I will not decide to have a dog is that every time I leave home for longer than let say 12 hours someone has take care of my dog, things seems much worse when you go on holiday. I heard about pets hostels where you can leave your pet but for me at least at this point is to much to decide on a pet. Additionally living in block of flats is not making this decision easier. Maybe I will change my mind in the nearest future. Other thing is that I do not feel a need to own any pet. To some extent is caused by the fact that I did not have any in the past. I can see the difference between approches of people who has and did not have a dog. They are sort of more open to every dog they meet. I can not for sure say that about me ; )

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