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Our Thai Cat… Part 2 (With Pictures)

OK, so here is part 2 of the cat story…

I got out my Ipad yesterday and snapped 3 photos of the cat from the last blog here (Thai Cat Part 1)

I attached the photos in this blog (below)


This cat is really cute and sneaky.  I felt sorry for the cat because the way she was acting.  She had those cute little sad eyes.  I wanted to help so I found her some food and water.  I let her sleep on the bed.  I liked it actually.  Cats look cute when they sleep.  (I realize it doesn’t sound very manly to say that, but I don’t care, this cat is CUTE!)

The next day I was noticing that my little cat has been playing this trick on all the people at the hotel.  There was a Russian couple staying in the room beside me.  They went to the store and bought cat food for the same cat.  Then the cat moved to the next room for more stuff.  Hilarious.  Everyone loves this cat.  She tries to look all poor and innocent, but she gets whatever she wants.

The funny thing is that I still love this cat, perhaps more now than ever.  She’s just a tricky little cat.

Have you ever heard the slang phrase “cat nap”?  That just means a “short little nap”.  In one of these pictures, you can see a REAL cat nap.  She’s sleeping on my bed.  I’m not sure if these pictures are the best, but if you saw the way this cat looks and behaves in real life, I think your kind human heart would come out and you would experience the same thing as me.  It’s not only me either.  It’s all the hotel guests!



14 Responses to “Our Thai Cat… Part 2 (With Pictures)”

  1. Hamid Reza Says:

    It is a cute cat anyway….
    But it is interesting to note that in Persian instead of saying ” cat”, we say “rabbit”. So, we have “rabbit nap” in my language. I know it doesn’t make sense in English buy just FYI……..

  2. mike Says:


    It seems that she make your heart melt with her sad eye.

    BTW, when I surf thee net to me surprise, two women fight in UFC. it’s not a catfight, it’s dogfight.

  3. mike Says:

    It seems that she make your heart melt with her sad eye.

    BTW, when I surf thee net to me surprise, two women fight in UFC. it’s not a catfight, it’s dogfight

  4. iman Says:

    Hi.Hamid Reza said about rabbit nap and he didn’t explain about it and I going to say that rabbit sleep its true .rabbit sleep in Iranian language mean: your sleep in the eyes of people but in real you are not.You pretentious to sleep like Iranian people in this time.and you don’t care what happen to you and other people do you know why I can just say WE ARE TIMOROUS .

  5. Susie Says:

    I’m a real cat lover, cats are wonderful animals and people should know more about them. Please, read about their history in the middle age. In Europe people killed so many cats that this caused rats overpopulation, a lot of people died with the bacteria from rats. After that, people stopped killing cats and the cats saved Europe from rats. They were real heroes. Your cat is beautiful and I’m sure she is going to make you very happy.

  6. Susie Says:

    Don’t forget to fix her daddy, otherwise you gonna have a lot of grandchildren. I had just one cat and now I have five, I love them but I had to take them to the vet to stop having kittens.

  7. julio Says:

    I think that you have been caught in the mesh of a very cute cat , how are you going to untangle from it without breaking your heart ? wish you both good luck. meow meow , yes kitty ,here´s your treat !!!

  8. mohamad Says:

    I like animals but you know It seems a little strange to pat or strike them.I am so surprised how you gut to do that,and let it to take a nap on your bed.

  9. Lina Says:

    It will be hard to leave Thai for you!

  10. pt Says:

    I can’t believe how tidy is your room!

  11. arezoo Says:

    She is so cute.I’m going to travel to Bangkok on 20th March for vacation

  12. Patricia Says:

    Yes this cat is so cute. she reminds me my little cat.i used to have one when i was young.
    i bet you must love when you see the Burma cats. they all are the same.

  13. nadin Says:

    We were taught in school that the animals are not she and he and only – it, but u always write – she and her :)

  14. Mirna Says:

    Be careful. It is precisely those sad eyes the cat’s most dangerous weapon. Las summer we adopted a cat that was coming around and we let him it. In the end he ate our bird (poor little Tweetee)

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