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LearnEnglish232 – The Monster Website!

Hey guys,

Add and I have been working like a couple of crazy mad dogs on our new site:

We’ve shown you a couple of videos, but now we’ve got the site up with new logo etc.   We are going to be putting up new free English learning videos and lessons on that site every day!  So go back and check often.

Please check out this NEW LESSON PAGE design with lesson and let us know what you think.

Do you like the design?  Is it easy to understand?  How is the video?  Will you share it with your friends?  Is the written part of the lesson good?

Imagine thousands of this type of lessons.  That’s what we are planning on doing IN ADDITION to making the china232 VIP section better than ever.  We are just working harder and making better stuff for you guys.  That’s the only difference.  Please check out the new site and leave your comments either here or there.

If you feel like sharing with your friends, students, teachers, or anyone, that would also be a great help to get some more feedback on the site before we start going totally crazy making lessons.

Also, what video topics would you like to see?  We are planning on making thousands on phrasal verbs, business English, slang, daily spoken English, vocabulary, Tests, etc.

Any ideas, shares, feedback, or anything would be a great help.  We’ve tried so hard on this and we really hope you like it!

Here is the NEW LESSON

Looking forward to your feedback and thoughts boys and girls!  You guys are the best :)

7 Responses to “LearnEnglish232 – The Monster Website!”

  1. Hamed Says:

    Hi Andy, I am sure you’ll try to use the best method for teaching phrasal verbs. I have one suggestion for your short videos too. you can teach idioms about special topics such as money, sports and stuff like that as well as phrasal verbs. for instance, about boxing sport I know two of them: “throw in the towel” and “below the belt”. in each lesson you can talk about one subject with its related expressions or idioms with practical examples. I hope you like the idea.

  2. china232 Says:

    I love the idea Hamed and I absolutely plan to do this. We’ve started with some phrasal verbs, but we’re certainly going to “branch out” and teach all kinds of useful English, much like what you’ve mentioned

  3. kingfisher Says:

    support you guys

    I love the video lessons so much since they are short and to the point.
    But I’d like to invite you guys to be the teacher alternatively,
    that’d be much more fun, I guess.

    I do have a suggestion about the lesson stuff, you may add something like
    showing the latest logo you’ve had at the beginning and the end of the video instead of
    teaching right after the viewers press the start button. That might look more professional to some extent.

    hope the ideas would help

  4. Andy Says:

    Hey kingfisher,

    I totally agree. We should definitely make something like what you are talking about and we will. We want to make a short one and put it on only some of the lessons so that people don’t get bored watching the start of each video, but we will put something there in the future for more of the professional feel.


  5. MOrad Says:

    the site gives this message: ”Could not determine user from environment”

  6. Alex Says:

    Hi, guys!
    I really appreciate the things you do and want to make some cool things for you
    I’m a professional graphic designer and want to create a new cool website for you, guys (and my friend will help me to code it then)
    You do great stuff for free and it’ll be a great stuff for you for free :)

    Can’t find your email, Skype or something so I decided just to write it here

    Please, email me to discuss it more detailed!
    Hope we’ll speak soon

    Kind Regards,

  7. Amazighi63 Says:

    Very nice topic my friend I love this so much good work bro.

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