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Money – This is insane

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the history of money lately.  It’s a topic that less than 1% of people know really anything about, but it’s a really interesting and important topic.  Let me share…

Have you ever wondered why stuff gets more expensive over time?  I remember when my grandma used to tell me that she could remember when a can of Coke was a nickel (5 cents).  You could go to the store and buy 20 cans of Coke with one USD.  Hilarious.

We certainly can’t do that now.  Why not?  You would think that it would be easier to make Coke with all the advances in technology and worker productivity.  Why is it so expensive compared to the past?

And Coke is just one example.  Almost everything was super cheap before, and now it goes up and up and up.  Of course, people’s wages get higher too, but what’s the point in having a higher wage if you have to pay more money to buy everything?

Why can’t we keep prices the same and use productivity gains (the increase in worker performance) to make our stuff cheaper for us?


Now what about this question?  Why do so many countries owe so much money (huge debts) AND why do they have to pay interest on the debt they borrowed?  It makes perfect sense if they are borrowing it from another country, but often this is not the case at all.  Often countries borrow money from the central banks in their own country.  This central banks make them pay it back, and with huge interest.

And who pays the interest?  The people in the country, and they pay it all with their tax dollars.  This seems totally retarded if you think about it.  If the government is spending our own money (the people’s tax dollars) then why would we have a system where they borrow it from banks?  Why can’t they just create their own money to spend, and at least that way, they wouldn’t have to pay interest on this money.

It’s true that if the government just makes more money, then all other people’s money would become worth less than before, but that’s better than having the government (ie. the tax payers) pay it all back plus interest on the loans isn’t it?

From my research, I found out that this all has a very interesting history.  Powerful bankers are much more powerful than the people (and the government) in a country.  They “call the shots”.  ”Calling the shots” means to make the important decisions.  They are so rich and powerful, and most of this stuff is a secret to most people.  And they want to keep it that way.

It’s not a secret that banks are rich, powerful, and have a lot of money.  But it’s not at all very well known what the hell is going on “behind the scenes”.  That means “outside of public awareness”.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this topic of money.  Please answer:

A) Why does everything keep costing more and more money?  Is this a good idea?  Who is it helping and who is it hurting in your opinion?

B)  Why would a government have a system where they ‘borrow’ money from banks, instead of just making it themselves to avoid having a debt with interest that the tax payers need to pay off?  What is going on?

Even if you have no idea, don’t be shy, just take a guess and share your opinions with us.  We’d love to hear them.

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18 Responses to “Money – This is insane”

  1. Ivan Kolev Says:

    First, what state or what it means. These are all the people in the country,and where the state takes money to pay for all retired people, young mothers socially disadvantaged people. The people who work and pay taxes. So the question why price rises up and up is, when the money collected from the fees, taxes and anything that takes state can not cover all the costs, needs, and then-state borrow from banks. Natural ways that people bring back this loan, the state raised the price of everything. They increase their taxes, tuition fees, public transportation and everything they can to make more money , and then we get inflation and will need to print money or buy a one-way ticket to another country…lol

  2. Loïc Says:

    Very interesting matter indeed !!!

    If we look on internet or some documentaries, we find very interesting answers to all that. Of course, if you don’t look for yourself, nobody claims this kind of truth. At least not the media or politics… who have interests, for one reason or another, to hide the truth.
    Once we are aware of that, we can start to get free… because we understand which game we are playing, and who we are hurting !

    Personally, I get more and more out of the banks…
    Ask your parents or maybe grandparents if they had to have a bank account before ! Just another trick.

    It seems to be a complex subject, although actually, the principles seems pretty simple. Money is much more virtual than it can seems… Not even pieces of paper or metal, most of the time. Just numbers on computers, that nobody really own, because they just don’t exist ! But the game of banks is to allow this practice for… enriching bankers while most of people get slave of this system.
    And I logically think that if politics hadn’t their fair share in this game, they wouldn’t let that go !
    Same for petrol companies who destroy the planet, although we have much much better solutions for everything (and cheaper !). But it seems media also have their fair share in this game, for else all the solutions would be known by everyone easily !

    I encourage you to look at this movie : “Who killed the electric car” (Netflix…), followed by “The revenge of the electric car”.

    I also read that there are more slaves today (although we don’t officially call them slave) than when slavery was legal. I think that big brands making our clothes from Chineese who can barely eat, and work 7 days a week is certainly a good example.

    So, thank you very much to put this subject forward, as I really think that it helps a lot to raise awareness about truth, and so free everybody from false problems.

  3. Wal Says:

    Thanks for this interesting topic.
    I was interested in it and started to google for all information available online when famous or infamous crisis broke out a few years ago.

    It’s shocking that people don’t know anything about money. But it’s even more shocking that in spite of that what happens today all over the world, they STILL don’t want to find out WHAT MONEY REALLY IS.

  4. Wal Says:

    And one more thing…As we see and hear all the time on TV, SOME PEOPLE from Troika, European Central Bank or EU visit other countries, like Ireland for example, and tell governments to cut on all IMPORTANT Services to people, like healthcare system or education, but…

    It would be interesting to find out who they really are, HOW MUCH DO THEY EARN, do they apply the same rules to themselves and their own families???

    It’s shocking what happens but it happens because people are ignorant about money and actual events!

  5. Negar, Iran Says:

    Hello Andy
    Your today topic made me do some worthy search on Google which I was already totally ignorant about, though, at some points it was kind of boring to me.
    It is really a tangible fact that in my country the cost of housing, food, gas, education, health facilities and everything else has been increased dramatically compared to a couple of years ago. Although some government authorities might relate the financial problems of Iran to strict sanctions made against the country during the past decade, it is just a part of the story. Some more in-depth factors such as high fluctuation in the rate of inflation, weak and inefficient management, high rate of demand and low rate of supply due to liquidity growth, the indifference of the head of central bank to foreign currency market and the influx of capital into the coin market and … play much more influential roles. I don’t know exactly to what extent, these issues contributes to the financial crisis in other countries. Of course, I am not much knowledgeable to give some kind of professional suggestions in this regard, but it seems that making some fundamental reforms in the overall structure of economic and management through a long-term plan, might somehow help to handle and manage the increasing costs of life.

  6. Paul King Says:

    Hi Andy.
    I can’t completely agree with you. First of all, it’s true that grocery products raised a lot in the last decade but on the other hand stuff like TV, PC, and Cell phones are way cheaper than ever before. Do you remember your first cell phone or TV ? They were ridiculously expensive and to be honest, they were a piece of shit. Nowadays, you can get a 3D flat screen TV, a touch screen full HD cell phone, almost for next to nothing. Why is it like that? The electronic products, cars, etc. have huge competition and it’s easy to get it for an ordinary customer. But groceries have high demand because there are more people on the earth and they need more for themselves. I think that’s the main reason. If we need more food for people and we don’t have it, then it becomes more expensive. If we have millions of electronic products we can choose between many different companies. The companies are always lowering the cost of items. Secondly, why does the government charge taxes a few times? Let me explain this; you got your paycheck which is already after taxes, you’re going to the store and you have to pay taxes again. At the beginning of the year you have to claim income taxes for the previous year and on top of it the government spends a hell of a lot of money and we have to pay off their debts. I don’t think this is fair!
    Third of all, where did they spend all of this money? Did they put it in private banking accounts? Nobody knows. Actually, we don’t really have money anymore as Loic mentioned above my blog. Especially in the U.S. people charge credit cards, almost nobody uses money. It’s only about numbers on their banking accounts. How long can we continue with this lifestyle? What will happen in the near future? Who knows? Probably they don’t really know because they can’t see pass their noses. They don’t give a rat’s ass what’s gonna happen in a couple of years. They just live for NOW and get as much as they can take. That’s the motto!!!
    At the end I just wanted to thank you for this interesting blog. Take care! :-)


  7. Hamid Reza Says:

    Hello Andy,
    You forgot one important thing regarding the topic. The population buddy!!!!
    If you compare the today’s world population with the past, you can see that it has increased significantly. As a matter of fact, it is very challenging for some countries to keep the balance between supply and demand. But, this is just one variable in the equation. The other side is the authorities (in my point of view, those bullying jerks) who call the shots. And, if you add authorities’s corruption, embezzlement and list goes on and on, you can see how poor people should pay the cost that it has nothing to do with them. Let me clear this issue for you with giving an example about what’s going on in my country (Iran):
    As you probably know, after Islamic revolution (about 35 years ago), the relation between Iran and USA got darker and darker and in the last year it finally reached to the darkest point in the past 35 years. Imposing couples of sanction against Iran regarding oil and gas industry,governmental and private banks and etc. have crippled the country caused the highest inflation rate than ever. In less than a year, the cost of living went up enormously and I am sure you can’t even imagine it. Because I am living now in Australia and when I am talking about the condition going on in Iran, friends of mine don’t believe it because they have no idea how you can survive with inflation rate of 40% and interest rate of 20% (those are just officially numbers that government exposed…). But the point is who benefits from this worse condition….. At the moment, they need to supply most crucial goods from the black market and it is impossible for regular people to do it, so who does it? The very influential guys who enjoy this condition… After the last sanction, the cost of having a very regular car in Iran tripled (at least)and it is interesting the number of luxurious car in the capital (Tehran) increased incredibly. Who did it? of course the members of parliament who can import those cars with the cost of 2000Rls (=1$, which is official price of dollar because there are two currencies, such a freak ha!!) and sell in free market with the cost of 3500-3800Rls (=1$, the value of dollar in free market).
    In a nutshell, I believe that the presence of jobbers in economy instead of economist, lack of ability to manage the country, mismanagement, corruption are the most significant reasons of increase of living’s cost in today’s life.

  8. sara Says:

    Dear Andy,Paul & Hamid Reza thanks so much for your notes.they were all worthy to read.

  9. Evgen Says:

    Hey guys,
    I agree with u to certain extent, that prices increase tremendously without any understandable reason. Taking Russia as an example, what we see here is that the country that possesses numerous amount of resources consisting of gas, oil and stuff like that, eventually has enormously high prices on petrol for instance. They charge per litre as high as 32 rub ( appr 0.8euro) whereas in Saudi Arabia for instance the prices are lower in two times. That’s ridiculous, can’t stand it. I understand, that inflation, worldwide recession, changes on equity market and etc. are things that should be considered whilst talking about pricing, however people working at the authority in any country, they get like incredibly high wages, they should knwo what’s going on right now and how to avoid any economical downfalls, otherwise they are totally useless. Once again, I am talking about Russian politics and people working at the governance, all of them are idiots from my perspective.

  10. Yuri Says:

    To Evgen:all of them are not idiots – all of them are leechs on the body of regular people – very greedy leechs! They have no any human conscience, just greedness. People in their opinion is just livestock.

  11. Evgen Says:

    To Yuri,
    Well, they ar leeches or whatever name u can call them, but the reality is that as long as such kind of people are capable of making decisions related to a entire country, economical, political, social and any other issues, we will end up in totally destroyed country with no real possibilities to get over. This is a matter of mindset nothing else, totally understand that, i can’t judge what is going on in any other country, but point mentioned above is one of the foremost explaining the hell that is always going on around Russia

  12. Kingfisher Says:

    i guess the reason why stuff is becoming more expensive is because the population grows too far while there is less and less supply of food. The price of food has to be steep so ppl would naturally buy less. And then, there is more food for other ppl who r starving. According to supply and demand, the food most ppl hate is always the cheapest. Think about hamburger, you might not a big fan of it, but i guess u probably wont dislike having one. if its gonna cost ppl more like an additional dollar, we still dont mind buying one unless the price is rounding up to the point where its unreasonable to look at. If the food is something you find disgusting, one extra cent is too much. when so many ppl r going for food like hamburger, someone has to increase to price to allow some ppl giving up buying one for their own enjoyment and to balance the supply for the richer.

  13. amin Says:

    hi there!
    as far as i know, i’m not knowledgable enough to come up with solutions for financial and economic the way, i read something in an essay some days ago that i can share you that. it was cited there that if government do its best to keep prices steady and constant, there wont be enough motivation in people to purchase new merchandises. considering this issue, bankers and those who are in charge make some plans to make prices a bit higher every year to give desire to residents to go and buy some goods. Actually the fear of becoming more expensive plays a rule as an exciter to consumers.

  14. hoda Says:

    well, I have no idea about this topic, I have no expertise in it, I have never thought of it, but I observed that if I keep my money in the bank, It’ll rapidly lose its value so with the consult of some friends and family I decided to turn my hard-earned money into gold, which so far had only increased in value but to my unluck, after I exchanged my money to gold, the price of gold dropped dramatically! I wish I had some expertise in money!

  15. Fatima Says:

    in my opinion we just help government to be more rich and keep common people down.

  16. Rafael Says:

    I could pay your membership with paysafecard? THANKS

  17. Victor Says:

    What’s worse is that if the banks get broken, the Governments lend them money, at least in Europe, to rescue them and mantain the financial system.

  18. Romeo Says:

    Hi there!

    First I want to thank you for this very interesting topic. I agree with you but I want to add my opinion. I think that the incresement of prices is one of a lot of strategies that the gouvernment use to keep people away from the most imprtant issuses: money and power(politics).

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