More Canadian Music..

Here is one of my favourite Neil Young songs. You can see the lyrics in the video. Listen to it on good speakers and let me know what you think. Next time, I’ll play some music from other artists, but I just really want to get you guys into Neil Young. He’s awesome! Love to hear your thoughts on this song!

24 Responses to “More Canadian Music..”

  1. Ramin Says:

    Hi there,

    This is a good song to listen to for non-native English speakers to practice listening to songs and understand the lyrics in order to enjoy it better. Thanks

  2. Anna Says:

    This is a wonderfull song but my english is so poor that I don’t understand the meaning of it. You know, poems are sometimes hard to understand in my own language so it is realy hard to understand in english. For me of course. What is this “America horse with no name”?

  3. lara Says:

    it’s like a joke in Russian about chukcha: I sing what I see :-) ) I’d rather listen to Celine Dion!!!

  4. china232 Says:

    Hi Anna. It’s actually about a Heroin addiction. It’s hard for anyone to get the meaning from the lyrics. I’m glad you like it!

  5. Anna Says:

    oh, I see! Now I understand more:)

  6. hazem Says:

    hi there, unfortunately the music link has got filtered in our country. can you please send me that music plz. My mail is Im really interested in telling you about my thoughts. Im waiting for your generosity!

  7. Sergei Urevich Says:

    Super song!!! Really good for English!!! Thank you guys for your job!!!

  8. sara Says:

    Yes, the meaning now it’s clearer also for me, thank you!!!I love the rhythm of his songs!!

  9. MARCO Says:

    Hi all ! This is Marco, from Brazil…. I really like this song despite not understanding completely its lyrics meanings. It remind me a lot my teen ages and makes me feel how was amazing those days…!!! The Neil Young´s voice is pretty magical and surrounding as well as his guitar beat… Definetly, there´s no frontiers to the music ! Thank you guys!

  10. Mya Says:

    La la la la la *2 …. was so cool :) I remembered my childhood when I was trying to write a song to sing it later.
    BTW I like the song!

  11. MARCO Says:

    I always thought that the lyrics of this song was written by Dewey Bunnell, America´s band singer, but interpreted by many others artists. Neil Young is one of those… Could anyone confirm this?

  12. Svet Says:

    niccee!!especially words

  13. adamski Says:

    Neil Young is a legend
    I remember first time I saw him playing with pearl jam many years ago
    Is this the kind of music you personally like?
    What about Alanis Morissette? Isn’t she Canadian too?

  14. sera Says:

    hi guys,
    i really like this song and also its rhythm…. but according to understandt its meaning i had to listen it twice :) it was really meaningful

  15. Roseli Says:

    Hi guys,
    I really enjoy this kind of song. I can understand all the music because it’s a bit slowly. Thank you so much for this cool song.

  16. Mahmoud Says:

    Thanks China232
    I like this song

  17. soli Says:

    hi…this is Solmaz. I can’t download ur songs because it’s filtered in my country…
    too bad

  18. Gianluigi Says:

    hi, very good song !!! very kind of you to show the lyrics on the video

  19. nicole Says:

    I don’t know much about Canadian song but this song looks like a classic song for me. It is easy to understand literally, however,it may try to tell us a story with a thoughfull meaning. For me, it just telling a guy’s trip in the desert.

  20. Milan Says:

    It’s actually about a Heroin addiction. thats joke ! I would u say that guys?

  21. eden Says:

    Awful!. I can’t download , the music link has got filtered in our country.

  22. Marina Says:

    Hi there! I didn’t like the song. I’m not into that kind of music. I decideВ to leave a comment just to say thank you, guys. You do a great job. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for over a year. I love them! YOU ROCK!

  23. strawberry Says:

    nice song! but what dose “ring” in the song mean? the sun? got the answer please email me

  24. sea Says:

    not bad at all

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