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Cultural Debate!

I was just having an email debate with some of my American friends.  To be honest, I don’t think there is a huge difference on this topic between the thinking of Canadians and Americans in general, but I personally certainly had a different opinion than many of my friends (although, I do understand their point of view)

Here’s what happened…..

There was a really important basketball game yesterday between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers.  After the game, the media always interviews the players on TV.  One of the players was upset and said some “bad words”.  He wasn’t saying them directly to anyone, but he was definitely swearing when he was upset.  The player apologized later for saying the bad words.  The word that really got him into trouble was the word “homo”, which is a very negative term to describe a gay man.

He doesn’t hate gay people, just the word came out when he was angry, and he did say sorry after.


The NBA fined him $75 000 USD.  To be honest, $75 000 is nothing for him, because the guy makes 12 million dollars a year, but still, he did have to pay this money.

The question is, “Should the player still have to pay money for saying a bad word and then apologizing?”

I personally think “NO”.  Not if it only happens once or twice.  Sometimes people say things they don’t mean when they are angry.  Then they apologize.  I don’t see the big deal if it’s not happening all the time.

Some people think it’s really terrible, and this player should pay this money for saying these words.  They think it’s very bad if some kids are watching TV at that time.  To be honest, I think I understand that point of view, but I just don’t really think it’s SO TERRIBLE if a kid hears a bad word.  They will hear these words anyway in life, and as a parent, you can just say “Those are bad words so you shouldn’t say them”.

I think the world is getting too “politically correct”.  People are too worried about saying the right thing all the time.  I think this worry makes for boring and fake people on TV.  No one can give an opinion any more without worrying about the consequences.  People are so scared to say something “bad” on TV that they “play it safe” and don’t share their real personalities, opinions, jokes, etc.  It’s like we’re forcing famous people to be like perfect little fake robots.

I hate it!  I think it’s foolish and it’s not helping society.  But I do realize that it is not a fact, but rather my opinion on the situation.  I’d love to hear your opinions below.

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12 Responses to “Cultural Debate!”

  1. Ivan Kolev Says:

    Hello Andy and ADD. I think that this topic was mentioned somewhere before, but I can not remember where.It does not matter to me because I love debates there Truth is born and i can think.So…. to get back on topic. I think everyone says bad words in one or another reason, but the question is, should anyone judge him for that. What is the state, the people in it, and these people have chosen politicians who will manage them. And when something caused a sensation in society, politicians want someone who will be a scapegoat.Give the society what they want and they will love you.I think that if this were an ordinary person, this would not happen to him. But basketball player is also a person with feelings, thoughts. So that he has money, he is for example in the society, many people like him, so what. He is a simple man with simple needs.Everyone makes mistakes and I think that’s a big mistake to fines this player.
    So I think there’s something wrong in this country and people are not honest.

  2. yc Says:

    Hi there.
    What do you think, can it be the part of the promo compaine dedicated to increase the popularity of this guy (I mean nba player)?

  3. Elena Says:

    Maybe it was right because this guy a face of NBA. They have a contract with him where I think this rule is and he knew about this. People must be always careful what they speaking about espesially in the publis eyes. When some situation irritate you for you better take a time and think about it twice because when you upset or feel very very bad emoutionally you can react not normally and then feel sorry about this. So it was a good lesson for those guy. It will help him a lot in the feature.

  4. Jeffrey Says:

    Hello, Andy n Add
    I think this is a matter of freedom of speech.
    I’m Korean, and in this country, now, this is hot topic too.
    What I’m saying is that there is coming some internet users who use extremely bad words for the minority – the old, females, LGBTs, and the specific-region-based.
    They use very dirty words and act like racists or fascists.
    Then some are doing some activities to prohibit them by legal method, and some are saying it can never be the good solution for that trolling because it will be the boomerang that can press the liberty of expression so proving their violence is more correct way than force closing.
    Both have enough reasons for their insist and debate for this topic is still hot now in Korea.
    Someone said that accepting freedom of speech is for accepting freedom, it does not mean the contents of speech is correct. and I totally agree on him.
    Maybe this atmosphere is similar to your post in some points of view, I think.
    So, please be generous for this poor sentence and paragraph. ^^
    Thank you for reading.

  5. Oksana Says:

    Hey guys,
    I don’t really think there is the only true decision on the issue. It depends on the circumstances. If we are talking about “bad words” only, in my opinion it’s not that terrible when people use them occasionally. But there’s a difference between just bad words and insults that might hurt other people. Maybe it’s a bit off the topic but I would like to give an example of one incident that happend recently on Russian TV. In particular, one famous Russian comedian and TV presenter during his cooking show said: “Now I’m going to chop these herbs just as red (Russian) commissar choped Ukrainian folks during World War”. He thought he said a joke and many Russians laughed indeed. But not Ukrainians. For me as Ukrainian it’s a real humiliation based on very tragic historical events. The guy was not fined, moreover I bet he didn’t even realized what he said and keeps coming to Ukraine as if nothing has happened.
    I just wanna say that border between “just words” (swearing, jokes whatoever) and insults ain’t always clear and people (especially those called celebrities) should take it into consideration while expressing their opinions. But still I support your point of view that people should try their best to stay true to themselves and remain natural as long as it’s possible.

    P.S. And I just want to ask about “Lot’s of awesome stuff”… I always thought it was one word “Lots”.. isn’t it?? Sorry, maybe I missed something.


  6. Maikow Says:

    I think it’s hypocrisy to think kids will learn swearing words from television. They learn this kind of words from everywhere, including school or relatives’ sunday meetings. If they have true guidance and education at home, swering won’t affect the way they act at all.

    About the topic. I think the NBA, as a big and influential organization, has to keep its name safe. It’s about politics. For the public opinion, not punishing this behaviour could mean the organization has some kind of acceptance on this. Also, the media usually doesn’t cover the apology as well as it covers the original declaration so, for many people, the original phrase still has a big impact. The NBA simply want to get rid of being part of this situation.

    Well, at least this is the way I see, but I don’t know whether I agree with the fine or not.

  7. ASAD,Pakistan Says:

    No one is going to check up on it if that guy has actually paid those 75,000 bucks in reality. It is just a face saving stunt in the public eye and after that who gives a damn. Every Tom, Harry and Dick will be busy in his own life. This is what you call being a smart-ass than a dumb-ass. That;s how things should work outside since we live in a materialistic world. Outer look matters the most. So, being politically correct is the way to go.

  8. sang Says:

    hello, Andy and Add
    i think NBA has given correct punishment to the player who spoke bad words. every one spoke bad words in angry, after that we will realise that we spoke some thing bad. as far as i concern when the player is in angry he spoke something bad it is not wrong as everone speak bad words in angry but after some time he should say sorry for that. being a player you should not talk thouse words.

    The NBA rules and regulations are known by basketball players. before enter in to this field the player should stick to these rules and regulations.then why to speak bad words? if at all he speak he must say sorry.
    NBA did good job. it punished him by making fine of $75 000 USD. if NBA fails to fine that perticular player, then every player will spoke bad words.
    it may effect childern also because children shows very interest in sports they will learn bad words though parents tell those words not speak, bad words comes by mistake.
    one should be control while speaking if you are out of control then you must apolise. that shows how your charecter is…
    as far as i concern, instead of paying $75 000 USD, simply saying sorry is good. that shows decent charecter. though you may have lots of money you can’t buy the charecter.

  9. Val Says:

    Hi, guys!

    Andy, I totally agree with you. I hate our society of hypocrites, which are happy to drive into a corner, to squelch a poor person who once made a mistake. All these people do much much worse things, but they, of course, do it behind the scenes. At the same time they are often very tolerant to the things that are REALLY awful.
    The situation with this sportsman is pretty trifling. We are all humans. And we are emotional creatures. I also usually don’t recite poems when I am angry or upset=) So what?
    Our society is sick. People are concerned about superficial things, about how things appear, and don’t think about truly important things and real reasons and meanings of something.

  10. negar,Iran Says:

    I think sport mans might be regarded as behavioral model for some teenagers and youngsters.their fans try to imitate and apply what they see and hear from their favorite athletes, most the times in public media.I agree with u only in regard with ordinary people,not a famous sport man who is under judgement and imitation by various range of audiences.

  11. MAHBUB Says:

    hi andy,
    i agree with you about what you said:They(kids)will hear these words anyway in life, and as a parent, you can just say.but about that player i think such a famous guy who is paid much for his plays should’nt use those words in public however he is upset or angry or even is kidding because he has fans and who imitate him as a sport hero and he must control himself even if he is angry and after it he would be sorry for that,personally i think in the sport games its common especially in

  12. maciek Says:

    I agree with you to some degree – I don’t like the fact that professional sportsmem are expected to be role models. But once they decide to play for NBA or any sport organisation they are fully responsible for how this organization is perceived, in other words they become it’s face. Let’s say if football teams in my country were full of racist, homophobes, etc. i would definitely give up on watching this league.
    Being role model is kind of price they need to pay for huge money the get – I really think it is low price compared to amount of money they earn. No one expect them to be fake but only not to offend other people – do they expect too much ? I do not think so. The same things happens in work, I can not offend other people without consequences. So what is the deal about ?
    What is alarming is not the fact that sportsmen should pay attention to what they say in frotn of cameras, but what they do in their personal lifes. Nowadays media are evereywhere and people are more and more interested what their sports idols do behind sports arenas. Sportsmen are people just like us and we can not expect from them more than we do from us. For sure they should suffer the consequences for saying stupid things just like the other people do in their work, but personal life should be leaved behind it.

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