Young Guys Dating Older Chicks

I was just looking at some pictures of Demi Moore on Google images.  She just turned 50!

When she was a young, she was arguably one of the hottest or best looking actresses in Hollywood.

(If Demi was “arguably” one of the hottest, it means that anyone could make a reasonable argument that she was one of the hottest.  Not everyone would agree she was, but it’s a reasonable thing to say.  It’s not reasonable, for example, to say that most women look their best after they are 80 years old.  The reason it’s not “arguable” is that almost everyone would totally disagree with that.)

A lot of people know that Demi Moore got married to Ashton Kutcher.  Both are obviously super famous Hollywood stars.  What was interesting about them being together was that Demi was about 16 years older than him.

In almost every culture, guys date younger girls.  It’s unusual for a guy to date or marry a girl or woman who is older than he is.

Even though people seem to judge guys who are always dating younger women, it’s still very common.

Demi and Ashton’s love affair is over and Ashton is dating Mila Kunis.  Mila Kunis is 29 years old.

I don’t know the whole story of Ashton and Demi’s failed romance, but I can only imagine that it must be because on some level, Ashton wanted a girl who was younger and prettier.  It’s kind of sad but I think it must be true.

I’m curious what you guys think.

Do you think Ashton is a bad guy for leaving Demi?

Do you think Demi is stupid or unrealistic to think she could stay with Ashton for her whole life given their big age difference?

Do you think older guys dating younger girls is better than older girls dating younger guys?  Why?

… Please share your honest thoughts on this topic.  (I’d much rather hear the truth instead of just reading what you think you should say)

Everyone knows that it sounds nice to say “age shouldn’t matter with true love”, but I want to hear what you truly think.  If you really believe that, then say it, but please explain why you think that way.

Really looking forward to this discussion!

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19 Responses to “Young Guys Dating Older Chicks”

  1. Lily Says:

    My opinion is that men and women both like to be worshiped. Women tend to worship the guys who are more intelligent although women can adore younger guys in so much ways. Younger guys couldn’t receive the most desired emotions from older women – being worshiped. Older women tend to be more intelligent and experienced. And younger guys couldn’t take the fact because that means guys lose the chances to be a hero for his woman. That finally caused the collapse of the marriage of the older woman and the younger guy.

  2. Maribel Says:

    I think guys should date younger or the same age girls. because of 3 reason:
    1. girls feel much better when they are younger than men. They don’t like to seem older or like a mom for them.
    2. Its much more acceptable in most of societies like mine. If girl is older that guy usually friends or family say something resentful that may eventually spur the guy’s doubt about his relationship.
    3.If girl and boy are going to have a long relationship like marriage, since girls get old sooner than men, they may lose their confident about their appearance by passing time. This sooner aging maybe because of every day make up, pregnancy or something unknown in women nature (I’m not sure if it’s been proven scientifically, I’ve just heard these reasons by people).
    By the way, I think Ashton made a right decision, Demi was too old for him and also she was getting older. As a girl I could not stand a boy even if he is one month younger than me. I think it became part of our culture.

  3. Njdeh Says:

    In my idea that’s one option for both guys and gals, which is worth for trying. But I totally disagree with more than 5 or 6 years age difference, in both cases. In this case of having more than 5 or 6 years age difference makes many problems for the couple.
    The guys like young chicks idea is true. Loving young and more attractive chicks is natural and also it may happen for the gals too.

  4. Gary Says:

    My first wife/US was 20 and I was 21
    2nd wife/Costa Rica was 26 and I was 36
    3rd wife/Slovakia was 24 and I was 48
    4th wife was 24/Morocco and I was 57

    Someone asked me why I liked to date and marry young beautiful women. My only answer was “Because they are young and beautiful.” Hugh Heifner and I are both paradigmatic in our taste of women.
    To each his own.

  5. Mia Says:

    Well, the age difference is not that important; my boyfriend is 16 years older than me and we get along very well. I have always admired mature & wise men, and I guess some things just come with experience and experience with time. I wouldn’t trade him for a famous football player or for an important younger politician, though we’re both completely free to do what we want.

  6. Ruiling Says:

    I feel that if the age gap is within 4 years or so it won’t be a big deal! But it is a big issue if the age gap is 20 something years old. And I think it matters more between older girl and yupnger boy than older boy and younger girl. I do prefer the couple’s age gap is within 4 years no matter who is older.

  7. Ivan Kolev Says:

    Hi guys. Every time I see that you posted something , it’s great pleasure for me.
    You guys in your podcast talking about you and your life, and now I want to say from my experience. I’ve been with both groups of women and younger than me and bigger than me, and I mean that both have their advantages and disadvantages. First start with a young woman from you. Everything expected of you to do, you can not count on her to help you with anything in life. After eight years she left me before our wedding, and she still can not give me a reasonable explanation for this. She was 12 years younger than me. I understood that her friends and relatives have told her that our difference is 12 years, everyone began to advise her that I have been too old for her, this was our first argued for other people, it happened because she is young and stupid. Although I play sport for more than 25 years, I look almost the same age as her. With older than me woman meet and have an affair for more than four years. Here things are better because you can count on her for anything. But the biggest problem is that she is constantly trying to be smart and to impose in life, because she is older than you. She was old more than me by 10 years. I broke up with her ​​because in a relationship if there is no compromise of the two, it is not love..I want to tell everyone to be happy with the person you love and believe that he is the light of his life, besause no matter how you slice it, will never be accepted in the eyes of traditional society, so it will be perceived as unacceptable.

  8. Brian Says:

    A younger friend of mine married to a much older woman a couple of years ago. They both seem to be very happy with their marriage, yet this kind of marriage sound a little bit strange to me. But form a psychological perspective young girls dating much older men are considered as baby girls looking for their daddy and young men dating older women are boys who are looking for their mommy. However this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not mentally mature but I think this simply and fairly explains what’s going on in their semi-conscious mind and looks like that things which have happened in their past and especially in their childhood shape heir choices.

  9. Ruben Says:

    I think that there is no problem with a younger men dating a older woman, the problem comes when he wants to settle down and have kids. Imagine what would happend when you want to have kid (for example, guy: 27, her: 45), at that age is almost imposible if not too risky for her and the kid (if she got pregnant), in that moment I think the guy would realize that he wants someone who spend his life with, and usually the anwser is a younger woman. (the example was a real life event). This is my humble opinion dont come after me for writing this. I think it would work but at some point the guy would search for something else in his life and sooner or later he will end up the relationship with the older woman.

  10. Palm Says:

    My husband is 8 years younger than me, we have been together for 10 years already. I just realised that this 10 years have passed so quick when I started to write this comment. We have had no time to think about our different age relationship because we have 2 sons to give full attention to. Everything depends on them; weekend activities, holidays, IT gadgets, etc. He is not a good husband but a very good father and it made me happy enough.

  11. Yayoi Inoue Says:

    If a guy wants to have many children, he should marry younger girls. I know some couples their age differences are more than 10( husbands are younger than their wives) , and their common issue is they couldn’t have more than one kid. When they married , their wives were older than 38 years old. It was too old to have more than 3 children even though medical techniques has been improving.

  12. arezoo Says:

    In my idea this couple can’t be in good relation.In my country most of men are disloyal.
    So it’s a good evidence for them and will cause problems.On the other hand women will
    appear older than men in same age,and it’s not good .

  13. Sara Says:

    It seems to me it depends on personality, life style and believes. I mean the main question is what do you want of your life? and how?
    It’s pretty hard to answer this topic with just a short sentece. But generally I’m in favour of the idea which is the maximum gap shouldn’t exceed 4-5 years. By the way no rule is concrete and absolute in the world!

  14. Natalia Says:

    I find it repulsing, personally. Actually i had a relationship with a person 13 years older than me and i’m relieved we broke up. I guess everybody should decide for himself, but such marriages/relationships are not rare. Being from Russia, i can think of an example of our “Diva” aged 63 to a comic guy, quite popular and handsome- aged 36. I cannot believe the relationship is based on feelings, though why not. i suppose when you’re looking for a person to be with it’s not always romance, but also what you guys can achieve together as a couple. Assuming the fact of personal gain – he’ll get more connections, she’ll feel better with a younger guy – can make it easier to understand, why they choose such partners.

  15. gleici Says:

    Do I think Ashton is a bad guy for leaving Demi?

    HUMM, a kind of, if he really left Demi to hook up Mila, he is a bad guy. Unfortunately relationships ends.
    But I beleive that Demi will find someone else that will love her.

  16. Oksana Says:

    Ooh la la… I didn’t know they broke up…. It must be really hard for Demi…
    I assume it’s quite a natural desire for a guy to date a young and nice looking girl. It is some kind of a self-affirmation, something that inspires and helps a man to keep in shape… well at least to feel so.
    But I believe there are exceptions when it comes to real feelings. And age really doesn’t matter with true love. Maybe it’s rare but I believe it exists. Pity that Demi and Ashton were no an exception to the rule.

  17. serendipity Says:

    when i saw Demi’s picture after their breakup, I really felt sorry for her, because she looked so depressed .ending a relationship hurts, and in this case there is no difference between super stars and ordinary people. theoretically , I think age difference does not matter but practicallyI have seen that it matters. about ashton, I dont like to judge him because I dont really know what happened between them and why ashton left her .but I like to mention some meaningful sentences of LE PETIT PRINCE which I was reviewing says that we are responsible to the person who we train, on the other words we are responsible to person who we make friendship or make a love relationship with.

  18. Flora Says:

    I think the discussion of whether or not older men should date young women probably will go nowhere, it’s just a fact, we saw older guys date 20s’ all the time.

    It doesn’t matter whether Demi loved this younger guy a lot or not that much, the point is relationship is a mutual feeling, if either party doesn’t want to stay in it anymore and backs out, then the best solution for everyone involved, esp. to the person, well usually the girl, whose got hurt, is to move on with their own lives. It may sound cold-blooded, but in the long run, the person who will benefit best by doing this will be the person who got the broken heart during the breakup, well usually the girl, simple because we girls are more prone to feel emotionally related to the guys in the relationships as time goes by.

  19. Alaa Says:

    I think that aushton was in wrong as much as demi because they were different in thinking because the age different was very big,so absolutly they coudln’t be together for ever..
    he wasn’t bad but he decideto get back in the right track..even demi it was sooo my opinion i think that the age is vrey importan and i think that the relation older men and younger women is more better

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