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Healthy green tea and fruit juice recipe

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Finally it’s here after the long wait. I guess I wanted to keep everyone in suspense.

First I’d like to say that I can’t really take credit for the drink since I found out about it from a family friend back in Canada. I’ve been drinking it ever since I tried it. I like to experiment with it and make lot’s of different varieties. Ie. Try mixing different kinds of juice. You should play around with it and make it according to your personal preferences. Here is what I like:

1. Make some green tea. Don’t use sugary store bought tea. Make it fresh yourself.

2. Allow the tea to cool.

3. Get a 3 Liter (approx) empty plastic or glass jug you can keep in the fridge.

4. Put some Ice cubes in the jug.

5. Pour the cool green tea in. (about a third of the jug should be green tea)

6. Pour a little natural orange juice and a little natural grape juice into the jug. (The jug should have about 10% orange juice and 10% grape juice). Apple and grapefruit juice are good too. You might think it tastes better with more juice, but there are too many calories if you use too much juice.

7. Fill the rest of the jug with drinking water.

8. Keep in the fridge until cool.

9. Drink it.

10. Let me know what you think and if you tried any other mixtures.

Good luck!