This is Andy.  I’m writing this blog.  You probably know me from the podcast, I’m the guy who talks too much.  Unfortunately, I have that problem in real life too.  My photo is on the top of this blog and at the right side of the homepage.

I’m making this podcast and website with my younger brother Add.  We’re Canadian real brothers living in Shanghai, China.  It’s a long crazy story but it’s all true.  We never thought we’d be doing this but we love it and have so many awesome fans from over 170 countries.  If you haven’t heard our podcast, download it and check it out on Itunes.  It’s easy to search.  Called “Fun English Lessons” by China232 (strange name, I know)

Anyway, I’m guessing you’ve heard it already and now you’re on the blog reading my strange thoughts.  Thanks for that!

Our goal is to be the best English teachers in the world.  A lot of people say this but we actually want it to be true.  For a higher level group with a good sense of humor, it is true.  We are really the only ones in the world doing this kind of thing.  I know there are other podcasts but this is somehow different.  We have no real competition because we try to make our show about real life and teach real stuff.  This show isn’t for everyone.  Some people can’t understand it and some people need something else.  That’s fine and I understand that.  I truly wish you the best.

But our real fans love us and that’s who we’re trying to find.  We can really help you if you trust us and keep trying.  You will be just like a native speaker if you follow our program and it’s honestly fun. That’s why you can try so many free lessons.  We want you to become addicted to our show and tell your friends.  Don’t worry, it’s a healthy addiction.  You will get better English than ever before.  We’ll do everything we can to make your life better, richer, healthier, and more enjoyable.  It sounds like a big promise but I am sure I can do it.